Trump. Is. Toast.


You all know that, as in a nightmare sequence, I spent 5 1/2 years running around in the Freddie Krueger basement boiler room of Donald Trump’s mind. But no more, I am now finally a free man, the hold is broken!

For the last 36 hours, we have been fixated in the media by the lightening raid on former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s apartment by FBI officers armed with a search warrant. They seized electronics and left as politely as they came. To his credit, Giuliani managed to stay silent for more than 24 hours before humiliating himself.

But also, 24 hours was all that The Ghoul Man’s former boss could manage to keep his silence. El Pendejo President went on FUX News tonight to roundly defend his former personal lawyer. And it was a nightmare.

Trump opined how Giuliani was the greatest Mayor in New York history, his legendary tenure as the US Attorney got the SDNY, and his service to the United States as a true patriot. It was nothing more than a rehash of the same lame shit that Trump has been saying for more than 5 years.

And oh! dear sweet Jesus!, it came off as just so fucking lame! He defended Giuliani without ever actually addressing a single one of the charges that Giuliani was accused of.

And it was pathetic. Because it was nothing more or less than lame word salad to try to divert from the actual issue. But the problem is, if you’re not a brain dead Trombie, it doesn’t work. Because all of the rest of us have had 100 days of sitting around and listening to President Joe Biden telling us actual information that we could all understand.

The era of Trump is on the wane. Because, if you look at it simply and honestly, most people actually like getting actual information. And when you have that, Trump’s  bullshit just seems so lame to most voters. The Emperor Has No Clothes.


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  1. It seems to me that mister Murphy is the El pendejo and he’s full of caca. How do you people let someone like mr. Murphy get on here and Bash the best president we’ve ever had and that’s not Biden. Biden is the pendejo not Trump. Even 30% of the Democrats are now having buyer’s remorse because Biden is going to destroy this country so that we all can become communist. Biden is a racist he’s always been a racist and he will never change, he’s also pushing racism in the nation between Biden and China they’re pushing for a civil war so that we can get to the New World Order which is going to be run by communist. But that’s what Joe Biden wants is a communist country because he’s so deep into Shenanigans with China Ukraine and however many other countries he’s taking money from that he can’t stop now. Why hasn’t the Department of Justice investigated Hunter Biden’s laptop, is it because they know that they’ll find that Joe Biden the big guy got 10% of Hunter Biden’s money, in which is father took him on Air Force 2 and introduced him 2 burisma to get him a job because his so was a crackhead and a pedophile and couldn’t get a job. And I can understand why Joe Biden is that way because Obama approved of it. Both of them togathet committed treason, according to One Source they said that Obama committed treason 14 times in his presidency. So we better put the shoe on the other foot and investigate them first Obama and Biden before we investigate Trump.

    • I hope you and the all followers of the former guy returned all the stimulus money received, including extra unemployment and extra money for your children. After all, you wouldn’t want to take anything that the republicants didn’t want you to have. Remember that when you bash the people who gave you all the opportunities to help you through the pandemic. Please return the money ASAP. You and all of your magat cronies. All the money

    • Do you not read the real news? Hunter Biden IS under investigation and President Biden has stated that he will not interfere. Unlike the former guy There are night schools that will teach you to read

    • Well, Trump has no respect for and hates me (and people like me). I’m nowhere near the man the late John Lewis was. So, as much as I want to honor Lewis and follow his example I freely admit I’m unable (at least so far) to do so. I won’t speak for others including the author of this article, but since Trump hates me I’ll hate his ass right back. And if that bothers or even offends you, I have no fucks to give.

    • What, as opposed to the irrational, inconsistent, illogical, biased and lame right-wing hacks? Good luck being specific. What exactly does Murf have wrong, and why?

  2. This is clearly written by a democrat .Biden wouldn’t know the truth if it jumped up and bit him on the ass .Remember how he wasn’t going to stop fracking ,and it was one of first executive orders he signed on his first day .His son did nothing wrong, hahaha wait til we see what happens there.

    • Um, with his documented 30,000 lies, it was Trump who wouldn’t know the truth. It is amazing how Trump supporters manage to get everything exactly backwards. Your cognition would be much healthier if you never ingested right-wing propaganda ever again. If you believe The Big Lie, then QED.


  4. Agreed Joy Lazer, the clown writing that is brainwashed, cant think for themselves, and apparently is on the same brain wavelengths as Biden. Biden lies, stumbles physically and verbally…dude fell UP a flight of stairs, ffs. Talk about stupid is as serious does.
    And also I hope its not Alec…?

    • Gerald Ford was a gifted, in fact great multi-sport athlete in college and if memory serves had offers to play pro-football. He had a lot of fun (sometimes undeservingly mean-spirited) poked at him for his stumbles. I’ve seen Biden stumble one time. I’ve also seen him repeatedly zipping around on his bike, and know that while he doesn’t play often (very little the past couple of years) he’s long been considered one of the top golfers in the DC political crowd. His handicap (unlike Trump’s Biden’s us UN-augmented by cheating!) of six or seven. I’ve also repeatedly and even recently seen Biden jog up and down hills and ramps. Including some of the very same ramps/places that Trump treated (and spoke of) as ramps of death! I find it really rich that as a Trump fan you try to tag Biden as a liar! Who the fuck are you trying to fool with that one?

