What is next? Accusing DeSantis of legalizing classwork that explains the many iterations of gender and sexuality (Psychologists can break it down to dozens), including Ephebophilia, the condition used to describe grown men, 28 and over, attracted to 15-19-year-old teens, such as his friend Matt Gaetz? In a high school setting with nothing but 15-19-year-old teens? Or how about accusing DeSantis as in favor of “Reparations Plus” which doesn’t exist, but DeSantis could be accused of starting a program in which Black Americans are paid full reparations and provided land and mid-level home? Accusing DeSantis of opening Florida for all immigrants and state law requiring they be granted jobs?

Or Trump can accuse DeSantis of being pro-vaccine, as Trump now plans to do! It is true that DeSantis was pro-vaccine back when they were only available to the elderly (Good luck finding someone over 75 who is anti-vaccine, too big a risk for politics.) The conspiracy theorists hadn’t had a chance to spread their whacked rumors. People were still dying left and right. Florida is home to many retirees. (Indeed, DeSantis arranged for the first batches of vaccines to be delivered to wealthy donors in the Keys). So, yes, for the first few months, DeathSantis was as pro-vaccine as anyone, including Trump, who got his vaccine before he left the White House. People speculate that Trump never had cameras running when he got the vaccine because he was afraid to lift his shirt up and show fat arms. It’s speculation.

Today, Trump tried to accuse DeSantis of being “pro-vaccine” despite being the leading voice against it and despite Trump still bragging about “operation war speed.”

In December 2021, Mr. Trump was taken aback by the boos he received from an ardently pro-Trump audience after he told them he had taken a coronavirus booster shot. The boast has since vanished from his speeches and now Mr. Trump is trying to blunt Mr. DeSantis’s perceived advantage with the anti-vaccine base.

Which is at least 75% (Just a guess) of the voting base of the Republican party.

In a sign of how toxic the conversation about the coronavirus vaccines has become within the GOP, Mr. Trump’s allies are building a file of “opposition research” on Mr. DeSantis that consists of videos of him praising the vaccine in its early days.

As everyone did because the White House had no distribution plan. The first thing Biden’s team did on the afternoon of January 20th was ask to see the vaccine distribution plan. It didn’t exist. The “plan” was to keep the vaccine in certain warehouses and have the states come to get them.

Now Trump is planning on going after DeSantis as “pro-vaccine” even though DeSantis may well have been the earliest governor to fight vaccine mandates and positivity. From the New York Times.

A Trump ally involved in the effort, who insisted on anonymity to discuss their plans, said the footage included Mr. DeSantis taking delivery of some of the first vaccines in America and “news B-roll of DeSantis presiding over vaccinations of elderly people.”

Again. Back then, it was politically beneficial to be 100% pro-vaccine and seen to be working hard on it. You could bet every cent you have that if it were still that popular, DeSantis would be fighting to find unvaccinated and bringing cameras and a doctor to every event.


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  1. Look, the MAGA goobers will believe eat up whatever bullshit Trump feeds them and ask for more. Looks like DeSantis’ window to keep Trump from defining him right out of the race and into political oblivion is starting to close.


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