If Ian Fleming wrote comedy, he might have conceived of a character like Donald Trump — except with a reverse Midas touch. Everything Trump Touches Dies.

Floofy haired, bronzed septuagenarians ruled the night in Warren, Michigan this evening, where Trump meet with his Qult and preached the word for 103 minutes.

Here is literally what that looked like.

All manly men glow with a metallic sheen and have teased cotton candy hair. Don’t they? Don’t they?


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  1. Ah yes, there he is in his uniform “blue suit, red tie, white shirt”!! Does he think he’s being patriotic wearing that suit everywhere he goes??? The man is repulsive and disgusting. I can’t stand the sight of him or hear his voice. I hope he goes to prison for a very very very long time! We can only hope!!!



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