You know, whenever a politician, or a person in a position of authority, or anybody who has anything to lose by some risky move they are contemplating, if they have 12 functioning brain cells, they live by two words. Plausible. Deniability. No matter what you’re going to do, do it in a way that keeps anything from splashing back on you if it goes wrong.

Look, I think we can all agree, Trump doesn’t have 12 functioning brain cells. In fact I’m thinking we’re down to the fingers of one hand. And I’m not sure that he ever had much more. Mary Trump certainly doesn’t seem to think so. Trump is a self centered narcissistic sociopath. He got along for so long because the simple fact of the matter is that he was too stupid, to loud, and too goddamn small fry for authority to actually go after.

But then he had to let his ego get ahead of his brain, and run for President. Which meant the dreaded national media. Not the local pulp media he was used to dealing with, but the junkyard dogs with the big teeth. And they feasted.

But then Trump did the unthinkable, and got elected. And was of course a total cluster fuck. To the point that in 2018, people with actual authority to investigate and prosecute him took over the House. And the simple fact of the matter is, if we had had a moral, ethical, responsible GOP Senate caucus, Trump would have gone down the first time.

Plausible deniability is your out. It allows you to at least semi reasonably claim that you honestly didn’t know that the results of your A and B would equal C. But Traitor Tot is blissfully unaware of that plausible deniability even is, since every decision he has ever made was right and perfect. It’s going to kill him soon. To wit;

  • In the 2016 campaign, Trump was likely not even aware that his campaign was already under FBI  investigation for collusion with Russia when he took to the podium and bellowed, Russia?! If you’re listening, I hope you can find the 30,000 missing emails, because I think you would be handsomely rewarded by our media. This was a blatant plea for foreign interference in a US election. That charge may have stale dated, but could still be used as showing a pattern of criminal intent. But not only didn’t Trump shoot for plausible deniability, he told ABC News that getting foreign help in an election was aces, as long as he was the one getting it
  • Trump’s flagship DC hotel was a cash cow during his presidency. Foreign money flowed in like water. Not only was it a clear violation of the emoluments clause of the constitution, but a clear violation of his lease with the GAO, which actually owns the lease. Trump fobbed it off on a non existent blind trust he allegedly put his business in, which any 2nd year law student could demolish
  • Trump’s 2020 phone call to Ukrainian President Zelinsky read like a scene from a Godfather movie that ended up on the cutting room floor. Trump dangled military aid and a White House visit under his nose, but said that he needed the Ukrainian President to Do him a favor, and investigate Biden and his son. When the whole thing blew up in his face, rather than blubbering about being misunderstood, Trump adamantly claimed that the call was letter perfect
  • Now for the money shot. The MAGA morons, with support from the Trump campaign, set up a massive Stop The Steal rally in Washington Dc on January 6th. Trump’s own wingman, Steve Bannon promised that it would be a roller coaster ride, like nothing nobody had ever seen, and Trump promised it would be wild. After inciting them to storm the Capitol to stop the vote, he sat in the executive dining room for 187 minutes and watched the carnage. Finally he called off his dogs of war, telling them that they were special, and we love you. And in the aftermath, rather than claiming that his words were misunderstood, Trump continued to claim that it was Pence who was the culprit, for not using his power to overturn a legitimate free and fair election

I come from a family of cops, and never have I seen a criminal as stupid or arrogant as Trump. When the shit starts to go south, most criminals start pointing in all 360 degrees of the compass looking for something or somebody else to blame. But Trump is a sociopath, he is incapable of making a mistake. And as a result, he proudly defends his actions. But this isn’t a B&E case in the Bronx. These are serious federal charges that Trump is proudly defending. And just think, this article doesn’t even mention anything that the J6 committee, or the Manhattan DA, or the NY Attorney General have uncovered. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. It’s a true fact that Trump’s cover-up skills are on par with my grasp of nuclear physics. More problematic for him is how ALL of his underlings share that same lack. I guess that they always figured that they could legalize their crimes later or ignore them completely. Both were bad bets.

  2. Not to mention all the documents he either personally ripped up, put in the burn bag or took to Mara Lago. I would love for someone to hold him accountable for that nonsense.

    • I think we all know that if that had been a Dem potus take all of those records that he knew were supposed to be archived, that Flynn would be yelling for them to be locked up. How the worm turns.

