Trump is (again) having a meltdown today.  As noted in another article here by Durrati all of a sudden news trucks appeared (in numbers) outside the federal courthouse in DC.  Kind of makes a person wonder if the newsies know something we don’t.  Like maybe another batch of indictments being handed down tomorrow and they want their satellite trucks already in position (parking in DC can be a bear as I recall) for their reporters?  We’ll just have to wait and see.

However, as sure as the earth will keep turning and the sun will rise in the east in the morning something else will happen.  Another fundraising appeal on Truth Social.  Trump has played up his legal problems to great effect on the fundraising front.  Hell, he likes to brag sometimes about how much he rakes in every time some new legal challenge pops up.  The goobers out there in MAGA Nation fall all over themselves to send him money.  Working extra hours or a second (even third) job just to make ends meet?  No matter – all they can seem to think of is “Trump needs my help!”  What’s money to put decent food on the table for the kids, or to pay the electric bill or any number of things that are so difficult for them”  Trump says he needs help!

I don’t know about you, but this kind of thing evokes two strong emotions in me.  Wonder – that people are so gullible, and so blind to reality that a guy they worship, who they think should be in charge of everything and from the beginning of his political career made a point of noting how “really, really rich” he was need THEIR money!  He used to claim to be worth ten billion dollars and couldn’t be bought, that he’d be totally independent because he was rich enough to fund his own campaign for chrissakes!  Yet from the day he sharted his way down his fake gold escalator at Trump Tower he’s been hitting MAGAs up for money.  You’d think most of them would have long ago thought “Wait a minute… If he’s so rich because he was so smart and successful why does ne need money from ME when I’m scrambling to get by month to month?”

So yes, I’ll filled with a sense of Wonder.

At the same time I’m filled with a sense of overwhelming worry about how much trouble our country is in.  Of the 74 million people that voted for Trump in 2020 (I’ll never understand how, after four years of him in the WH that happened!) there are at least twenty million, maybe as many as thirty million hard core MAGAs that will willingly, even eagerly do without, or force their loved ones to do without very basic necessities to send Trump money anytime he asks.  Or at least if they’ve got twenty or thirty bucks (or even fifty) in their account to send him.  Do they get all depressed, or worse angry (and take it out on others) when they CAN’T send him money?

Anyway, I saw this article earlier today and got a kick out of it.  It seems a Tick-Tock influencer decided to poke some fun at Trump, or more specifically his fans for being big enough suckers not to recognize what I wrote about earlier.   That these people worship Trump in part because he’s so successful he’s wildly rich.  (Never as rich as he claimed but that’s a much longer subject) Yet they never stop to ask why a guy so rich is always begging them for donations to meet his legal expenses.   For a guy who claims to be worth ten billion even a hundred million or so in legal bills is tip money.  I scrolled through the panels and at the end there was one that got into bumper sticker territory.

The headline is a variation I picked up there.

But it does I think sum up Trump’s political grift awfully well.  If Trump weren’t (rightly) worried someone would snap pics on their cell phone (I doubt he trusts anyone anymore) he’d probably have “I get paid – my MAGAs Get Played” displayed all over the place wherever he is.  For damned sure I know he thinks something like that a ton of times a day, every single day.

Too bad as I keep harping about the news business doesn’t just want but CRAVES having Trump in the Presidential race next year.   Otherwise they’d mention the slogan in the title or a variation of it in every report they do on Trump, particularly anything to do with his fundraising.  If they’d only hammer home the point again and and again, every day for a month it would become part of the lexicon.  MAGAs wouldn’t be able to avoid it.  And maybe, the scales would fall from their eyes and their bank accounts would be closed to Trump’s appeals for their hard-earned money.

A guy can dream can’t he?


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  1. I wonder what the old televagelists think about this. Back in the day jim and tammy faye, pat robertson (freudian slip, I originally wrote pay robertson), jimmy swaggart, now joel osteen. are they mad that trump is scooping all the rubes cash? The old guard evangilist could promise you a place in heaven. trump promises his ability to hurt minorities, gays, women, etc. where would you spend your money?

  2. I don’t believe they are working 2 or 3 jobs. I believe that the majority of the maga faithful are on workers’ comp or permanent disability and receive food stamps and every other benefit out there. Plus they have girlfriends who have a child every few years to stay on welfare and the benefits that go with that. They have a better income than most. They understand the grift. I know too many magas who fall into this category. There is a large majority of them who are bigger grifters than dfg. That’s why they keep on giving to him. Just my opinion.

    • Yeah, a few years ago, it was noted that the majority of people on welfare are actually white (simply because they formed, at the time, a slight majority of the population) but you’d never know that from all the GOPers so eager to “slash” welfare. They’ve framed it as a “minorities are stealing the money you (read, “whites”) deserve” grievance and, for some odd reason, the mass media never seems interested in telling the correct story–they’re only interested in parroting the GOP line.

      Even now, the largest share of welfare recipients are still white (because, again, they’re the largest share of the whole population). But, you’d never know that the way the media keeps parroting the GOP lie about all the minorities taking all the welfare.


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