A certain criminal defendant is not having a good day. While the rest of the country kicks back for the beginning of summer, Memorial Day, and heads to the bar-b-que and the beach to honor our fallen comrades and give thanks for still living in a democracy, Donald Trump is busy raving. He took to Truth Social a short while ago and claimed that Justice Juan Merchan denied him the right to bring on an “election law expert” as a witness. No, the judge did not do that. Todd Blanche and Susan Necheles had the opportunity to call any witness they wanted. And you saw what they produced, a pure side show. In any event, here’s Mt. Trumpy’s latest volcanic eruption.

Nothing new there, with the exception of the fact that Trump has a magic bullet here, in the form of a witness, who he does not name, you notice. It could be one of the Four Horsemen Of The Legal Apocalypse, Andrew McCarthy, Gregg Jarrett, Alan Dershowitz or Jonathan Turley. Or, maybe he’s got somebody else shilling on right-wing media. That could be.

But the plain fact of the matter is that the defense rested its case and did not choose to introduce this mystery witness. So why is Trump doing this?

  1. He needs to fundraise, first, last and always;
  2. He needs to vent, because it scares the hell out of him that he could be convicted either in the last few days of this month or the first few days of June;
  3. Some lawyer of his said something to rattle his cage. Mary Trump made it plain years ago that Donald uses social media to process emotion. So if he’s on Truth Social on the Friday afternoon of a holiday weekend, somebody told him something he didn’t want to hear;
  4. He may be having hassles at home. Things are not happy at Mar-a-Lago. As I’ve been saying for a few months now, let’s see if Melania shows up to the GOP convention. You will not see Barron there. At least not as a delegate-at-large.

So court resumes on Tuesday. And a conviction may follow. If Trump’s got a magic witness, now would be the time to produce him or her. But you know he doesn’t. It’s smoke blowing, gaslighting time, like always.


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  1. “I wanted to call the spirit of of Roy Cohn to testify that I’m as pure as the driven slush, but that nasty judge wouldn’t allow a medium to do the seance in his court!!!!!!”

  2. Their minds are filled with big ideas, images, and distorted facts. Bob Dylan
    Lips or fingers moving? 100% guaranteed LIE!!!!


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