  3. It’s amazing how no matter what Trump is always the bad guy. No one realizes that man is just a plain old citizen of America to try and make people realize what was really going on here for years.?He showed people that we can have a lot more money in our pockets ,lower taxes and tons of stuff no one would have even known. Showed everyone the crooks in this country that no one ever followed up on.people are so ignorant they just think he’s the bad guy no matter what. Years ago the democrats were for the working man,but so many things have changed since than and people just don’t see it same anyway.The president is not an honest man not at all. People must research him from his young years. Not all but a lot in both parties need to be fat checked., Hillary Clinton would you think would be involved in child trafficking. And she’s been tried and retired. They keep these secrets I don’t no why. I’m not republican nor am I a democrat. We the people all of us worked very hard and I feel Trump was trying to show all of us what’s really going on. He’s not liked because he’s named many that are involved in fraud. Just like with the oil right now we’re paying sky high prices when if we were sending it to other countries we be much lower for sure. Biden stopped that why? Because China gives him kickbacks. Why is there no food on the shelves. Why are people fighting what happened years ago is History that is a lesson , we are smarter now . So much smarter. There is good and bad in all . We need jails we need police.? I do not believe police want to kill black people or white . Our cities our country being destroyed after how beautiful it was. Why isn’t it being stopped. They need to go to jail. BLM everyone s life matters. If we’re lucky we are here 100 years some don’t get that. Life is short, Flys by. . I hope before I leave this earth I see some peace between all .

    • This is the second comment I’ve responded to today. At least in yours despite spelling and grammar errors (lots of both) I can at least figure out some of what you are saying or trying to claim even if it’s flat-out wrong. Granted, I’m an old fart but damn – what happened to basic education and teaching people how to spell and form proper sentences? And be able to figure out facts and truth from the kind of Mike Lindell bullshit (I guess Hillary Clinton was tried in “double secret probation” courts and the proceedings will be revealed by him along with “irrefutable proof” of his allegations of voter fraud. Someday. I’ve lost count of how many times his deadline for revealing all that has come and gone since he always, and I mean ALWAYS pushes it to some future date. Maybe instead of sleeping on a My Pillow you can get hold of a decent one that not only won’t emit toxic fumes but cradle your head so you can get a decent night’s sleep. Maybe then you can write a better comment.

    • Written perfectly. The democracts definitely were scarred of him. What was released the last 6 years I call for Hunter and Biden should be in court. And Pelosi she is hiding bad things too look we can go after the bad guys let’s see what the elections in March have to offer. Maybe us Republicans can take over.

      • Trump’s taxpayer funded law firm, which during his tenure was the DOJ looked, and looked HARD for ANY scrap of criminal or civil behavior they could hang their hat on and take to court. Even with someone as ruthless and capable and right up to finally balking at putting his own ass in true legal jeopardy Bill Barr couldn’t find anything on Hillary Clinton (and the GOP literally spent decades trying but with no “there” there even the political hacks weren’t about to go in front of a judge with bullshit!) and Barr sure as hell tried to get something on Hunter Biden (as Trump ordered him to do) and even Joe Biden but again when there was nothing there he couldn’t go to court. Same with Pelosi and others.

        Sick, twisted fanstasies projected on to others (child pedophile rings in basements that don’t exist for example) lending one’s name (bad judgment but not illegal) to a corporate board overseas for some easy money does not a crime make. Unlike say taking more cash than a condo in NYC is worth in exchange to Chinese people for Green Cards like Jarvanka did. Or those immediate patents and trademarks in China wannabe Princess Ivanka got out of the blue. Or Jared going all across the middle east begging uber rich people to bail him out of his mistake with that 666 building (don’t remember the street but that was the actual street address number and using intelligence he never should have had access to in the first place till finally he got his bailout. The Trumps and Kusher families have a long history of bending and breaking laws. It’s just (as I said elsewhere) that rich enough real estate folks in huge cities like NYC generally don’t get chased by prosecutors – because the kinds of lawyers they hire eat up more resources than most prosecutors want to dedicate to a case.

        But it the end you’ve got things ass backwards. It was Trump who was terrified of Biden being the Democratic nominee. And though it took a while for Biden’s primary campaign to gain traction Trump remained worried. Then when Biden got on a roll Trump fucking panicked because he’s got a natural survival instinct and he knew he was in trouble. So go ahead and keep your head buried in the septic tank at Mar A Lago filled to the brim with Trump’s nasty, toxic shit.

  4. So by having a president like Biden in office is much more better for r country and having too do con and steal the election by more crooked politicians where in better shape because all u crump people just fulfilling the Bible and that reason I won’t be as a republican or a demarcated uand u must be a politicians to write a article like this

    • ? I’ve spoken English my entire life (mid sixties now) and have lived a varied life & spent multiple years in multiple places & regions. Because of that I’m fluent in numerous dialects from high toned elitist to regular folks to poor and downtrodden ones & even that of developmentally disabled people. I understand Redneck, Y’all and even a wide range of religious subsets. For all that and despite multiple attempts your post is pretty much incoherent gibbersish.

    • English….or american must not be your first language.

      We’d be able to argue your premise if you had actually coherently stated one. There might be something there but who the hell knows?

