Trump’s Off Ramp


Jake: You lied to me   Elwood: It wasn’t lies, it was just bullshit   The Blues Brothers

First, let ne say this. I have absolutely no reason to doubt that Hope Hicks has contracted the coronavirus. The fact that a reporter had to break it, instead of the White House self disclosing it tells you all you need to know. Also, it would be a moronic ploy if it weren’t true. Look how it has thrown both the White House as well as the campaign into a confused mess. and now the news cycle is going to be dominated for days by the virus, the one thing that the campaign most needed off of the front pages.

But when it comes to whether or not His Lowness himself has contracted the virus? Fuck if I know. We have the White House announcement, with no physical test results to back it up. And not only does Trump lie like an old cat in the sunshine, every ass clown with the initials MD that we’ve heard from regarding Trump are all so full of shit that they could fertilize Nebraska. But why would Trump possibly lie about a thing like contracting the coronavirus? Here’s why.

Trump is getting clobbered. He trails badly in all national polls, with Biden topping 50%, the magic number, in many of them. Ditto for almost every one of the battleground states, with Biden clearing the 50% hurdle repeatedly. His campaign is almost as stony broke as he is. And now the campaign is being called on to spend money in states that shouldn’t even be in play, like Texas, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Oh, and he’s also losing 8-10 pre election lawsuits that he’s filing.

Enter the coronavirus. Trump has just entered quarantine. If he follows the proper protocol, Trump will be out of action for at least 14 days. But ask yourself, how many 74 year old patients with pre conditions have been laid up for weeks? But even a 14 day quarantine will do nicely. It’s hard for Trump to be controversial when he’s locked up in his bedroom, if he stays off of twitter. Also, there are 32 days left until election, 14 days in quarantine cuts that almost in half, and it also gives him an excuse to bug out on the second debate. As for his rallies, how many people will show up  now that they know that he can actually infect them?

Look, I don’t know whether Trump is lying or not, and it really doesn’t matter. The Hicks coronavirus confirmation, and his announcement, true or not, give him the one thing he has been desperately searching for. A villain. And it gives him the chance to slide right into the mode of complaint that he is most comfortable with, victimhood. Especially if the election results are overwhelming enough that Trump can’t possibly contest the legitimacy in court, he still has his out. He was robbed! By his arch nemesis, the coronavirus.

Trump is truly hoisted on his own petard. He has built his entire personal and political persona on being the strong man, the iron man, nothing gets him down. If he whiles about the debilitating effects of the coronavirus, he risks looking weak to his supporters, who expect more of him. And worse, it would only confirm what Bob Woodward has already told us. Basically, all the way back in February, Trump knew how serious it was, and he downplayed it. That’s right, he played them for suckers.

But once the election is over?. Sweet Jesus, the self pitying whining almost writes itself. See? See?!? I told you this would happen, the whole thing was rigged! I was kicking Biden’s ass, the real polls had me up by double digits. I buried him in the first debate, and would have done the same in the other two! The Democrats, fueled by the fake news kept spreading the false narrative that Russia was trying to interfere in the election! When it was actually China that was interfering! I told you that they purposely sent that China virus over here to wreck out economy, because we were kicking their asses on trade. talk about interference? How much more could they interfere than to give me their filthy plague a month before the election?

If the election turns out as one sided as I think it’s going to be, I have no doubt the post election will play out something very like this. Without COVID-19, Trump would have been stuck bitching about stolen ballots, and massive fraud, and all that shit that will be laughed out of court without hardcore proof. But with COVID-19, Trump now has his doorway to victimhood, and he’ll take it. I told Teri a month ago that if Trump loses, especially badly, I already knew his exit strategy. He’ get on the plane for his holiday break at Mar-A-Lago, and just never some back. There won’t be anything for him to do in the new term anyway, especially if the Democrats flip the Senate. He’ll just play golf and rage tweet, his new retirement plan. Only 32 days left. VOTE!


