Trump’s Government Shutdown Is Affecting Food Stamps and Tax Returns — It’s About To Hit The Fan


It goes without saying that Trump is completely oblivious to what the hell he’s doing with this government shutdown. He has no concept of the nature and extent of the wheels that he has put in motion so that he can have his trophy wall in the desert — a vision of pure delusion, about which commentator Don Lemon quipped, “it’s got everything except a mote with alligators to bite immigrants in the butt.” Nevertheless, this madness is now going into it’s third week and the bottom line is that if the shutdown continues into February, federal food stamp programs are going to be seriously cut, and people will literally be starving. Additionally, income tax returns will not go out on time, and brother, when that happens, you watch for the shit to hit the fan, totally. Washington Post:

Congress has not allocated funding for SNAP beyond January, and the program’s emergency reserves would not cover even two-thirds of February’s payments, according to past disbursements. Last September, the most recent month for which data is available, SNAP disbursed $4.7 billion in benefits to recipients across every U.S. state.

If the shutdown continues through March, there would be no remaining money for benefits.

“People in this country will go hungry,” said Rep. Rosa L. DeLauro (D-Conn.). “It’s simple. They go hungry. . . . These are working people. We’re not talking about people who are dogging it.”

Without wanting to sound cruel, maybe this is the wake up call that some of the 63,000,000 dummies that voted for this charlatan need. And here’s the icing on the cake. The IRS has sent home 90% of its work force. And that means that tax returns are not going to get processed and that is when, in my estimation, it is going to hit the fan.

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard E. Neal (D-Mass.) sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Friday asking him to detail the impact of job cuts at the IRS and how the tax filing season will be handled during the shutdown.

“Please confirm whether the IRS will issue federal tax refunds at any time during government shutdown,” the letter said. “If so, please provide the anticipated date when the IRS will be issuing refunds.”

This could have an immediate impact on the economy, as well as on the finances of millions of Americans who frequently spend their tax refunds soon after receiving them.

A lot of middle class households patiently wait for their income tax returns, and they need them.

As Harry Reid said a few days ago, Donald Trump is oblivious to the real world. He’s never lived in it. He has no concept of a budget, or living paycheck to paycheck, or running out of necessities for a few days or even longer. He has no idea of what it is to live on food stamps, and depend upon them. He doesn’t know that people wait for their tax return to buy the kid’s shoes or get the new tires on the car. He’s clueless.

We have a cruel despot in the Oval Office.  If he pushes this government shutdown much further, he might find not only with his mythical wall not being funded, he might find himself being run out of town on a rail. I don’t think Americans are going to stand for this.

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  1. Trumpelthinskin has NEVER cared about anyone or anything except himself, his money, and his public image (ego). Not even his family. He has no real friends. People are only there in his life to use or be used. He ACTUALLY derives great personal pleasure by causing pain, suffering, starvation and death. He loves causing such an impact and loves being in his position of control where he can cause the most death and destruction around him to those he despises (the list is too long to mention). This is why he is enjoying the shutdown so much. He also, does not like to have to work, and this is one more excuse to go golfing or celebrate with his money he has received as bribes and kickbacks from his position of power. He is a psychic vampire incapable of sympathy, empathy, remorse. Proof of this is he has never admitted wrongdoing EVER or apologized EVER in his life to anyone. Does not believe in God/Supreme Being. Worships money instead. Rapes & sexually abuses women including incest. Is a closet alcoholic binge drinker and frequently snorts cocaine. Is partially illiterate. Throughout grade school, high school and college, his father used green tickets and threats to bribe his way in order to graduate. He bribed his doctors to write reports stating his health is great. IT is NOT. He has gained over 60 pounds since becoming fake Put in 45 puppet of the divided States of Russia. His heart, liver, kidneys are in poor shape. At his current rate of abuse of his body, he has maybe 3-4 years of life left on planet Earth. He’s a wanna be Hitler Dictator, but too incompetent to be a successful Mob Boss. Anyone who has had close personal relations with him knows he will back stab/con you in a NY Minute unless he thinks you own him (Putin), are someone he admires (other Dictators or he thinks you have millions of $). EVERYTHING Trumpenstein is involved in and touches becomes chaotic, unstable, weakened and destroyed. It will take decades to undo the damage he has already caused to the USA. The sooner he is removed and is sent to rot in prison for high treason the better. Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish!!! Time to lift his/Putin’s pox on our nation and restore the USA to a functioning Democracy again.


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