It’s another Saturday night and Trumpty Dumpty is lonely and bored down in Mar-a-Lago land. Doubtlessly Melania is off doing her own thing, especially since she’s pissed about being busted for her April charity event coming under heavy scrutiny. It’s a cinch that Barron or Don Junior or the others aren’t keeping Pops company, they’re too busy worrying about legal exposure and/or whether Junior’s going to O.D. this weekend or next. So that leaves the Dreamsickle Deity all to his own and his is a dangerous mind to be alone in.

Follow the breadcrumbs here. First, RedState published this story on the fruits of the John Durham investigation. 

Here’s RedState’s commentary, nothing hyperbolic here.

This blows Watergate out of the water and makes it look like child’s play. Only in the current hyper-partisan environment, where Democrats can literally get away with anything, is this not a major national scandal. Here you have associates of Hillary Clinton, and allies of the law firm she was contracting to get dirt on Trump, using government channels to spy on him. And not just during the campaign, but after he became president.

The fact that all of this has only been exposed via Durham’s special counsel investigation is yet more evidence of just how corrupt the DOJ and FBI are. These facts had to have been known throughout Trump’s presidency, yet no one talked? That just doesn’t add up, and it completely vindicates Trump, who has long maintained he was being spied on.

The last question here is how long Durham is left to his own whims. As he gets closer and closer to the prize, will the Biden administration step in to shut him down? That would certainly be terrible optics, but Biden hasn’t exactly shown a penchant for caring about optics lately.

Regardless, Hillary Clinton was everything some suspected she was. Will there be accountability for her and not just her lackeys? I guess we’ll find out.

Full disclosure: What is on the page here is barely legible, so I’m not sure exactly what they’re all up in arms about. I will certainly look for more material to flesh out what is going on here.

This much is clear, however. Trump went ape when he saw this.

He got John Durham’s name wrong, but I’m sure that’s what he’s talking about here.

And there’s this. This broke yesterday and it looks like we’ll be getting bits and pieces which will then need to be mended together into something comprehensible.

In all events, you got the gist of what Trump had so say, how in a “stronger period this crime would have been punishable by death.” What crime, exactly, he’s alluding to remains to be seen.

Here is a slightly more legible rendition of what RedState reacted to.

The story here is this: 1) RedState found something on Twitter that they could sensationalize and did so; 2) Trump picked right up on it and megaphoned it; 3) until we get our hands on more data, the best that can be done at this time is to speculate exactly what it is they’re trying to prove up. But it does look interesting, so I’m definitely sticking a pin in it and coming back to it.

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  1. This is going to be a fucking mess. Also, the timing is no accident. Durham couldn’t come up with anything substantive during his investigation prior to the election, but he still wants to practice law and if he didn’t charge somebody with something at some point Trump would blast him so loudly and often that he’d be radioactive to any of the tony DC or NYC firms. The best he could come up with is a case that unless I’m mistaken still hasn’t gone to court for trial, and is no lock for a conviction. But he kept his investigation going since taxpayers were picking up the tab. Here’s why I think the timing of all this is no accident.

    Durham knew his credibility at DOJ was shot but still had hopes of moving into the private sector to earn some big bucks before retiring. However, he had to keep Trump happy and he has in fact come in for some criticism for not delivering a “Bigly Yuge” October surprise on his behalf like Comey did. I’m thinking he put out some feelers and might not have gotten the response he’ hoped. No immediate partnership for big bucks. At best a quiet position at a lower than top level firm that focused on helping conservatives. If that’s the case, he just kept things on the proverbial “warm” setting on the stove to see how the Jan. 6 investigation would shake out.

    Now, it seems apparent that when the hearing starts shit is going to be hitting the fan at wind tunnel speeds. And just in case he’s been biding his time with what will be a huge distraction that conservative media can focus ALL their attention on. We all know this is their new “Hillary’s emails” and on steroids. From reading the stuff in your article what struck me was the lack of any suggestion (or even hint) that there was any “there” there – more than one mention about trying to determine what this person may or may not have said to someone else, or what if anything might have been billed to the Clinton campaign.

    That whole business with the server in Trump Tower and those regular, weird communications with Alfa Bank got buried in the fall of 2016. BURIED. It doesn’t surprise me that some of those “hypothetical” conversations lawyers have where they in fact tell each other straight stuff, and the number of lawyers in and out of government cleared for that kind of thing is smaller than people realize. It makes sense some of them would want to get an outside take on things.

    My guess is that even if one day formal charges are filed and goes to court there won’t be any convictions. This is a big smoke and mirror show Durham is unveiling to distract from the Jan. 6 hearings and please Trump. If he can’t get the mega bucks big name law firm partnership he was hoping for, then perhaps he’s decided to try and cash in with MAGA world.

  2. The Trump era is not over yet. We better focus on this monster or it may be the end of American history. Then again the climate crisis may be the beginning of the end of human civilization. Talk about a storm in uncharted waters. Sorry for my pessimism but it’s the way I see it.

  3. Durham took so long “investigating” stuff that didn’t exist that he blew past the statute of limitations and is having to invent stuff to justify his continuing work.


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