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  1. Oh yes, he was brought low by the evil virus! The one he dismissed as not worse than the flu, the one he allowed to rage uncontrolled. Yes, that virus.

      • Um, this is Trump we’re talking about. He has dismissed virtually everything he’s ever said–sometimes within hours of having said it–and blamed “fake news” for reporting the original statement in the first place.

        And his sheeple of followers fall for it, every single time. Even when confronted with actual video, they won’t believe it (simply because their side continuously posts all sorts of “modified” videos and spread them to be viewed by tens of millions of “the faithful” before the first person can prove the video to be a fake).

  2. While acknowledging that Trump lies like a dog in the sun, Murf, I’m equally sure this one’s no con on Trump’s part. His behavior vis-a-vis the coronavirus over this last year meant he was going to get hit by it sooner or later. And too many people around him HAVE been infected who go to ACTUAL medical doctors.

    So, for me, to go that road is to make the classic mistake with him of thinking that he has a plan that will work. None of them ever do.

  3. Or, he’ll float something like, “this is grossly unfair, I think we should delay the elections…” And, of course you’re right Murf, the perfect off ramp. “I had it and the China virus that should have been stopped in China, messed it all up. We’re looking into whether, Biden and the Dems, somehow engineered this whole thing. So unfair! Maybe they slipped into me when I took one of those tests!”

  4. So I’m getting all paranoid and CT here. That this is all bullshit. In a week or 2, he hands the reins over to Pence for “health reasons”, giving Pence plenty of time to dole out presidential pardons to all, then miraculously recovers (see, told you it was no big deal), then loses the election, but the Supreme Court decides he actually won because voter fraud and stuff. I know, I know.

    • As nobody knows a goddamn thing right now, least of all Trump, maybe you should engage your thought processes a little harder. To go the road you’re on is to be no better than a MAGA maggot…GET A GRIP.

  5. For weeks, Trump supporters were sure Biden would “catch” the virus to get out of the debates. It’s always projection, even ironic projection.

  6. Ursula, I wish there were a way to pull back a comment “awaiting moderation” so we could have a chance to examine it and clean it up for the algorithm, but the edit button is just gone.

  7. I’ve gotta disagree on a couple of points. Trump was in a funk not being able to hold his stupid rallies. They are the rocket fuel he has needed to “be Trump” and keep his followers whipped up. It’s what led to that disaster in Tulsa which deflated him like popping a mylar ballon. Even he had to admit to himself multiple times each day his only hope was voter suppression taken to a whole new level making things close enough to throw things into the courts. So we saw increasing crowds with that ghastly RNC staged from OUR White House and they’ve been getting steadily bigger since. Then came the death of RBG and the chance (along with some more court packing at the lower federal levels with “his” judges) to negate any notions of Roberts ruining his plans to stay in office by doing the right thing. As we saw Tuesday night he got his “mojo” back – in way too big a dose. A string of several or more rallies a week was what HE needed, both to keep his own energy up but to also spread his vile message to his base to get out there and personally interfere at polling places. Hell, maybe even to hijack postal trucks in Democratic areas and steal ballots! All that’s gone now, and his supporters who bought his line are getting smacked upside the head with the reality he’s not the invincible “god” he’s gotten them to believe he is. No more rallies in key states. Just a lot of worried people who’ve attended recent ones with relatives spread all over those states and other states (not to mention friends) quietly talking to each other about “have you been tested? Are you okay? type of stuff. That will also deflate what Trump had planned, the marching orders with which he was going to motivate conservatives to do like a mylar ballon.

    The other thing I’d disagree with is his retirement plan. If he can’t engineer a SCOTUS granted second term his retirement will be spent frantically trying to retain attorneys that can keep his ass from losing what little he’s got left – and even keep him from dying in prison! Without the protection of the Presidency that’s what he is facing. Pence or anyone else can’t pardon him up in NYC.

