I’ll say this once more. Trump. Can’t. Win. This is not bluff and bluster, it’s simple mathematical fact. Following a rambling, largely incoherent victory speech in South Carolina, where he couldn’t even remember the name of the South Carolina Governor, one of his earliest supporters, Traitor Tot opined that he had never seen the Republican party so unified in purpose!

What a steaming pile of slow cooking crock pot bullsh*t! I’ve quoted former RNC Chairman Michael Steele before, and I’ll remind you now, Going into a general election cycle, an incumbent must have 95% support, minimum 90% support within the party to win. At 85
% red lights should flash, SOS flags should flap, and claxons should go off. And if the candidate dips under 80%, they may as well call the coroner for the body.

Cast your mind back to the hectic days of 2016. There were 17 GOP candidates running for President. And almost from the start, after Traitor Tot’s obscene campaign declaration speech, the results were clear. In almost every poll His Lowness was cruising along at between 34-40%,v and nobody else in the field was even cracking double digits. In practical terms, that gave El Pendejo Presidente a hammerlock, and I wrote before the first ballots were cast that the nomination was was his for the taking, due to the winner take all states. When you get 34-40% of the vote in a field of 17, you’re close enough to 90%.

Trump won in 2016, and it turned out to be a national nightmare, especially for the GOP. Trump went into the 2020 election cycle a sitting, incumbent President, who should by all rights have been running unopposed, and with dictatorial control of the GOP. Instead there was a small niumber of traditional conservative challengers who saw weakness in Trump, and filed their paperwork to run in the primaries. Joe Biden is basically running unopposed, and is getting about 98%.RNC Chair
Ronna Romney McDaniels’ response to opposition to an increasingly unpopular President? Cancel the primaries! The nomination was Trump’s by imperial fiat.

And now we’re deep into the 2024 primaries, and Trump is for all purposes, a Republican incumbent. There is no serious challenger to his power in the GOP, and that’s why he’s installing his own goddamned daughter-in-law to the second slot at the RNC, so she can authorize the RNC paying his legal bills. That seems like a kind of a nipple clamp on the party to me.

So why can’t this fat ass loser garner even 65% of the GOP primary vote? Ever since the New Hampshire results, Nikki Haley has had her fondest dream, a one-on-one matchup with Trump. And what’s happening? Well, she sure as hell ins’t going to be the GOP nominee for President in 2024, but she’s exposing The Trumpster Fire as one of the weakest candidates in modern political history. In New Hampshire Haley got 45% of the vote. In hew home state of South Carolina she got 40%. How is it possible that the Godzilla of the GOP can’t even get 75% of the vote when running against a former SC Governor that he appointed to the United Nations as the US Ambassador?

Here’s why this is such a debacle for The Mango Messiah. As I’ve written before, other than a special election, there is no more primal of an election than a primary. 60-65% of the GOP voting base doesn’t even bother to show up to vote. Which makes a primary the ultimate show of pure base support, and The Scruffy Guru is supposedly the master of a monolithic base. So how can this ass clown not even manage to garner a 70% majority in a primary where pretty much only his supporters are showing up?

Think about this for a minute. In a purely partisan primary election in New Hampshire, Trump couldn’t top 55% support. In Southy Carolina he barely crested 60%. What does that say going into November of the 60% of registered GOP voters who don’t bother to show up for a farce primary, but who are already stout Never Trumpers?

The math just isn’t there. And now add in the fact that Biden and the DNC are absolutely crushing Trump and the RNC in fundraising, and you’re not just talking about yet another humiliating Trump loss. You’re looking at the Democrats retaking the House with ease, and quite possibly maintaining the Senate against all odds, simply because the GOP and RNC doesn’t have any money to spend! And what does that mean towards the Democrats flipping state legislatures, bringing about the end of gerrymandering, and anti abortion laws. Whatever you do, don’t touch that dial.

I thank you for the privilege of your time.

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  1. Which supports my fear of missing the BIG point we should be talking about: how are they gonna steal the election?

    Chaos, throw it to the House, etc. Gotta watch those bastards, every minute…

  2. The bigger story is the maga cult trying to kill off moderate republicans. I get daily tv ads of greg abbott supporting primary challengers to sitting republicans. we will see how these races turn out, but tony gonzalez from Texas 23 is being primaried, lots of state reps are getting bashed for being rinos. these ads are offensive, they accuse my local rep (r) as supporting illegal immigration. If he loses the primary, how many of his voters will be turned off to sit out or support the dem? the republican party is at war with itself. the abbott, paxton, patrick folks want lock step commitment for every race. This has to piss off the moderate republicans who dont agree on all their crazy policies. pick up opportunities for dems in swing districts.

  3. He’s got the ‘united’ bit wrong.

    Never have so many people been united in opposition to anyone, as he has managed to unite people against him.

    It’s ironic, in a way, the republicans have spent the last forty years running ‘against’ things rather than ‘for’ things. Now they want people to be ‘for’ them, it’s much easier to see all the ways to be ‘against’.


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