If we were the nation we used to be, a former president accusing a former judge of the World Court at the Hague of being a crackhead, would make major headlines and dominate the news cycle. But because this is 2023 and the comment is being made by Donald Trump, a few stifled yawns may be about the size of it. It’s not even comical anymore, it’s pathetic and tragic that we live this way and that this man is actually the frontrunner for the Republican party. Again. Still.

As you’ve heard, a baggie of cocaine was found in the White House in the area where touring guests leave their belongings. This is Trump’s reaction.

He looks like a crackhead to Donald. Has Donald taken a look at his own kid lately?

You could blindfold Junior with a strip of dental floss. He’s got a barroom tan and eyes so red and sore he can’t open them — but what, this is the picture of health?

Clean up your own house, Donald, before you go looking to clean up your neighbor’s. Or, better yet, go ask your evangelical friends to explain the Biblical quote, “Don’t worry about the mote of dust in your neighbor’s eye, consider the beam in your own.”


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  1. Christo fascist cokeheads don’t read the Bible, or any scholarly texts examining these ancient documents, cultures, etc. Even if they did, they would twist the meaning to suit their fevered brains. I’ve seen those eyes before…in the mirror, after smoking too much weed.

  2. ‘He looks like a crackhead to me’. Really? I think he looks like one mean mofo who is going to stomp your a**. As for the coke in the WH, I hope there are tapes and that they find the lowlife who planted it there. Probably some maga fool hoping to cause trouble for the Bidens, who should be in a world of hurt for pulling such a lamebrain stunt once he’s identified. How stupid can you get?

    • Or…. it could just be one regular run o’ the mill dumbass who just accidentally forgot it there while on a tour. Occam’s Razor – never attribute to malice or evil that which could easily be explained by sheer, everyday, normal, run of the mill, dumbass stupidity

  3. Ah, it was all just one of Don Jr’s stashes that he forgot to pack up.

    How it took this long to be found is the real mystery.

  4. Having been agnostic for so long I don’t have a bible anymore. (I suppose I should, if only for use as a reference) I was however raised in a normal Presbyterian Church (Sunday School too) and because of singing attended just about every denomination there is. Now, maybe since I’m a senior citizen my memory is already shot but isn’t there a verse in the New Testament that says “Let he who is without the so cocaine addled son the kid’s eyes are red slits cast the first dime-bag” Or something like that…

    • Dude, having read the old testament (or Tanakh, in my language) end to end in hebrew, I was sure I could understand any biblical verse’s meaning notwithstanding which bible it came from, but I had to do some serious googling to truly understand what this quote from Matthew was really about. So now that you and Ursula have taught one Jew a truly CURRENTLY relevant biblical passage, i DOUBLE-DUTCH DARE YOU to try to get one (much less ALL) of the Repubs who say “I’m a Christian” to truly understand what this powerful (if you choose to truly “get” it) passage means. Seriously, I dare you. 🙂

  5. Hunter Biden went into rehab years ago and speaks coherently – Baby Donnie. on the other hand, keeps on snorting and indulges in nonsensical ramblings online.

    Which one is isn’t even mentioned by the Republiqanon zealots?

  6. I think Jack Smith’s deadpan, serious look reminds me of Liam Neeson and the quote “I have a very specific skill set”. I don’t remember the movie, but it strikes me like him being the type of person you don’t mess with.

    • It was from the movie Taken, a gritty look at human trafficking. Neeson’s character had retired from a career of being one of those operatives who live in the shadows and do dangerous, “off the books” work that’s as ugly and often violent as things can get. Things that sadly need doing but for which governments (including our own) need to maintain “plausible deniability.” It had cost him his marriage and a lot of missed moments with his daughter who was approaching adulthood so he retired early to move home and spend time with her. Only to have her head over to Europe with her best friend to spend a month following some famous band around on a tour. I think they had a couple of free days when they first arrived and instead of staying in some fancy hotel they stayed at the empty apt. of the friend’s French Friend (the daughter’s stepdad was rich). A “spotter” for an Albanian criminal gang that ran a sex-slave ring ID’d them as marks and shared their cab, then gave the address they’d gone to to the muscle men who came and took them. Being in another part of the huge apartment (again, rich people!) the girl called her dad to tell him what was going on. He talked her through what was going to happen, knowing she’d be kidnapped too albeit not yet knowing why. The leader found her phone on the floor and picked it up to see if she’d managed to call anyone for help. And that’s when this memorable speech you hear happens

      Oh, and after stacking up some bodies (starting with the airport “spotter”) we had this:

      • To me, his persona has that same vibe. He is not an assassin, but his weapons are the laws. I imagine he is just as effective.

      • I have loved Neeson since High Spirits and Suspect in the late 80s. That voice, that face.

        I have a friend who grew up in Hong Kong and Tokyo. Her father was CIA Chief of Station during the Name years. He spoke fluent Mandarin. While he wasn’t a field operative lie Valerie Plame, he was the guy who gave them.orders. He had the same gravitas and unearthly calm as Neexon’s character.

        My first husband had 3black belts and two.brown,plus kenjutsu. He knows how to.catch a thrown knife with two.fingers without getting cut. He was also.desd calm and mellow until it was time not to be. A friend had a messy breakup with a guy who hit her. Once. The asshole was stalking her at an SF con.Tom pulled him.aside and explained to.him.that a lot of people didn’t like him first. He didn’t threaten,just told him.if he had to take him.down and lost,he wasn’t the only man who wanted to.take him down.

        My husband was 5’11,,whip cord slender, didn’t look.scary. The offender wad6’3″,190 pounds and a body builder. The perfect Aryan. I overhead him.whining about being threatened. I wondered who had put the fear of God into him. Then Tim explained what had happened and I ROFLMAO. It was so.calm.and controlled that when I saw Taken, I immediately thought of him.

        People who know how to walk.down an alley in the bad part of town don’t boast. They walk.away from.fights. They never start them. They are cool.and calm and don’t feel.the need to boast.

        All the Trump.!eh ate cowarfs.

  7. My uncle Jimmy was an original Green Beret, wounded in Nam. He was around 5’7″ and maybe 150 pounds. No one messed with him ever. He was like your first husband. Quiet. In control. Deadly. Like a loaded pistol lying around with the safety off. He liked to show us nephews techniques used to subdue enemies in hand to hand fighting. After a few experiences, I stayed out of arms reach. Ha. Real warriors have no need to broadcast what they are capable of. The a$$hole in Taken should have taken the offer.


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