I saw an article online earlier today and since no one else seems to be mentioning it I figure someone should.  I should note that the author (Brandon Weichert) who has worked for conservatives on the Hill and for conservative outlets makes some attempts to justify Trump and even spread some former Trump Tim Parlatore type bull about the National Archives Records Act the overall tone is a message to Trump of “Dude! Give it up already.” The headline ‘Give Me My Documents!’ Trump Keeps Making a Total Clown of Himself’ pretty much says it all!

Weichert, a Senior Editor at 1945 says some incredible things in attempting to fluff Trump, including the sentence “It’s the kind of nonsensical, self-obsessed actions that helped to ruin what could have been the most successful presidency in history.”  Really? Does he really think glossing over NARA violations or a suck-up line like that is going to save him from Trump/MAGA wrath if this article gets noticed more widely? Sorry Mr. Weichert but you have called down the thunder on you and 1945. You write about Trump being haunted by his “character flaw” of “never being wrong” and how it coming to the forefront is a serious distraction. Something he should long have but “refused to let go of.” And now:

Rather than let sleeping dogs lie and simply focus on overcoming the threats to his candidacy, letting his legal team craft a viable legal defense—or better yet, had he simply used discretion and avoided this fight with the National Archives entirely—Trump had to make this an issue.

I particularly liked Weichert making the point so well that had Trump just used some discretion (or more to the point common freaking sense!) and avoided the fight in the first place part a major theme of the article. As is so often noted Trump is his own worst enemy. Weichert points out multiple times not only has this been a stupid, useless and though he doesn’t say so explicitly unwinnable fight Trump has picked that it could have and should have been avoided. Because Trump is after all campaigning to again be President and this is the last thing he needs to be wasting time on. However, Trump knows he suggests that the MAGAs love Trump’s instinct for sticking to the “man/establishment” and let’s face it – MAGAs love them their red meat even if it’s rancid.

For all that Weichert is clear that Trump CHOSE this fight. And he’s clearly having trouble wrapping his head around why even though after making clear Trump chose to provoke this mess he writes:

It’s yet another awful example of a man who’s too petty to bring this country back from the brink. If he hadn’t planned on running for reelection, I’d say to fight this fight to preserve his presidential legacy.

Take note of the second sentence there. It’s more I think than another attempt at trying to pre-earn some forgiveness from Trump for some pointed criticism. It kind of alludes to broader thinking (or what passes for thinking) with many conservatives – that Trump did a lot of good (say WHAT?) and his legacy needs to be protected. Not only no but HELL no! Trump’s legacy needs to be a gigantic pile of shiite like that picture of the dinosaur crap as tall as a man Jeff Goldblum’s character looks at and says “That’s one big pile of shit.”

Anyway like I said no one has mentioned this today. If I can somehow keep it going enough that it gets Trump’s attention and he tees off on (and ruins?) another conservative and/or publication or two (1945 is part of The Washington Times) then I’ll have done my good deed for the day.

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  1. A legacy for the country?

    EVERYTHING he’s done is a liability on the country.

    All these Trump fluffers can’t tell the difference between an asset and a debt.

    In this they mirror their idol.

  2. For all the excuses that Trump apologists have given to explain his theft of classified documents, no one can explain WHY he did it. Like so many of Trump’s actions, the whole truth is probably far worse than we can imagine.

  3. Karen the answer with him is MONEY!!! Geez, since the Saudis are willing to pay Tiger Woods a billion dollars, I wonder what they’d given for any military secrets about the Middle East/Israel? I wonder what Putin would give for secrets? I wonder what bowl haircut boy would give for secrets? China? He was sitting on a gold mine…threatening world security means nothing to him. Democracy HA! He, to paraphrase Monty Python, farts in the general direction of Democracy. It’s just money. Gosh I wonder how Jared, having security clearances overruled gets to meddle in the middle east then ends up with two billion? Money for secrets! Get your secrets!!! Get em cheap!!!! Step right up dictators of the world!!!

    • Funny, I have not heard yet ANY reasonable explanation for his 2 Billion dollars to bring home to Dad-in-law …

      Trump’s ALWAYS looking for the next sucker out there to pay his bills, shared young girls with his buddy and his pilot that delivered the 28 young girls to Mar-O-Golf, asked where the special guests were, since the girls were told they would be judged for Calendar Art models …

      Dumb Ass, said it would only be him and Epstein, bring them in … Just the type of lizard we could have had as a president, OH, wait, we did have a pretend president, that has been the biggest and baddest LIZARD … Our friends in Ireland called him a shit gibbon, years ago as he was primping for the presidency, he has earned that title in spades, they just shook their heads, laughed about his idiocy and wished us luck with him in office … snickering was in the air in Ireland, even the Irish newspapers laughed at our predicament …

      AND HERE WE ARE, STILL being threatened by this same flaming as*h**e …



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