      • Remember the former guy couldn’t manage stairs without holding hands and had to drink water with two hands. Not as athletic as a certain person might thinks. And he couldn’t walk he had to use golf carts. Healthy? Not by a long shot. One cheese burger away from a stay in coronary care

  5. How dare you abuse my Lord and Saviors name, Jesus, while cursing another human being. In case you haven’t remembered, Jesus’ words are, love your neighbors as you love yourself.
    Get right with God and “Judge not, lest you be judged.

    • I won’t sit here and say I’ve never used the Lord’s name in vain (I have, many times) or been judgemental although I’ve sometimes had to admit having been both hasty and wrong jumping to said judgements. At the same time, I find your closing of “Judge not, lest you be judged” rather hard to swallow. Christianity teaches that if one TRULY is repentant then all sins are forgiven. If one truly repents and asks for God’s forgiveness. Yet, from so many leaders who call themselves Christians (these days with the descriptor of Evangelical, or sometimes just Evangelical and dropping the Christian part altogether) down to people from my small midwestern hometown that I grew up with and once was friendly with I have been judged and judged harshly – to the point where I’ve been repeatedly been told I am BEYOND redemption and will be consigned to hell for all eternity. That crap started back in the 1980s when I sometimes had the “audacity” to say something critical about “Saint” Ronald Reagan or one of his policies. It’s gotten far worse (and more frequent) over the years and decades.

      I hope you are as critical of judgemental Christians as you are of people like me. And if you are one of the Christians who actually try to practice what Jesus taught instead of the prosperity gospel and/or dominionist crap preached by conservative “Christian” leaders then my apologies for my sometimes using language that offends you.

      • Denis, I do believe that she considers the Trompador to be her ‘lord and saviour’ and, in that case, you may plead ‘guilty as charged’ to the offence of impiety

        • Well, she did specifically cite Jesus so I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. I would however be curious as to her reaction when Trump, having been directly questioned (during a forum at Liberty University!) about whether he’d ever sought forgiveness from God (or Jesus too I guess) and after a brief pause quite clearly stated he he hadn’t. Instead he talked about avoiding doing things for which he’d need to repent, trying to “make things right” himself (paying out the pre-nup on wives he so publicly cheated on for exampe?) and so on. It’s a subject that got attention afterwards from others who interviewed him. In a mini-mashup he pretty much said he’s never done something for which he’d need to repent.

          So Sandra, or anyone else who cares to check to see if I’m lying or making stuff up go to YouTube and type in the words “Trump says no forgiveness needed” in the search bar. You can see the original interview with Frank Luntz at Liberty, and the mini–mashup I mentioned is under the title Trump “I don’t need to repent” but when it comes to his schtick about trying to live and act so that it’s not necessary (as should we all) it’s hard not to bust out laughing. He’s either not very good at avoiding needing forgiveness and therefore having to repent, or not trying very much. If at all.

          Go ahead Trump supporters. Look it up on your own on YouTube. I DARE you.

      • I am not sayi9ng she is one of them, but there are a lot of Christians who take Christian liberty for themselves, but expect others to extend to them the virtues of non judgement and complete forgiveness without returning the grace.

  6. The dems are dumb they were so concerned on how to get trump out of office for the term that he was president. They are so afraid that be will be reelected in 2024 so we will hear and read the truth being munipulated to slander trump so we the people need to stand by our guns .!!!! Trump is and a leader not a politition and a puppet!!!!

    • I for one am not the least bit afraid of Trump being elected in 2024, even if he manages to avoid getting his corrupt ass imprisoned in the meantime. As a “businessman” his management of his daddy’s company was such that all reputable banks stopped doing business with him. Granted, money laundering (and high end real estate is a terrific vehicle for doing so – especially in a city like New York) can generate some serious money but since Trump has been in charge of a private, family business he’s never had a Board of Directors keeping him on the straight and level (legally and financially) so he got away with it. At least until he decided to step into the glare of the spotlight of DC and Presidential politics. He no longer has the ability to bribe or browbeat a United States Attorney General into reaching down into various jurisdictions (like SDNY) and kill off investigations. So, like I said he will be lucky to keep his ass out of prison. At the very least he’s going to be spending a LOT of his time and energy staying of both state and federal prisons, and/or avoiding bankruptcy. PERSONAL bankruptcy this time.

      So, if it makes you feel better grab you GUN in one hand and jerk off to a picture of Trump (or a nude of Melania) if it makes you feel better. But no matter how many of your GUNS you clutch to your chest or take to bed with you to cuddle with at night, your dick won’t grown one bit!

