Ex-Resident Dotard drumpf kicked off his 2024 Campaign today in Salem, New Hampshire, railing against Democrats for effectively continuing his policies at the Southern border, teaching basic American history and biology in schools and “giving” the Taliban binoculars.

“In Salem, Trump railed against illegal immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border – a familiar theme – claiming without evidence that other countries were intentionally sending criminals and people with mental illnesses to the United States.

The former president also focused on newer policy proposals, including an education plan released on Thursday that vows to cut federal funding to “any school pushing critical race theory, gender ideology, or any other inappropriate content.”

Reuters did not mention the bit about “binoculars”, a reference I suppose to the night vision devices that fell into the hands of Taliban fighters when President Biden honored drumpf’s promise to evacuate American troops from Afghanistan by May of 2021, the vanguard of which were the 5,000 Taliban prisioners that he and Pompeo agreed to release in Feb. of 2020 as part of their deal with the Afghan rebels.

But Acyn has drumpf’s idiotic statement on video for us all to roll our eyes at…

Working like a charm.







Next up, drumpf travels to a rally in South Carolina where he will presumably meet with Lindsey Graham and dream up more stupid shit to say.

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    • He has surprisingly easily answered the question, ‘Who is the most stupid, thickest President?’ for all time.

      No-one else is ever going to come close.

  1. He really shouldn’t be out without a keeper. Everything he says is either what he wants to be true, what he’s been told is true, and what he half-heard and thinks he’s an expert on.

  2. I’m waiting for Trumpler to announce that MTG will be his running mate in ’24, thereby delighting the Dems and dooming the Repugs. Has he got a Georgia rally coming up?

      • You’re right! He’ll want someone like the election denier skank from AZ, whose name I’ve already forgotten, because she looks good on TV.

        • Kari Lake. I don’t blame you for forgetting her name. I wish we all could forget all the MAGA people. But this might be a really interesting race to watch, if the GOP members wanting to run don’t kill each other by election time. I could really see tRump picking Kari-Go-Jump-In-The-Lake as his running mate. He probably would put the hustle on her right quick on Air Force One. Or is it Air Force One and Done? Or Air Force One and Don?

    • He’s probably going to avoid Georgia for the time being, considering there’s a likely indictment coming his way (and an indictment means if he steps into the state, he risks arrest if he doesn’t respond willingly).

  3. With the State of Georgia coming for Trump with all the fuss he made them do and shit he claimed, the paperwork is in the mill and Trump knows it … Another pain in his side, because the State level can work him over, on top of the tidal wave of federal charges, he can now feel the gut wrenching attacks on his tarnished make believe TRUMP WORLD Industries, the big money boys have already folded Trump’s tickets to mega wealth and personal glory, stacked them in the burn pile and threw in the matches on fuel soaked impossible dreams …

    The idiot keeps spewing crap at every turn too fast for him to re-write anything or make sense … of it … the lies he has told so long are all the stuff he is made of, an empty file cabinet of NOTHING is a terrible waste of good office space, or in his case, our time to read or watch it dissolve into the final puddle of crap … Our luck, he will get sent to the medical lock down and we won’t know what to do without his support system of BS flowing our way from from his phone of doom …

    He just needs to sit down AND STFUP …


    Explains how we got him. Now we just have to find out how and where to return him.

    • A generation removed, but yeah! His father was far smarter (though crooked as hell too) than him and methinks that at conception time, the best part of the donald soaked into the sheets.


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