See Donald run. See Donald run for president. See Donald run to run the government he tried to overthrow when he ran it before while running to stay out of jail. Oh oh oh. This is my submission for first grade reading texts. I want children of the future, assuming Republicans will allow them to learn how to read in the first place, to get started out right.

Today, class, we deal with a man in meltdown, a man who uses social media to process his feelings. He does this morning, noon, and night. This is his screed before he either went to bed last night, or was put in five-point restraint and injected with Thorazine. We have no way of knowing what goes on at Bedminster, obviously. And we can’t ask his wife, because nobody has seen her in months. She’s giving Greta Garbo a run for the recluse money right now. in all events, here’s Trump’s latest. Read it, then we will discuss the “logic.”

Here’s the entire tweet.

Two things: clearly, he’s going bonkers over the election, and with just cause. If you readΒ last night’s meltdown over voter registration at the DMV you’re up to speed on his latest absurdity. Secondly, the contradiction that Ron Filipkowski points out is hilarious. “Trump says he is for late-term abortions being legal to save the life of the mother while expressing outrage at Democrats for wanting late-term abortions to be legal to save the life of the mother.” Maybe Trump should post, “Democrats want to kill a baby any time, without Exceptions, but you better allow the Exceptions if you want to win Elections and I do because I need to Self-Pardon more than I need to Cheat at Golf and throw Ketchup bottles.”

Now what has always frosted me is the fact that no reporter will ask him to elaborate on post-birth abortions, which so far as I know are called murder. Once you’re outside the womb you’re indisputably a human being and whether you have a soul or not, we don’t know. But you’re definitely a viable unit, outside the womb, and anybody ending a life at that juncture is not doing it for the health of the mother or to save her life. Yet, this mad image persists, I guess of doctors strolling through a nursery and saying to one another, “Hey, Jack, should we do a post-birth abortion or two?” “Why not, Larry? Here I’ll smash one of these kids against the wall, you stomp another to death. How about that? I mean, we’re both Democrats, right?”

Paralipsis. Wow. I didn’t know there was a fancy sounding word for talking out your ass and now I do.

And I sincerely do not know if this last post is a quote or satire. With both Donald Trump and Ben Carson it’s impossible to tell the difference, because of the non stop stupidity that comes out of their mouths. How is Uncle Ben these days, anyhow?

Expect more of the same as the year progresses and so do the legal cases. Trump isn’t commenting much on his four indictments, maybe he decided to listen to his lawyers and not put himself in line for a gag order. Or, and I suspect this is the case, he truly is worried sick about the upcoming election. And with good cause, I might add, with very good cause.



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