Your cheatin’ heart, will tell on you   Hank Williams

I can’t stop smiling while I type this shit. Pity Mazar’s accounting firm. They’ve been through the wars over one scumbag client. They have had to waste money on lawyers for litigation as to whether or not, as Donald Trump’s long time accountants, would have to turn over his financial records, including his company records to investigators. They immediately complied when the court ordered it.

But apparently enough is enough. The company released a statement today that, after a long relationship, and an intensive internal audit of Trump’s records, a legally untenable conflict of interest existed, And as such, they were severing all ties with Trump and his organization. They were so pissed that they refused to finish Donald and Melania’s state and federal tax returns for this year, leaving the lovebirds to find a new accounting firm by April 15th.

While this is personally infuriating and inconvenient for the Trumps, as I have always preached, and you all know, when it comes to politics, The Devil is always in the details. Mazar’s didn’t just use the court case and the internal audit as a legal way to ditch a pain-in-the-ass client, they went much further in their statement.

Alex Wagner, subbing for the on hiatus Rachel Maddow set it up perfectly tonight. In 2016 the financial publication Forbes, which annually publishes their 100 Wealthiest List realized that Trump had been lying to them. Trump was so panicked that he took time off of the campaign trail to take Forbes people for a personal tour of his luxury 5th Avenue apartment, which he claimed was an incredible 33,000 foot! Later analysis showed that the Trump gilded birdcage is only 11,000 feet. A petty lie for the sake of ego, until you realize that those 22,000 extra feet equals more than $200 million in value to the apartment.

Mazar’s went all the way back to at least 2011 in their internal audit. And what they found led them to make a truly stunning announcement. GIGO “Garbage In Garbage Out”. They basically told the world that any financial documents that they had prepared for Trump or the Trump organization for 2011 forward were to be considered unreliable, since it was based on unverified information provided by Trump and the Trump organization.

This is literally a neutron bomb that Trump’s now former accounting firm just dropped on him. They are basically saying that they trusted Trump and his organization, and put their documents together accordingly. New York Attorney General Letitia James is investigating Trump on civil charges that he manipulated his actual worth in order to increase loan value, and lower insurance and tax liabilities, and the Manhattan DA has a criminal probe ongoing for the same shit. And now Mazar’s is saying Don’t ask us, we trusted da fool! But you don’t ditch a large money client if they’re on the up-and-up.

This is like throwing gasoline on the NY AG and Manhattan DA’s investigations. They are now basically telling authority that they can’t actually verigy anything Trump told them for the last 10 years, because it appears he wasn’t an honest broker or client. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. As I said earlier today they are in full CYA mode and trying to keep their own asses out of prison. I find the notion they are completely innocent in all this and golly gee whiz never, ever suspected even for a second that some of the financials they got from Trump were suspect! No, there was a shitload of winking and nodding between them and Trump’s people and they just collected the money. I guess Trump does pay some of his bills after all. I suspect that once they realized that unlike earlier investigations into Trump that got killed off (Rudy G himself killed off one of them) this time investigators weren’t going away. So like anyone else who either helped facilitate or cover up (or both) a crime where someone else was the kingpin the authorities were after they wanted to be first in line with evidence to cooperate their way out of legal consequences. But they couldn’t until the courts finally shut down Trump’s delaying tactics. And, as I said earlier it’s clear Mazars wanted to tell what they could and provide evidence because they already had the evidence boxed up and ready to transport.

    However make no mistake. It’s a giant exercise in CYA in an attempt to both avoid criminal charges (or at least prison for some of them) AND to try and preserve enough of the company’s reputation for it to survive.

  2. ” I hear that train acomin, coming round the bend. And I ain’t seen sunshine since I don’t know when. I’m stuck in folsom prison, & time keeps draggin on…” Johnny Cash


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