Trump Now Subverts Global Order In Favor of Putin: Demands G-8?


“Now, I love our country. I have been Russia’s worst nightmare,” Trump said. “But with that being said, Russia should be in this meeting. Why are we having a meeting without Russia being in the meeting?”

It must have something to do with Bourdain’s death but I’m not in the mood today, Trump. Does anyone else in the world see the “right-in-your-fcking-face-insanity” of “…I’ve been Russia’s worst nightmare, but with that being said, why are we having a meeting without Russia being in the meeting?”

Mr pres, you have yet to lay the predicate for why you want Russia at the fking meeting, why you believe they belong there. Generally speaking, before you propose upending the apple cart, you state your justification for the attempt, first. But, you haven’t, and in so doing, you’ve infuriated your hosts, your fellow gatherers, Democrats, and more than just a few Republicans who are pretty tired of your protectionist bullshit. No one understands why you led off with a cry for Russia.

Ahhhh, that’s it. You can’t state your reasoning can you, you dolt-headed felonious traitor. The fact is that the G7 represents the strongest economies of the world made up of the most representative democracies in the world, by inviting Russia, you undermine the representative democracy element, which is the goal of your boss, Vlad Putin.

Why the fk can’t the Trump Truthers see this? Why can they not see that it is probably worth investigating those many ties between the campaign and Trump on the basis of his behavior with respect to Russia alone? We didn’t ask him to start speaking on Russia’s behalf, we only sent him packing north to attend meetings all presidents attend to discuss business with the other countries most like us around the world. HE is the one who – out of the fking blue – starts talking Russia, like he’s at summer camp but his best friend isn’t there and so he’s going to tell all the kids about this cool kid that should be there. Instead, he’s with all these boring kids, who play by rules, they’re egalitarian, they permit immigration, they demand due process, an independent judiciary, a free press …

That’s the rub, right?

Trump doesn’t want us to be “most like” those other six countries in attendance, he wants to be much more like the country that was summarily dis-invited after invading the Ukraine. To be fair, Trump isn’t the only leader calling for Russia’s return to the group, Italy’s new, right-wing prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, who wrote on Twitter that he agreed.


An axis of fascism, the U.S., Russia, and Italy – that’s the crowd Republicans have chosen over Canada, the UK and Germany.

Trump left the party early – disappointing absolutely nobody because he had to go all the way to Singapore to pick up his Nobel Peace Prize, or get laughed at in the face by another man-boy. I know which outcome is greater for our nation, but a big part of me wants …nope. I’ll never be a Republican. If Trump can get a deal done by which NoKo gives up its nukes, on decent terms, I’ll support it with the same support as if Obama  had done it. This isn’t a game, and I’m an American before I’m a Democrat, something I wish the other side shared.

I don’t think he disappointed too many in Quebec by leaving early. I suspect that the attendees welcome the opportunity to discuss whether the handful of nations committed to open borders, free trade, the rule of law and modern respect for human rights and enlightenment ideals need not move to eight but be shaved to six.


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