Donald Trump hates Morning Joe. This was the man who accused Scarborough of killing an office intern/employee, one who unquestionably had a heart condition that caused her to fall and hit her head on a table. Is there anything scummier or more offensive? He offended the woman’s family so badly that they went public about the pain Trump was causing, and many of Trump’s staff kept telling him that he had gone too far, only to watch him go further.

Trump’s hatred probably traces back to two things:

First, the show is not only highly critical of Trump, but unlike many other shows, they often mock and openly laugh – hard – at things Trump does. It is one thing to be constantly criticized. It’s entirely different from being laughed at. Narcissists cannot stand criticism, but laughter is an injury so serious that it can make them unstable. Hence, the Joe “Murder” story.

Second, Trump knows that ratings don’t matter much in this situation. Morning Joe is the “smart” morning show, the one that everyone – Democrat or Republican – watches for morning commentary.

Trump mocks Joe by calling his wife, Mika, names:

Wow. Morning Joe (Scarborough) and his lovely and very soothing wife, “Mike,” have really bad television ratings. That’s what happens when you become “Trump Deranged.” Better yet, Fake News CNN & MSDNC are dying!!!

Shows and channels that are “dying” aren’t on the air for 14-15 years as Morning Joe has been. Additionally, with a show like Joe’s, it isn’t so much “ratings” as it is “who” watches the show and, of course, as I said, the smart people that follow politics. The viewers have more money than those who watch Fox. Advertisers love this.

And WTF about “lovely” and very “soothing wife, Mike.” Does he actually think that’s funny? This is a grown man in his late 70s, still calling people names.

Last. The tweet (or “truth” or “post”) was written at 2:00 a.m. He was quite obviously up late, going over ratings. Having been in television, Trump directly equates ratings to money, plus – he always wants to be “the” news and blames the low ratings on being “Trump deranged.” So typical.
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  1. All this is 100% on-brand for the trumpster fire. Actually, his statements on Mika are actually a lot milder than insults from the past.

  2. I used to watch them. I got tired of Joe making out that Reagan was a great president when he was a criminal and traitor and walked on Iran contra. I also tire of Mika’s tirade on empowering women when she has no fucking idea of being born poor & powerless in America. NO fucking clue. Sure they turned on Trump but at one time they socialized with that fucking criminal traitor. I watch Stephanie Miller and Thom Hartmann on free speech TV. They know the deal and deal with truth.


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