Trump almost surely overlooked how much criminal exposure he had in Georgia. Perhaps it’s because the only case where there were no huge surprises that we might learn, like “showing files to Chinese officials for cash,” or Giving away his ties to Putin.

I spent a good chunk of time yesterday setting forth the fact that Trump is in far more trouble than he (or I) knew. I knew that Trump would likely be indicted by A.G. Willis in Georgia. I did not know that Trump might not be the only one indicted; his whole gang may get it, Mark Meadows (Unless he worked out a deal for immunity), perhaps Lindsey Graham (Same), and his lawyer at the time, Rudy Giuliani.

They might all be on the hook because A.G. Willis likes to use Georgia’s RICO act to prosecute groups of people. The racketeering activity need only involve some lies, phone calls, and coordination, and voila, you’ve committed a RICO crime that comes with a penalty up to twenty years.

Yeah, Trump got the Memo because he’s now melting down perfectly. From his Truth Social account:

Don’t understand how so much time and effort can be devoted by the D.A. to an absolutely “PERFECT” set of phone calls protesting Election Fraud in Georgia, when Atlanta is one of the most Crime and Murder infested places anywhere in the U.S. In fact, it is even worse than Chicago, and nothing is

And because that wasn’t enough:

PAGE 2: …being done to alleviate this incredible Atlanta Crime wave. We have a great and important Constitutional Right to protest Election Fraud, and that privilege cannot be taken away by intimidation and weaponization of “Law” Enforcement!

Two things jump out. Most people can just make phone calls. Not a single one (that I know) makes “perfect” phone calls all the time. Trump’s use of the word “perfect,” pertaining to more than one call (He had called earlier, too), demonstrates that he’s scared “bigly.” Also, arresting people who break the law is not “weaponization of law enforcement.”

And he’s not thinking. When you are trying to be gracious or trying not to offend the person who has your life in her hand, you don’t call her community “infested,” because – at least in America, that almost always connotes racist tropes like “ghetto rats,” and many others like it.

Willis likes to make weekend indictments/arrests. It could be a long two days for the big guy.

And might I mention, once he is charged (By a brave black woman), maybe all these pussyfooting white men might summon the courage to charge him next. The first is always the hardest.


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  1. I wish we didn’t have to hear anything about this mofo. He’s got to be indicted and I hope part of the deal he makes is he stays off all media!! All of it. He gets no bully pulpit to spew his bull shit anymore.

    • Traitor Tot needs to be tried and convicted for his treason, and shot! The only other appropriate punishment would be supermax prison with NO contact with any human ever!

      • treason is a very specific charge, defined in the Constitution, and not easily proven: two witnesses to the same overt act, or a confession in open court.

        • As you say treason is quite specifically defined. Yes, any reasonable, rational person would agree Russia has long been an enemy of the United States. And Trump gave aid and comfort to them. However, the Constitution (and law) provides said aid and comfort must come during a time of war. Only Congress has the power to declare war and “unofficial” wars including the decades long Cold War which Putin reinstated doesn’t count. Absent a formal declaration of war the standard for treason cannot be met. Even some of the actions since WWII (the last time Congress formally voted to declare a state of war between us and other countries) where Congress approved use of force resolutions might not meet Constitutional muster. Fortunately there are relevant statues that apply.

  2. He begged, cajoled, lied and threatened Raffensberger multiple times to find him just 11,780 votes, He had his slave Lindsday calling him and threatening him as well. Those calls were about as perfect he is. The GOP as well, all full of shit. Lock him up!!

  3. Sorry, but I don’t think Trump himself will be indicted, ever. We don’t live in that sort of a world
    where justice is equal for all. The cases, reports, rumors, Maddow stories, NY Times articles, WaPo pieces, indeed every single one of them … all have proven to be nothingburgers upon inspection. Its like looking for ufos or uaps. No there there. This will be no different.

  4. If there were any true justice in the world, Richard Nixon would be in the belly of a hammerhead shark headed south of Easter Island. Hunter S Thompson
    God I miss you Hunter, you crazy son of a bitch, saner than our goddamn country ever deserved.

  5. I had to laugh the other day when Merrick Garland say on tv that all of us are treated equally under the law, or something resembling that.

    No, if I did any one of several crimes Trump and his cronies committed, I’d already have been in jail before now. There is no equal Justice in this country or any other country.



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