Trump’s Last Long Con. The 2022 Midterms


Look, personally, I think that El Pendejo President is running out of time, and I think he knows it. But at the same time, sad to say, I doubt we’ll ever see His Lowness modeling an orange jumpsuit. The mechanics of placing a former President, with permanent, lifetime Secret Service protection, into a federal prison system just seems like a bridge too far. However, look at it this way, if Trump ends up under home detention, with an ankle bracelet, so much for touring his myriad of golf courses. Revenge can be sweet.

Which means that at this moment, Donald John Trump, Pestquire, is free to do as he pleases. And right now, what pleases Trump more than anything in the world is to raise as much money as possible, as quickly as possible, in order to keep his flabby, orange ass out of jail or bankruptcy. And that means that he is going to be almost omnipresent in the 2022 midterm elections.

Which means that Trump is going to be the modern day version of The Prairie Home Companion of competitive House races in 2022. He will do this for one simple reason. Because it will allow him to fluff his duff by supporting every far right wingnut he can find, and at the same time target the districts with daily pleas for cash to be sent directly to him, promising to support candidates he’ll never send a penny to. He will support Trump loyal wingnuts against more moderate Republicans who flipped swing district seats in 2020, leaving the party with a candidate that is unelectable in 2022. But the cash will roll in, so who gives a shit. A con is a con.

But just the fact of Donald Trump makes the 2022 Senate GOP map more perilous. There are already 5 open GOP seats heading into 2022, including Pennsylvania, which flipped back blue in 2020, and North Carolina, which took days for a result to be called for a GOP incumbent. Trump has a long shelf life for grievances, and he will make use of it against 2022 incumbents he feels were not sufficiently loyal to him, leading almost certainly to a primary fight that will weaken the incumbent, even if he survives.

But here’s why Trump’s continuing influence in the 2022 elections is so damaging to the Senate, and McConnell already knows it. I have previously written that McConnell went into 2017 with visions of a filibuster proof majority dancing in his head. That’s how bad the 2018 map was for Democrats. But he quickly found that with the threat of Trump loyalists running in primaries, not only did the top tier of GOP talent bow out of vulnerable Democratic races, the second tier couldn’t be recruited either. McConnell barely edged his majority forward in what should have been a blowout year.

And it’s only going to be worse in 2022. Because Trump is going to have a hand picked stable of loyal butt boys to run, and he will tout them to the mac. If you’re a sane, moderate Republican, with qualifications, why would you file to run against not only a far right wing nut in a far right wing nut primary, but one supported by Glorious Bleater?

And Trump will swoop in like a vulture with a fresh carcass. He will use free money from his Leadership PAC to fly to locations and hold rallies that the candidates will end up paying for, licking his nuts and promoting himself, referring to the candidate only in passing, and make multiple pleas to the crows to make donations directly to his PAC, with a promise to support the candidate that will never come.

I have been in Donald Trump’s goddamned head for far too long to not recognize a tailor made con when I see one. And the 2022 midterms are a last gasp, final burst of glory for Trump to once again stand before crowds, spouting his shit and licking his nuts, and all while angling to fill his pockets with sheeple contributions for him to resist it. And in the process, he will make life almost impossible for the GOP in 2022. Fuck ’em. He was never really a Republican anyway.

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  1. He’s apparently going to do interviews with a bunch of people who intend to write books about his time in office. Maybe he thinks he’ll make money from those books. (Unless he gets a contract that says so, nope.) The real question is how many crimes he’ll inadvertently confess to.

  2. Just as a note that I don’t mean to come off as overly critical or condescending, but “butt boy” is a term that is requested for permanent retirement because of its homophobic connotations.

  3. Time in a federal jail shouldn’t be a problem. The screws are all federal employees to begin with and all that’s needed is to deputise them into the SS

  4. I don’t know how the myriad pending cases will pan out, but there’s no question in my mind that he’s in it for the grift. His Lowness indeed. What a sad chapter these past 4 years have been.


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