Trump Says Biden Will Eventually Nuke Russia: Demands Biden End This War!


It is almost enough to ask yourself whose side Trump might be on. Sometimes, it seems as though Trump, and a lot of people close to Trump, are almost on Russia’s side. Amazingly, the party of Reagan and Casper Weinberger and Dick Cheney, that party is now fully behind Russia, almost as though Russia is this country’s “big brother,” or what we aspire to be.

There is a reason for that. Trump aspires to be Putin (And probably owes Putin’s oligarchs god only knows what. Trump is more comfortable dealing with the world’s most corrupt leaders because that’s how he’s lived his life, dealing outside the lines where everything is done by their own rules, and very little is written down, everyone out for themselves personally, no obligation to a nation. Second, Putin controls a country in which he and his minority oligarchs reign freely over the riff-raff, and it’s a largely white country that doesn’t provide any “asylum.” Perfect.

This is what the Republicans want. As has been written by dozens of former Republicans and intellectuals, if Republicans face a choice between democracy and power, they will toss democracy aside immediately. Indeed, the United States SCOTUS may be on the way to doing such a thing from a North Carolina case waiting for a ruling – it’s already been heard.

All of this relates to why it is that Trump is doing Putin’s dirty work alongside every House GOP critter who says that they’re not sending another dime to Ukraine.¬†Don Jr. calls President Zelensky the “world’s largest welfare queen.” (Don Jr., who lives on name only and largely off grandpa’s money, still.) The fact is that these Republicans¬†do not want democracy to win. They want a Putin-style government that shoves the people out of the process.

It explains why Trump is saying that the United States is leading the world to nuclear war as if Putin has no agency in this at all:

FIRST COME THE TANKS, THEN COME THE NUKES. Get this crazy war ended, NOW. So easy to do!

So easy to do if you’re willing to reward war criminal Vladimir Putin and waive off his crimes against humanity, which Trump and Putin are willing to do to “end this war.” Notice that statement puts the United States in as the bad guy, the ones who are “pro-longing the war” instead of just letting Russia continue to shell Kyiv and Odesa.

Notice Trump didn’t say, “Putin, get the fck out of Ukraine and end this war.” He didn’t say it because he wants Putin to win this war. Unlike Democrats, Germans, French, Swedes, and Polish, among many others (Japan, South Korea, Australia), who want the world safe for democracy, Trump and his MAGAs want the world safe for permanent minority rule and safe for corruption. Just look at his first term and try to imagine the damage he would do in a second.

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  1. The former guy would not be happy with the results of a move like that.
    (He really should be in a safe home, with limited access to media.)

  2. I contemplate what a second term with trump would have meant and shudder inside. To name a few, withdrawal from NATO, cutting off all aid to Ukraine allowing Putin to annex it like Hitler did Austria, further tax cuts for the wealthy, cutting all funds to combat global warming and God knows what else! Lock him up!!

    • It will be worse if he takes a term off and comes in enraged. Fanni Willis may be the only person between us and that reality – though he would have a hard time winning.

      But I’m so sick of DOJ and Garland, this should be in its 3rd or 4th month of prosecution. He’s a nobody, no spine, pass it off to someone else.

      • You know that Garland hasn’t even hit the 2-year point as AG, and he’s still dealing with hard GOP people in DOJ. He’s working on a lot of stuff, starting with 1/6 (about 800 people working on that, and a thousand arrested so far), and going through investigating the former guy for that and the docs and Ghu knows what else.

  3. The latest brain droppings of a has-been power player who obviously got a terrible case of COVID he will never recuperate from is hardly newsworthy.

  4. That photo of Fat Donnie with his head board and that hang dog look. What did Putin say to him to.make him look like a guilty schoolboy caught cheating on his high school finals? What does Glad have on him? Gotta be more than merely the fact that he owes the oligarchs 450+million and likely has a major cash flow problem because most of his worth is in properties that are losing value because his brand has tanked (Trump.Tower NYC had lost 40%of its value by 2019)..

  5. Go putin go ! Fuck the NWO yucrain and nato and anny one vhoo voted fore Biden ok He is little horn of the coming apocalypse people wake-vthe fuck up !



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