  5. Trump (known as “Don the Con” for decades in NYC) by the numbers:

    $2 million in damages were paid by Trump in 2019 to 8 charities after New York’s AG sued Trump for fraud and won (Trump was found guilty of spending charitable dollars on his personal, business, & political interests)
    30,573 false or misleading claims were made by Trump in the 4 years of his presidency
    11,780 votes were illegally asked for by Trump in a recorded phone call with Georgia election official
    780 retired generals and former national security leaders spoke out against TRUMP during his tenure
    725+ have been charged for the Jan 6th insurrection, which was led by ringleader Trump, via his tweet to “fight like hell”
    60+ big lie legal challenges were lost by Trump (100% of ALL big lie legal challenges included Trump appointed judges)
    15 covid cases TRUMP said would go down to 0 soon…has now reached over 64 million (and still counting)
    13 business failures and 6 bankruptcies is Trump’s “business” resume
    11 Trump associates have now been charged with crimes
    10 new GOP state laws shift power of elections from votes to partisan entities
    7 states submitted fraudulent Electoral College documents (to support Trump’s big lie), each signed by GOP party/state officials

  6. Imagine if they started enforcing the law. Then rich people would be at risk. Hunter, Hillary, the war criminal crew, the apartheid crew, the RosAtom crew.
    Politicians don’t want to be held accountable for their crimes so Trump will skate. Corruption is the law of the land. They might whack his wienie for show but he’ll never do any time.
    Politicians don’t want other politicians to pay for crimes. It puts them all at risk.

  7. National media is “junkyard dogs”? Are you fucking kidding? Had our national media done their jobs properly, had they ripped his throat out as junkyard dogs are wont to do, we would not have been saddled with the orange shit-gibbon. Junkyard dogs? Sheeeit. Little piddling puppies is more like it.

    • Here is all I have to say about the negative talk about Donald Trump.
      You can say what you want about Donald Trump, in fact you can say anything negative about any president that’s ever been on the United States Presidential podium.
      But let me ask you this, if you and drowning and there were two people staying on shoreline one that you hate, and one that you love but the one that you love can’t swim and the one that you hate can. Who are you going to have come out and get you?

      Of course this question is redundant, the choice is clear, the better swimmer you want to come rescue of course. Even though you hate that person, you would definitely be grateful for him or her once they pulled you out of the water. This is what we’re going through now folks, you can hate a man for the way that he speaks, the people he insults are puts down, but you cannot argue the fact that when he was a sitting president that the numbers that he generated for our country in a positive manner, or second to none. No other president has stood up there, made his promises while he campaigned to be our leader, and fulfilled every single one of his promises, more so he has change the economy around, but jobs where there was no jobs, brought companies back to the United States who formed their workforce out to other countries for the green that runs through the owners and stockholders.

      If you voted for this sitting president now, because you didn’t like Donald Trump, then for a lack of a better word you’re an idiot.
      You see idiots vote for a person that makes him feel all warm and fuzzy, and believes what they say or how they feel that this person is going to be a great asset to our country, instead of voting on their policies and what they plan to do for America.
      Donald Trump is arrogant, Donald Trump can be a pig, insensitive, domineering, disrespectful, but… the one thing Donald Trump is not, is stupid, or ignorant.
      What does it say about you, the author of this rant, is that he is a hater, the person that wrote this has a nice job, good career, is not in debt, lives in a beautiful house, has a beautiful family, and is not living paycheck to paycheck.
      People, it doesn’t matter what you think or how you feel about a running president, pretend that you can’t hear, but you can read and side by side the pros and cons of each person running for president. And you choose the one that will be the best to run our country.
      I’m a moderate, I don’t praise blue or red, Democrat or Republican, right wing or left wing, I am for the man or the woman that can bring our economy to the best it’s ever been, keep our jobs going and our people feds.
      The governor’s each face is one count of why would you vote for somebody who closes down a pipeline and puts 11,000 people out of a job, raises our gas prices, and be okay for the killing of children at birth. Especially one that claims to be a good Christian Catholics even.
      One thing that I know about catholicisms, they do not believe in abortion, in fact they follow their ten commandments in which one says thou shall not kill, explain simple it’s the same as our law. In fact the ten commandments come extremely close to things that we believe in in fact all of them are a map to follow to be a good human being.
      That’s all I got to say about that people, don’t be so selfish be a person that is American invokes for the best person to lead as Americans. Not the person that you like but the person that you know will do a better job for our country.

