Poor Donald. He must be soaking his thumbs in Epsom salts right now. They have to be sore after this social media rampage. Imagine the amped up high you have to be on, to just manically post a piece every two minutes for one entire hour, grimacing and raving all the while, we postulate.

From what I can parse out timewise, the panic posting party coincided with the January 6 Committee hearing today. That does make sense.

What you’re about to see scrolls by very fast, too fast to read. But you are able to pause it at any time. And if you want to see the static version of it, you can always go over to Truth Social and open up an account. (Trump will be thrilled. He’ll take it as a sign that the ship isn’t going down.)

Wasn’t that something? Even a first semester psychology student can paint the broad brushstrokes here.

Of course we have Crazy Nancy and the Unselect Committee, heading the panic spree. It’s all Speaker Pelosi’s fault. Trumpty Dumpty had all the answers, gave them to Pelosi and somehow she botched it. Righto. Maybe Trump is confusing tens of thousands of troops that he recommended to Pelosi with the tens of thousands of dollars which he paid to Melania’s fashion designer for his role as a voter fraud expert.

People in Trump world wear many hats, don’t you know? Ask Jared. he’s an expert on everything from world peace to the opioid crisis — two issues which you notice are far from being solved, right?

And following Crazy Nancy, we of course get into “the Trump-Hillary double standard” and then we go to bowling alley/Chinese food restaurants, and other places where corrupt presidents of yore have hidden truckloads of documents, which they stole from Washington, D.C. with impunity, but now everybody is upset with Trump for just taking a banker’s box or two and putting them in the pool house.

Then there’s an article on NARA and the White House making copies of hard drives. I’m not sure at all who is scanning this material for Trump. Probably Dan Scavino or somebody, or maybe one of his television lawyers, you tell me. But this is an eclectic mix if you go through it.

Dubya gets lambasted for 22,000,000 “lost” emails, you knew that was coming.

And then there is the Economic Doomsday Analysis. Here’s what that looks like, if you missed it.

Now this is my personal favorite. This is some kind of a graph which measures the “fear factor” in the world vis a vis Trump and Biden. See if you can figure out WTH he’s talking about here.

And all this is wedged between Truth Social ads, where one teaspoonful of something burns 12 pounds of fat a week and then you end up standing on a street corner in Rome with cleavage and a tan that would make Sophia Loren envious. Righto. I’m sending away for a suitcase full of it tonight.

Then there’s dead people voting, calls to shut down the FBI, the usual.

One thing is for certain: today’s hearing rattled Trumpty Dumpty quite a great deal.

And you’ll be hearing a lot more. Remember, we are in the countdown to the midterm election and Trump will be out in force, doing his thing. Stay tuned.



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    • If whomever stocks that place hasn’t had the sense to buy ketchup in plastic bottles, then frankly, I don’t feel sorry for anybody. Trump’s going to throw the ketchup like a baby’s going to throw the binky and that’s that.

  1. Maybe part of the point of the subpoena (and the dares afterwards to journalist to Trump to show up and defend himself – on national TV which has to be tearing him up inside!) is to provoke him. The LAST thing what’s left of the GOP establishment (and now the lion’s share of their major donors) wants, or needs is for Trump to be out there in the next few weeks tossing turds into punchbowls of various races. But, I think that’s now something he will be doing and with a vengeance. Yes, it will energize a lot of MAGAts, but more importantly it will energize the same block of voters that spanked his ass in 2018. He wasn’t on the ballot THEN, at least officially but he injected himself into the midterms and since independents and those suburban GOP women couldn’t vote against Trump himself they took it out on other GOP candidates. That’s why McConnell and others are freaking out tonight.

    • If memory serves and we’re only going back a few months here, Ronna McDaniel wanted Trump to encourage people to go out and vote, but otherwise, she didn’t want the midterm election to be a referendum on him. And that’s what it has become.

      Plus, you notice that Trump cut that one PSA only, about getting out the vote for the Republicans. That was maybe six weeks ago and since then it’s all been Trump rallies and the January 6 Committee. Trump is their Frankeinstein’s monster.

      • Ronna McDaniel wants a universe where the skies are a delicate pink and she is empress over it all. Other than that, I’m pretty sure Ms. McDaniel doesn’t know what she wants nor if her ass is drilled, punched or reamed.

    • A few years ago a reporter did an analysis of Trump’s actual net worth, based upon what the guy could parse together. (This is not easy, given how Trump lies.) His assessment was in the ballpark of 40 million dollars — which is impressive by any standard, but it sure as hell is not $4 billion or whatever Trump claims to be worth.

      And it’s established fact that if Trump had just put the inherited money he got from Dad into some conservative stocks and not squandered everything like he did, he would be worth around $12 billion. No wonder Bloomberg and those guys laugh at him.

      • I highly doubt that Pres. Biden would pardon him; after everything Trump has said and done against Biden and the Democrats. And honestly, Trump damned himself with the Insurrection.

        • Biden may or may not pardon trump but if he did not it would have nothing to do with what he has said/done about Biden, Hunter, the dems…It would be because President Biden thought that was the correct thing to do after listening to all the arguments, pro and con, his advisors put forth. After it’s all said and done, Biden is not perfect but he is a good man who tries hard to do what is right. He’s made mistakes, some doozies, but he doesn’t keep stepping in the same pile of shit over and over again.

    • I’m not sure but doesn’t he get his pension so long as he lives? He did not get re-elected but the Senate did not have a trial, so he is still former prez. trump. I don’t know if his pension gets taken away from him just because he is convicted of other crimes. If something comes of the J6 Committee’s work, it would be after the fact with regard to his presidency even tho’ it happened during it: he probably still gets his pension.

    • wanna see em take the fifth 440 more times? How in the name of God can you run a Country when half the voters in the US are pretending, they can’t see what the rest of us are disgusted by in the hero Donald Trump? And they have this ridiculous idea that sticking it to the left on every occasion costs not just the Rep’s but the whole nation nothing!


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