Somebody got out of the wrong side of the bed in Mar-a-Lago this a.m. Donald Trump is not having a good one. I wonder if his lawyer called? What could the lawyer tell him? That Rudy Giuliani has spilled the beans, but good this time? That the tapes the J6 Committee will play of Jared and ivanka are worse than he can imagine? That Melania wants to renegotiate the pre-nup yet again?

Who knows? In any event, this is what Trump wants to share with all the rest of you dads today.

Your guess is as good as mine as to what set him off.

Speaking of flattering news, here’s Trump at the VIP gathering in Tennessee peacocking about how popular he is with the Hispanics and the Blacks.

Here is Trump artist laureate James McNaughton’s latest.

I don’t know who the painting is supposed to depict. I don’t know too many black men wearing a Confederate belt buckle, but what do I know? I just sit here and blog.

If the people above are named Black, then I go along with it. These are the Blacks for Trump, the ones he’s talking about.

We’ll see what happens. Obviously, Father’s Day holiday and all, Trump’s mind is on the January 6 Committee. Or, the New York AG’s investigation. Or, the criminal referral in Georgia. Or…….


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  1. Poor Trumpty-Dumpty. Once again his decades long father’s day wish has gone unfulfilled. (I’ll try to spare you the need for Brain Bleach but his big wish has been to wake up with Wannabe Princess Ivanka doing…) So he’s cranky. Don Jr. has blown his allowance on coke and killing animals on what are ephamistically called “hunts”, Eric is so dumb he has only just realized it’s Father’s Day because his wife had their kids sign a card and given it to him – and reacted with a “Oh. That’s right. There’s something called Father’s Day. Hmmm. I get the feeling there’s something I should do for someone but I can’t remember what it is…” Tiffany is depressed wishing she’d listened to her mom and stayed the fuck away from Trump World. She was all set to have a nice, cushy and before long lucrative white collar legal career in the DC community but nooooooo, her dad’s genes kicked in and she got lazy & greedy at the same time and went for the easy money in a do nothing job at the Trump Org. and has probably tried to bail only to learn that it’s too late. She’s permanently covered herself in her father’s orange stench and no respectable law firm will have her now, and certainly not on the fast-track that was once hers for the taking. So SHE likely didn’t even bother to mail a card. Barron? I’d imagine “Melanie” has been making like Tiffany’s mom and doing her best to create as much distance between him and his father as possible.

    So yes, Trump is in a pissy mood. Good. I hope he jams his digits on his tee vee remote as he furiously clicks away from channels airing touching Father’s Day commercials depicting fathers who actually have families that love them because THEY loved their families and showed it. I hope THAT bit of reality burns his entire being – like taking a piss with the world’s worst case of Clap! (I’m talking barbed wire and razor blades coated with acid!)

    • Colbert had a related thought – about Ivanka”s testimony – IIRC he said “That must have been a bittersweet moment for Trump. Ivanka finally screwed him.” (I thought it was funny – and so did his bandleader who had to hold himself up with the keyboard laughing to keep from falling over.)

    • In some ways, I DO pity his kids. But that pity is always tempered by their actions to and for others, especially the older ones.

      • I won’t apologize for having no sympathy at all for those kids except maybe Barron who is a teen and hasn’t made the big life choices yet. (I wouldn’t bet on him making the correct ones) They all had choices every step of the way, or at least once their mom and dad split up. Not that Ivana Trump wasa a paragon of virtue but compared to Donald she’s been a straight arrow. They knew how their father treated their mother and them, and that mom could have ensured they’d get the best of educations and have plenty of connections to start out kind of rich and make themselves REALLY rich if they were like her willing to work. They chose the cheap, tawdry and easy route by siding with their piece of SHIT father. Tiffany’s mom I feel really bad for because she worked so, so hard to maintain enough distance for Tiffany to have some perspective and up until it came time to pick which DC law firm to join it seemed like her mom had grounded her enough in reality and decency that she would maintain a safe distance from Trump World. However daddy dangled the prospect of better pay and a LOT less work than being an actual lawyer (albeit one who got to skip that first year or two of 80-100 hour weeks doing grunt work! An actual office with an admin assistant/paralegal would have been there for her from the start and a junior partnership within five years!) and she chose the easy, tawdry root by joining the Trump Org. And do you think for one second his promises of her doing REAL, substantive legal work were kept? When you know damn well Trump would ALWAYS worry about her mom’s influence and therefore Tiffany’s loyalties? So Tiffany is playing pretend lawyer for a corporation that might not even survive until (mercifully) Trump dies. It sure as hell will get flushed down the fake gold toilet after his death! At which point Tiffany will as I said fully understand just how toxic her dad and the fucked up CHOICE she made was.

        So no. I don’t have an ounce of concern or sympathy for them. None. They were gifted a start in life with every fucking advantage a person could dream of and if willing to put in some real work made their own way in life. But they turned their back on their mom, rationalized their father’s treatment of her and them and took fat salaries for doing pretty much nothing with their father’s company. And what little they have done has probably placed them in legal or at least civil jeopardy as well. Fuck em.

  2. It just occurred to me that for Trump “Father’s” Day doesn’t work. For him the appropriate designation is “Proof I got to fuck my trophy wives Day.” (My mind sometimes goes to dark and twisted places -in this case wondering about the pre-nup negotiations on how many attempts his various wives – especially “Melanie” would have to put up with Trump humping away on them with what Stormy Daniels has describes as his smaller than average mushroom headed dick)

  3. I like that one with the white nonblack man and white nonblack woman wearing “Blacks for Trump” shirts. Which blacks are they pretending to be? Should I ask my black friends to wear shirts that read “Whites for Trump”? There is a car that is parked behind my apartment which has a bumper sticker on it that says, “Women for Trump”. Does that mean that men shouldn’t be for Trump? (No one should be.) Some people (most of his supporters) are just plain stupid. I read these things and just shake my head, unable to understand how anyone can believe this crap. I prefer logic to stupidity.

  4. Imagine the different interpretation by the Cult of Trump if the armed person in all the supremacist gear had a white skin.

  5. I guess from his point of view, things are crumbing, quickly, into crap. His most beloved child, princess, has turned against him. The child whose nose is so brown with daddy poop, dimwit jr., is on the prison track. Eric and Tiffany do not even register in the man’s consciousness. Oh, and he’s starting to realize that perhaps he grifted a grift too far when he fleeced his rubes for the supposed “legal fund”. I’d pity him if A) he did not deserve all this and more, and B) he showed any empathy whatsoever for anyone other than himself.

    All I can say to former guy is: sux to be you. Karma’s a bitch with very sharp teeth.


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