      I’m Terence Paul Gonzalez, I challenge anybody to prove the things that I just said up above, as wrong and insignificant. In doing this, those people you will find are the idiots in our country that should NOT be voting at all.
      Respectfully, an American Patriot USA

      • Them giving you “Warm Fuzzies” is as you say not the best of reasons to vote for a politician. But a worse reason is that their rhetoric & actions make you feel like it’s okay to be an asshole and that’s exactly why a lot of people voted for Trump. I have people I’ve known all my life who don’t put it quite that way, but they’ve literally told me their love of Trump is because “He says/does the things I’ve wanted to say/do and now I finally can!”

        As for his performance, his job creation numbers were below that of other recent Presidents or the current one and I’m talking pre-Covid and what even many conservative economists were predicting prior to Covid. (They were worried the economy for regular folks might not be good enough to get Trump re-elected) He continually touted the stock market, which of course does NOT serve as a true measure of the economy (thirty “blue chip stocks” do not an economy make) but even so there was more growth under his predecessors and even under Biden the Dow continues to climb to new records. Funny how Trump doesn’t seem to tout the Dow anymore isn’t it? His wall, the biggest promise never got built. All but a few mile of construction was replacement of existing wall and we’ve seen examples of the new and “improved” turning out to be substandard. Hell, one section he bragged about and even visited got blown down during high winds! He ignored laws and treaties including and especially regarding immigration. Don’t give me any shit about those cages being used for kids under Obama. They were temporary holding areas used for mere HOURS while proper arrangements were being made during Obama’s tenure, not the deplorable (used that word deliberately) prisons where kids were packed in and slept on cold concrete floor with space blankets and a single sink for washing up with no soap. The world watched in horror as the beacon of freedom, the United States of America openly said that such cruelty was the point – to discourage people from coming here even for asylum as they literally ignored laws and treaties regarding asylum! Trump badly damaged the NATO alliance. Putin wanted him to actually destroy NATO and he tried but that was a bit too far even for many of his conservative enablers/suck ups in Congress. But our position as the world’s leader is gone thanks to Trump. A position that took generations and plenty of American blood and sacrifice is gone thanks to Trump.

        I could go on and on but on the issue of the ten commandments. Conservatives and right wing religious fanatics lie, cheat (including adultery) and steal in huge numbers too. Not to mention idolization, which is the very first commandment is it not? As for thou shall not kill I’ve known countless anti-abortion people in my life who cite this commandment yet think the death penalty isn’t used nearly often enough! They (and perhaps you?) HATE it when that particular piece of hypocrisy is pointed out.

        Trump inherited a family business, albeit a large and sprawling one. But it’s not publicly traded and he never had to answer to a board of directors. He schemed and scammed and fucked over thousands of small businesses and in the process ruined a lot of small family businesses to line is own pockets. He took numerous bankruptcies leaving others to pay the tab due to his incompetence and/or grifting. He got away with a lot because rich people in big city real estate get away with a lot of shit and had he not entered politics he’d probably still be pulling the same shit on the same scale. But if you’ve paid attention you’d know that the spotlight has caused changes in the Trump Organization and they don’t make nearly as much as they used to. At least you acknowledge some of his personal failings/poor qualities. But he was never up to the job of being President, and in fact was shockingly ignorant of stuff that even regular folks knew about it. History will, like the free world already has been doing for years look back at Trump and marvel over what happened to the once mighty leader of the free world, the United States of American that Trump even got a major Party nomination for President, much less into the WH. And that while he lost the popular vote by millions each time (three million less than Clinton and seven million less than Biden) that so many people voted for him at all. The judgements will not be kind. In fact they will be harsh and brutal.

        However, given the decades long effort (going back over forty years) of conservatives to degrade (and eventually gut) public education in this country to dumb down the populace someone like Trump became inevitable.

      • Voltaire once quipped, & I paraphrase, ‘arguing with someone, who has abandoned reason, is like giving medicine to a corpse’. U frumpers have been brainwashed by absorbing ‘alternative facts’ from fox & right wing media/internet, for so many years, u remind me of the north Koreans with their generational brainwashing for their ‘god’, the fearless leader. U know that fat murderous little man with a bowl cut. Fact. On ur knees sheep. B sure to whine over ur LOSER. It’s all u got u fucking traitors to a wanna be dictator, who isn’t even master over his OWN dick. Fact.

      • So proud to have a patriot like you in the USA. I agree and have agreed with all you say. I can’t believe people are willing to give up their freedom, their finances, their family’s future all because Trump hurt their feelings. I love Trump he was good for America. Thank you ?

  8. Seems like a lot of pro-trumpers here, too bad they do not understand that traitor-tot doesn’t give a sh*t about them, all he is concerned with is himself. He incited an insurrection and you people think that is a good thing. Biden won the election, get over it already. Yeah we grumped about the 45th, but WE didn’t attack the seat of government like those idiots did. MOST folks have some sense, but those that follow the orange turd have apparently lost ALL of theirs!


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