No wonder Mad Magazine went out of business. How could it possibly compete with Donald Trump and the GOP? Ivana Trump tumbled down the staircase and died of blunt trauma a few weeks ago. She died alone. Then she had a memorial service, where there wasn’t a moist eye in the house, and then her coffin was carried out by pallbearers, none of whom were her sons or son-in-law.

Then she went to her final resting spot beside Hole One at ex-hubby’s golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey, because that way he gets out of paying real estate taxes. Daily Beast:

Ivana Trump was buried next to the first hole of an exclusive New Jersey golf club owned by her ex-husband, former president Donald Trump. Ivana’s glossy black gravestone was marked with white flowers as it was shown publicly for the first time this week by The New York Posta week after her private funeralShe died July 14 from blunt force trauma after tumbling down the stairs in her Manhattan townhouse.

Donald Trump, who received a permit to build 10 graves for his family on the course in 2014, has been working to get approval for a larger cemetery with at least 300 plots since 2007. His plans for the cemetery have been repeatedly shut down by officials who worried it would be an “attractive nuisance,” as he originally wanted to build a mausoleum for himself and his family complete with 19-foot stone obelisks.

That sounds normal, doesn’t it? And what does the future hold in store? Marla at Hole Two and Melania at Hole Three?

Now Trump is in the cemetery business. Say, I know a guy who would make a great undertaker. He looks like a mortician straight out of central casting. His name is Mike Pence.

The socialite businesswoman had been suffering hip pain and had such trouble walking that she couldn’t even leave her house for a quick jaunt to the Hamptons, a close friend told The New York Post on Friday.

She also was so unsteady on her feet at times that she needed a personal health aide to help walk around her neighborhood, other friends said.

As I mentioned at length in a previous post here, Ivana needed a hip surgery but wouldn’t get it. I had a hip surgery myself in 2019. I understand the pain she was in. What I will go to my own grave not understanding is why in the name of God she chose to live in pain and not be able to move when she had a choice to live a much better, healthier life? There’s something more here than meets the eye. This makes zero sense. She just gave up on life. That’s my opinion, in all events, having been exactly where she was with respect to needing a life altering operation. Nobody normal minded chooses to stay sick and in pain when they have the option to live pain free and enjoy life again. Something else was going on.

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  1. It does seem like she kind of gave up. I wonder if she was watching her children who grew up to be such shits? She had the raising of those children by and large and they all turned out to be pretty much cookie cutter versions of their daddy. Yeah, I might be pretty sick after seeing all that effort resulting in garbage: none of her children are worth squat and that is sometimes hard for a parent to swallow. Maybe she just had enough. Or maybe it was something much shallower since she was a model back in the day. Not sure we’ll ever know.

    If there is a sad part to this story it is that she could have had a life with little or no pain had she undergone a very routine surgery.

    • That is the part that blows me away. I had a hip replacement. I can’t do impact sports, like run as I used to, but so what? I can move around pain free. That she chose to stay in pain and ended up falling down a staircase because of mobility problems that could have been easily cured is insane. She could have lived another twenty or thirty years, if she had no other issues. Why pack it in at 73?

    • Ursula, surgeries can bring with them complications worse than the pain for which they are sought. Examples:

      My father had back surgery. After the surgery he was forever in worse pain than he had had prior to it. In addition, he caught MRSA from the hospital, passed it on to my mother, who died of it.

      If my mother did not catch MRSA from my Dad, then she caught it soon after that when she went for knee replacement surgery. The MRSA was discovered while she was still in recovery in the hospital.

      Right after my mother was found to have MRSA, nevertheless, the hospital put another hip replacement patient into her room with her, who several days later was also found to have MRSA

      My cousin had hip surgery, He also caught MRSA while in the hospital, and almost died of it.

      My father-n-law caught MRSA while in the hospital, and he died of it.

      I have 5 herniated discs, have sciatic pain, and am beginning to have knee problems. There is no way I am ever going to have surgery, knowing what I know.

      • Not only those drawbacks. I am afraid of surgery at 66. They don’t treat post surgical pain with anything stronger than Tylenol anymore. I’ve had 10+ surgeries in my life and KNOW how much post surgical pain there is even with a successful surgery. So I wouldn’t get a hip replacement now, either.

        • I don’t know who you’ve spoken to, but I’m not even sure it’s legal to not prescribe a pain killer after surgery. I know the laws on controlled substances are nuts, believe me, but if it’s gotten to the point where the very thing for which the substances were invented are not going to be treated, then we are truly lost.

          I know all the b.s. around pain killers, believe me. I had a local dentist tell me last year that if/when I had dental surgery with them, that they would use my Tylenol 3 prescription for the surgery. I said, “You can’t do that. You cannot ‘borrow’ from an existing prescription. We’re talking apples and oranges.'” I spoke to both an M.D. and a D.DS after that and they both told me that the person who said that was nuts. I then phoned that facility and said, “Yes or no: if I have you perform oral surgery, will you give me a pain killer?” I was told yes. Point being, there is a lot of insane misinformation and disinformation in this day and age. And as an older American, I don’t appreciate it.

      • May I ask what area of the country this took place in? Here’s my knee jerk reaction to what you said. First of all, it’s horrible and I’m so sorry that was your experience. Secondly, it seems like there was incompetence on the part of the surgeon. A good surgeon can do a hip replacement and people are literally out dancing a few weeks later. This I know first hand. As to MRSA, it’s a horrible bacteria that can be caught in a hospital which is un hygienic. So that’s why I ask where this happened. Again, so sorry that anybody had to go through this. I had my surgery at a hospital in Verdugo Hills, California and it was a breeze.

    • Reportedly, her BFF and ex-husvand (not Trump), a man 20 or so years younger, died last Oct, I think it was. They were great friends. After his death, it is reported that she gave up on life. I wish someone would have cared enough to reach out. Her decline was sudden and very noticeable according to her neighbors. Why did her k D’s nit get her help, she could afford it.

  2. When I read they had buried Ivana’s (cremated btw) remains at the 1st Hole of Trump’s Bedminster Golf Course my reaction was that it was his way of doing an everlasting “Fuck YOU Ivana! In your FACE!” for everyone to see. I agree with sentiments expressed she’d given up on life. She tried with the evil spawn she bore Trump, but they chose make-work jobs for lots of money and piggybacking on his celebrity over her. That had to hurt. And you know what? I think the final straw was what happened with Trophy Wife #2 and HER “look – I still can fuck a hot woman” child. Marla Maples did all she could to break Tiffany Trump away from the Trump (crime) family/org. and yet in the end ole Tiffany who had every chance to be truly successful on her own merits signed on with her daddy.

    I think that more than anything made Ivana realize that all that effort she put in NEVER had a chance. It was wasted, as was much of what was once a promising life. She was after all once a world-class skier and could have been quite well-off over in Europe trading on that and that alone. Anyway, Tiffany’s choosing the Dark Side I think coincides with Ivana’s decline in health and attitude. Not being a parent myself I can’t begin to imagine how much it hurts someone who actually loved, and put considerable love and effort into raising kids to see it was all for naught.

    I also can’t help but think of that clip of Trump’s guy emerging from Ivana’s place right after her death – before the authorities had secured things and had a chance to go through certain things like her personal papers. Or maybe he LEFT something.

    I just find it impossible to believe she’d have wanted to be planted at the 1st hole of that golf course. However I DO find it quite plausible that Trump is the kind of toxic piece of shit who would either steal instructions for her burial arrangements or slip something into them she wouldn’t have approved of.

    Like I said, it’s entirely in keeping with his personality to do something so incredibly undignified as a means of shouting to the world “I beat her!”



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