We are told in the Bible, “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” And, conversely, some have entertained devils unawares, and Donald Trump fits into that category. And it’s his own fault.

The press that has come Trump’s way since the Tuesday soiree at Mar-a-Lago with Kanye West and Nick Fuentes has been devastating, to put it mildly. Even his own ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, admonished him on Twitter Friday, “To my friend Donald Trump, you are better than this. Even a social visit from an antisemite like Kanye West and human scum like Nick Fuentes is unacceptable.” And that’s one of the nicer comments that have come Trump’s way.

Trump knows he stepped in it big time and here comes the revisionist history. (Cue the Godfather music and imagine Trump saying this in a Marlon Brando voice.)

Trump was just playing the Don. And I’m sure that’s how he sees it. These young men came to him for advice. It’s interesting that he says, “a political person who I haven’t seen in years.” Is that him admitting that he knew Fuentes? That would have to be the case. NBC News is reporting (below) that Karen Giorno was one of the other guests, besides Fuentes, and the third person is an unnamed associate of West’s.

What is comical about all of this, is that people keep waiting for Trump to condemn Fuentes — and either Trump doesn’t get that, which I find impossible to believe, or he won’t. And if he won’t, then why not? And believe me, why not is going to be the question of the day, if Trump keeps going too much longer without making the requisite condemnation that both protocol and basic human decency require. But of course we know Trump is oblivious to all of that, always has been. However, you would think that since his political survival is being threatened here, he would find motivation in that. NBC News:

“This is a f—ing nightmare,” said one longtime Trump adviser who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of stoking the former president’s ire at “disloyal” people who criticize him. “If people are looking at [Florida Gov. Ron] DeSantis to run against Trump, here’s another reason why.”

All three sources familiar with the dinner told NBC News there was one glaring inaccuracy in Trump’s statement: Trump knew one of the three “friends” brought by the rapper, Karen Giorno. She was the Trump campaign’s Florida director in 2016 and the former president knows her by name and sight, the sources said. In addition to Giorno and Fuentes, Ye also brought along another man who was an associate, according to the sources.

The source familiar with the dinner conversation said the dinner grew heated after Ye — who announced another run for president in 2024 on Thursday — asked Trump to be his running mate. Trump then began insulting Ye’s ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, according to the source and a video that Ye posted to Twitter on Thanksgiving Day recounting the dinner.

The source also said Fuentes is helping to advise Ye in his second presidential campaign. The rapper has said the campaign would be managed by Milo Yiannopoulos, a far-right provocateur and former Breitbart editor who was banned from Twitter in 2016 for inciting a racist campaign against comedian Leslie Jones.

I still think it’s interesting that a white supremacist is assisting the presidential campaign of a black rapper, but I’m sure more will be revealed on that angle. And having Milo Yiannopoulos as a campaign manager should be good for laughs.

The freak show continues and that’s Trump’s problem. The freak show may have done him some good at one point, or at least it didn’t cripple him. There were people who held their noses and put up with his freak show in 2016 because they despised Hillary so much. Then there were the MAGAs who voted for him because of the freak show. Then there were the rank and file Republicans who would vote for anybody or thing with an R behind their name, just to get back in power, and they didn’t care about the freak show. They lived in a dream world that Trump would rise above all that and “become presidential.”

But now the freak show is a liability. That is the clear message to be derived from the past three elections — four if you want to count the 2021 Georgia runoffs and we are going back for more of that, now. Early voting is taking place in Georgia as we speak.

This is the message that Trump’s aides are unquestionably trying to get through to him. But apparently he can’t hear them. Because all he can do is blame the press. So his problem is, if we understand correctly, not that he did wrong in breaking bread with human scum, but that he got caught doing so.

Let’s see if Trump comes forth to denounce Fuentes, because if he doesn’t, his silence will speak volumes.



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  1. What I don’t get at this point is that Fuentes has gone on record saying it should be DeSantis because Trump can’t win. Given his obsession with news Trump surely knows of this by now. So for the life of me I can’t understand why Trump hasn’t teed off on the guy and denounced him!

    • I’m just wondering if Trump is afraid to denounce Fuentes because then Fuentes would reveal some real dirt about him. It is too odd that Trump hasn’t denounced Fuentes yet.

      • If there is dirt that Fuentes is holding onto, I expect it to be financial in nature. Trump is scrambling to hold onto income streams by any and all means and Fuentes may know which ones the DOJ would like to hear about.

  2. The electorate have quite fully realized that if you elect clowns, you get a circus.

    People have decided they’d rather have a government.

  3. Whoever wrote that “missive” was someone other than Trump. You can tell because it was a very restrained rant with good grammar and spelling.

  4. Christ, what a snakepit Even so, let us watch the “progress” of Ye and his fools. I’ve a feeling Evil Carrie Fisher (AKA Liz Cheney) is doing just that to figure out what mistakes to avoid for her rebranding of the GOP.


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