“There won’t be a standoff at Mar-a-Lago with Secret Service and the Manhattan DA’s office,” Trump lawyer Joe Tacopina told the Daily News. Trump will not refuse to surrender if the Manhattan district attorney criminally indicts him, Tacopina said. You notice that Trump has one of his “real” lawyers handling this matter and not Christina Bobb or Alina Habba?

DA Alvin Bragg is believed to be on the cusp of nearing a charging decision in his office’s long-running investigation into Trump, his business dealings, and the infamous hush money payment to porn star Stormy Daniels ahead of the 2016 presidential election.

If Trump is charged, he must surrender to New York authorities and appear in court to enter a plea to the charges. A judge could theoretically agree to conduct the hearing remotely, but no criminal defendants are being arraigned virtually at present, according to Lucian Chalfen from the Office of Court Administration.

There’s an interesting point, no virtual arraignments. So can we assume that since the D.A.’s office and the Secret Service have been talking, that Trump would have to appear in New York? It is breaking news that the D.A.’s office is talking about beefed up security.

On Wednesday, Cohen concluded his testimony before a grand jury hearing evidence in the probe. He said every one of the engaged jurors asked him a question and added that he was “certain” he’d provided the most comprehensive account of the 2016 hush money deal with Daniels, for which he served federal prison time.

“I’m relieved that my role is now, for the time being, over. I have complied with every request that was asked of me by the district attorney’s office,” Cohen said.

“The most comprehensive account.” This is possibly why Trump has been burning the midnight oil doing rage posts on Truth Social. He knows what Cohen knows and the rest of us don’t.

Beware the Ides of March, Donald. Historically speaking, we know it’s a rough time of year for Roman emperors and now for twice-impeached, one term presidents as well.

My sense of this is that Michael Cohen is going to be the one who laughs best.

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  1. Those Secret Service Agents are sworn federal law enforcement officers. That means a charge of Obstruction of Justice would be much worse for them that it would for most people and they know it. Trump’s real lawyers know this. Even Trump probably knows it. He no doubt LOVED sticking taxpayers for protection as a former President instead of going back to the hired goons he had before he qualified (once he was officially nominated in 2016) for it. Of course, he’s never been as rich as he’s claimed to be and he’s a cheap ass bastard too so once he got on the taxpayer funded security gravy-train he wasn’t about to use some of the lucre he’s been sucking his minions to send him to hire his own people!

    Now it’s coming back to bite him in the ass! Every one of those agents on his detail volunteered because they’d become part of Trump’s coterie of suck-ups. It’s actually a pretty cushy gig for them, and his lack of travel is surprising to many of us but his detail must absolutely LOVE it! Anyway, Trump might have harbored fantasies that if push came to shove they’d try to block other LE from enforcing warrants or worse, taking him into custody. He’s already learned (due to the search at Marmalardass-a-Lago that members of his detail aren’t going to risk their own Obstruction of Justice charges. But I suspect Trump hinted a bit to them to see whether they’d protect him or their own asses if things came to where it seems they now are and came to the realization he’s gonna have to go to court.

  2. Like all bullies, he’s a coward. Doing the Scarface routine was never going to happen without a stacked deck in his favor (which he’d squander anyway).

  3. Tacopina is…not in a good position, as a lawyer. He’s already in trouble with the NY court that’s doing the Stormy Daniels stuff.

  4. Don”t forget that he charges the SS rent for staying at his bed-bug infested ‘club’ (and probably charges them full price for anything they eat on site) – oh and the rental costs for the golf carts

  5. I hope that none of the tRump infected SS agents are ever returned to general duty. I don’t know that we could trust them with any of our real leaders, though they might be adequate for the McCarthy/Jordan/Madge/MAGA ilk.


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