Man, the threat of a gag order is sure causing some displacement of aggression on the part of a certain Bedminster, New Jersey resident. Owie, zowie. Donald is furious. He’s making an enemies list and checking it twice. And woe betide anybody who is on it. Right now NBC News seems to be riling him up for some reason and of course MSNBC. That feud is older than the Hatfields and the McCoys.

A lot to unpack there. Where shall we begin? First of all, it’s interesting that he’s alluding to networks using the airwaves “for free.” What’s that all about? He intends to charge them kazillions of dollars to have an FCC license? That might in fact be where he’s going. He’ll probably want to make Truth Social the U.S. equivalent of Pravda and Devin Nunes can be the Czar of Media.

If you even want a weather forecast, you’ll have to tune into Pravda Social, where you can watch Tucker Carlson reprise his old gig on Fox News. Reportedly, Russia is already broadcasting Tucker’s clips and has been for years, and isn’t it nice that Donald and Vlad can sit and watch the same news shows and then they can talk on the phone? Maybe Vlad will come to the White House for a slumber party and they can stay up all night and do each other’s hair.

Maybe Trump’s mad at NBC because the interview he had with Kristen Welker last week, as fawning and sycophantic as it was, did undercut his legal defense. He said it was “his own decision” to challenge his 2020 election loss, whereas previously he had said that he was doing all that on the advice of his lawyers. It’s not NBC’s fault that he shot himself in the foot, it’s his, but accountability is not something Trump is big on.

A presidential candidate openly declaring war on the First Amendment and a Free Press. Naturally, it’s Trump. Here is niece Mary chiming in.

I post this commentary from Mary Trump for two reasons: First of all, yes, she’s right about the outlier ABC/WaPo poll, (a CNN poll last week had Biden leading Trump by 10 in New Hampshire) and she’s right about Trump being normalized by the media. And yes, they are doing it again. They did it in 2016 and they’re doing it again. And it’s worse. Take a look at this.

WTF is that? “The rise of our own little autocrat.” Like that’s something cute, like a puppy? Trump knows how to dress? Mr. Corset, ridiculous floofy sprayed hair and orange makeup is the image of sartorial splendor? WTH are they putting in the water cooler at the New York Times and the Washington Post?

If Trump has taught the mainstream media nothing over the past seven years then as an institution, the media is apparently unteachable. And I don’t want to think about what that means for our future.

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  1. Drama sells and puts more money into the pockets of those who believe they will be just fine if this pissant gains power. They are fools blinded by their own greed, self importance, and lack of moral compass. You know there used to be some rich folks in Germany who thought they could control Hitler. How much was the country worth when it was reduced to rubble? There used to be quite a few oligarchs in Russia who thought they were safe and on good terms with Putin. Now they’re dead, and he has their money. The fact the media are willing to sell us all down the road means we have to keep talking and confronting stupidity wherever it presents itself. I just watched Mr. Smith Goes To Washington for the umpteenth time. Funny how even in 1939 the speeches ring true and are relevant even now. Let’s remember the part where Jimmy Stewart says, when all looks lost, “you think I’m licked? Well I’m not licked. I’m gonna stay right here and fight for this lost cause, even if this room gets filled with lies like these!” HELL YES!!!

  2. Actually the Donald is already there: ‘Pravda’ is the Russian for ‘Truth’ so we do have ‘Pravda Sotsial’naya’ (Truth Social)

    There used to be a joke going round way back that “In Pravda there is no Izvestia (News) and in Izvestia there is no Pravda”


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