It is always hard to gauge Trump’s popularity, but with three-straight election losses and the fact that it is nowhere near a given that Trump will win (or even really seek) the nomination, it would seem as though Trump’s popularity is tanking. So he’ll take whatever support he can get.

So that, combined with the fact that Trump will take every dollar he can get, made it an easy decision (one would suspect) to host an anti-vax, Q-anon, event at his Miami Doral resort:

The conference, known as the ReAwaken America Tour, had no official lineup of speakers for the May event at Trump’s Doral hotel in Miami, but past events have featured speakers who have echoed conspiracy theories that Trump has supported, including Eric Trump, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, founder Patrick Byrne, Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk, and former chief of staff to the Acting Secretary of Defense Kash Patel.

I’m pretty sure they’re not donating their time, either. They are well paid to peddle sh*t that they know is wrong. Actually, that sums up the entire Trump presidency.

Also included previously in the lineups are Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ), attendees of the U.S. Capitol riot on Jan. 6, 2021, QAnon influencers, and some of the most prominent anti-vaccine activists in the country. The conspiracy theory includes the unfounded belief that a cabal of famous Democratic politicians and liberal elites run a child sex trafficking ring, and that Trump will arrange for mass arrests and military tribunals of corrupt politicians.

Perhaps Trump has the most to fear if a neutral police service such as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or the British National Investigation Service was appointed to investigate the U.S. government and hold military tribunals of corrupt politicians (These people hate the Constitution, which doesn’t allow for military tribunals for civilian crimes… or maybe it just sounds cooler to them.)

Get your tickets now. I’m sure you can scalp them outside the door and triple your money.


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  1. I wonder when he’ll start selling autographed,(stamped signature of course), underwear, golf balls, melania’s undies, bricks from his house, his gold toilet, and other ‘valuables’?

    • Tomorrow. After reading your comment.

      He won’t sell his underwear or suits bc it’ll show the size.

      But he will sell his ties, golf balls, Melania’s panties/lingerie that she never wore, purchased for $12 off some silly site, with a little note that she received all his manhood in those, the price is $1,500.

      They’ll do it. I’ll get an email on it tomorrow by 2:00 p.m. – “GReat IDEA!”

  2. If even SOME of the folks who show up are genuine COVID anti-vaxxers? Well, this quote from Garth Ennis: “like dropping chlorine into the gene pool.”


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