Trump is Silent on Gazette Shooting Victims, Ignores Requests to Comment


This is madness. A gunman walks into the offices of the Capital Gazette in Maryland, opens fire, and kills five people, four of which are journalists. As Trump walks across the White House lawn, reporters ask him to comment on the shooting.

“Can you please talk to us about the dead reporters in Annapolis?”

“Do you have any words of condolence for the families, Mr. President?”

“Why are you walking away?”

His response? Talk to the hand. Watch:

This man has no sympathy. He ignores a group of journalists after fellow journalists were just gunned down in Maryland. Every other decent human being–not to mention every other world leader, past and present–would have taken a few minutes to at least express condolences for the families.

Not Trump. He waves his hand and pretends not to hear the questions. I am speechless.

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