I suppose that this is better than reposting Nation In Decline for the 10th or 12 time. Donald Trump posted to his Truth Social feed — yes, it’s still on the internet, but don’t hold your breath unless they pay the hosting provider — around 11:15 a.m. PDT that he had the answer.

It wasn’t an answer that he had for himself, mind you, but he knew who could find the answer for him. And that is the quote “great Agents” of the FBI.

Either that, or he was just ruminating about the past, the good old days, 2016, when he was Teflon Don and nothing could sink him, everything caused him to rise. See what you think.

This is sure a 180 for Trump world. His minions are calling the FBI a lot of things but “wonderful people” is not on the list. Kash Patel is calling the FBI and DOJ “government gangsters” which is not quite the same as “great Agents.”

No idea where this one came from or where it’s going. I guess we’ll see.

My best guess is that Trump was reliving his greatest hits, the good old days and now what he’s looking at is very bleak by comparison. Indictment is likely and actually two federal indictments are likely and one state, the state being Georgia and the two federal arising out of the January 6 Committee and now Mar-a-Lago.



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  1. Given his boy Chris was director when all this went down, poor orangebob shitpants doesn’t know whether to shit or go blind. Melania!!! Bring me another plate of food!!! God, some poor wall, in the nursing home known as Florida, must be catching hell. With his diet & condiments, it must look like Jackson pollack took pcp & decided the wall was his canvas. The price of…er…democracy???

    • For a *price*, wink wink. Of course, once they get a good look, digust may kick in. How much could he eat in the short time he will last without his cult?

  2. Why is Ka$h worried? The folks whose names were redacted were done so for THEIR safety from Trump’s deranged supporters like the armed nut who entered a regional FBI office. I mean, there’s no evidence that any of THAT office’s agents participated in the Mar-a-Lago property search yet he vented his desire to kill FBI agents in general BECAUSE of the search. Just imagine how many more of those deluded fools would be going after agents who’d actually been involved *IF* their names were made public. (Think how many people who happen to share those names could be unjustifiably attacked by delusional Trumptards.)

  3. All I want is a little respect…..Not the Knot head lying every time he opens his mouth….I’m discusted an ashamed……He really really needs to put his tail between his legs , but instead he’s going to keep dragging his d__k in the dirt….


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