  8. If the Trump campaign were a soap opera — which it practically is, except it’s actually happening — your idea would be a great plot twist, equal to or better than the 50 others we’ve had in about the last two weeks alone. But for the actual Trump, I’d have to reject it as not quite true to character. Trump only has one or two tricks that he plays ad infinitum, but he never changes. Your idea is too clever for him to have thought of. Somebody else could have thought of it but he doesn’t take advice, and this has been going on so long I’m not sure anyone would try to give him any, especially something that would make him look weak.

    Although Trump loves to play the victim, he bases that on other people’s actions, not his own. And although this would get the pressure off for a few weeks, you’ve got to know that Trump thinks he did fantastic in that debate and that the polls are all rigged. Trump has these incredible defense mechanisms that never let even the tiniest sliver of truth into his warped mind. Yes he worries, yes he feels panic, but the only way he deals with that is through “positive thinking.” It is true that after he loses he will be able to make all the excuses you suggested. But he’s not going to be able to save his campaign.

  9. Hi Murph,

    I posted this on Ursula’s article just a few minutes ago, but it is MUCH more appropriate here:

    Has anyone thought that this might all just be another Trump lie? Perhaps this is his “October Surprise”. If I ponder on this for a bit and wonder just what political advantage there might be to the president faking a Covid infection, I can come up a couple. But not being a lawyer or Constitutional Law expert, I suspect that there are dozes more.

    Some examples:
    — Perhaps he’s trying to play the “sympathy” card.. poor guy got Covid by attending his rallies
    — Play the “Q-Anon” conspiracy theory… “The Democrats infected the President” only to have him triumphantly leave the hospital like a white knight just 1 week before the election
    — Simply bu shutting him up, he has a better chance of winning those elusive “swing voters”
    — Allowing Mike Pence to concentrate full time on winning back disillusioned Christian voters
    — Create a perfect excuse for losing the election… “How could he campaign while he was deathly ill in the hospital?”
    — To avoid another shit-show debate performance which his campaign staff told him LOST him undecided voters
    — To attract our attention to Walter Reed while he actually left out the backdoor for someplace else, to do something else
    — To miraculously recover and show that the Corona Virus really isn’t any worse than the common flu…
    –Or perhaps to say that its all just a scam by the Democrats and that nobody actually dies from it… again, just a plot to undermine his presidency by the Democrats

    The more I write, the more possible options I see. I have ZERO reason to believe that this president is being honest about his medical condition because he has NEVER been honest about anything. Plus, as mentioned in the article above, there is a deep and rich history of presidents not telling the American public the truth about their health.

    And by the way, my prediction is that if the Mango Mussolini loses, he will be the first president to retire and live permanently outside the US; I’m thinking Russia, Saudi Arabia or perhaps Azerbaijan (MSNBC did a great investigative piece about this strange connection).

  10. I am having a hard time deciding if he really has Covid 19. But then again I am wondering if he really does have it did he know he had it Tuesday and purposely tried to give it to Biden at the debate to make him sick or even kill him. Chris Wallace said he was late and didn’t have time to get tested. Was he late cause he knew he would test positive? They are not telling the truth about the last time he tested negative. The White House doctor totally refused to answer that question. They are trying to claim he didn’t get it until Thursday. But it would explain why he kept talking all the time and would talk loud over Biden and Wallace. I read an article that an epidemiologist said that if Trump had the Virus Tuesday at the debate he could’ve infected Biden because he was talking a lot and hollering at times, they were together for at least 90 or more minutes, and they were not more than 12 feet apart. I read that they were no more than 8 foot 7 inches apart. Trump was sweating like crazy that night indicating he had the fever then. He is a monster he would not have a problem knocking Biden off to keep his power. They are really working hard to make this time line to say he didn’t test positive until Thursday. All the other lying enablers claiming they tested positive on Friday also. This is not the Republican Party this Trump Party. They all belong in prison.

    • According to the doctor’s slip of the tongue, he knew he had it on Wednesday. He may have been experiencing symptoms on Tuesday. Perhaps that is why his entourage arrived at the venue “too late” to be tested.


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