    • Funny how you were fine with Trump and his minions manipulating the truth, even to the extent of calling their false version “alternative facts.” Thankfully we are now getting credible information from Biden and his White House. “Afraid” is the wrong word, but we’ll go with it for the moment. Trump is a wannabe autocrat. All patriots should be afraid of any autocrat as president. The fact that you are not marks you as unpatriotic.

    • Uh…ok…if your premise is that Democrats wanted Trump out of the White House, I think we can all agree he’s not longer president. So that seems to have worked.

    • He’s PUTIN’s puppet and the entire world knows it. It’s the only reason he was in the White House in the first place. PUPPET Twice impeached former guy. LOSER Many other names fit him but are not necessary as nice as these

  7. Same old maga BS. Republicans are so brain washed from Trump’s rediric that they can’t see past he was and never will be a politician

  8. This so called POTUS can’t string 2 sentences together. And the infomation that he is spewing is all hand Fed to him, that normally he wouldn’t stand a China man’s chance of answering correctly. Oh And B.T.W.when can the American people expect an impeachment hearing/ trial, on a quid pro quo that that imbecile is on video threatening to fire the ukrainian prosecutor that was investigating that mental midget of a son of biden’s….hunter what s piece of human excrement that waste of sperm is. Who should be in prison. The only problem of daffy er.daddy and baby bafoon going to prison is the normal American is actually petrified that old heels up Harris would become potus, now as stupid as biden is, heels up Harris (we all know how she earned the nic name and her position V.P)
    makes him look like a Rhoads scholar. It’s such a shame the president Donald Trump got more done in 4 yrs Than Biden did in 47yrs, all the while the democrats were harassing him. this country could have Been the greatest country in the world again. But unfortunately the democrats would rather see this once great nation fall on her face than to admit that President Trump did a great job. (Try and Google Trumps accomplishments while in office) the most by Any other president in the history of the United States of America. God bless former and future president. Trump 2024 American God bless America.

    • Biden’s years in the Senate and his time as VP (working with Congress of course) have given him an encyclopedic knowledge of both government and how it interacts with the private sector. Unlike a certain twice impeached EX President who took over a family business. Yes, it might be real estate and have substantial value even if much of the money that bought and has propped up some of the most valuable assets is of at best questionable origins but it’s a privately owned family business. Trump has never had to answer to a Board of Directors, unlike most well-known CEOs you care to name. People tend to forget that, if they ever knew it in the first place. His knowledge of government was never more than making campaign donations so that elected officials would take his phone calls. There is a LOT more to government and governing, even for conservatives who strive for limited government! Trump never knew what he didn’t know, or care for that matter.

      Other Presidents have been destructive to this country’s best interests but in my lifetime not even Nixon was as destructive as Trump. Trump spent his time alienating our long time allies and trashing alliances that have kept this and other countries free and prevented another world war. Instead, he sucked up to, and promoted the interests of autocrats either directly or indirectly by withdrawing us from partnerships that kept our biggest threats (Russia/USSR and yes, China) in check since WWII. It took decades to build and longer to maintain but by the turn of the century the United States was acknowledged as the world’s only true superpower and not just the leader of the free world. In one term Trump trashed that. Bush 43 damaged it but the world gave us a pass after Obama was elected and re-elected. And had anyone who ran but Trump won the GOP nomination and gone on to defeat Hillary Clinton we would still be the world’s only true superpower and acknowledged leader of the free world. Now? We can regain a good deal of our influence and are already doing so but we will NEVER be trusted to keep our word, our commitments again. That is the legacy of Trump.

      As irresponsible as his only legislative achievement, his trickle down (piss trickling down on the masses) tax cut was it was NOT as he claimed (and continues to do so) the biggest tax cut in history. Nor did the average American worker/household see a FOUR THOUSAND DOLLAR reduction in their federal taxes as he promised. That was all bullshit from the get-go.

      I could go on and on but neither Trump or you (given your writing in your comment) have anywhere the intellect Joe Biden (or Kamala Harris either) possess. In Biden’s case, like others you appear to be suckered in by the fact he has battled a speech stutter his entire life. Just as George W. Bush wasn’t the complete dumbass people (even some Republicans) made him out to be (he was intellectually lazy – not stupid) Biden’s history of verbal stumbles and gaffes that trace back to his having mostly but not completely overcome his stutter doesn’t change the fact he knows what the hell he is talking about on a wide range of domestic and foreign policy matters. But most importantly he possesses the most important trait – a level of humility. By which I mean that while he knows a ton, he’s smart enough to know that, especially in a country and world that is constantly changing and in which knowledge advances in leaps and bounds that he’s not THE expert on every topic so he seeks out those who are and actually pays attention to what they have to say. Unlike for example your hero Trump who according to him (and I gather you agree) know MORE about ANY field of study/knowledge, subject etc. that ANYONE has EVER in the history of the world known!

      Trump’s list of accomplishments in office will be judged by history and not in a good or kind way. The sad thing is that so many conservatives, people who actually know shit and how to actually get shit done agree but are too cowed by people like you to shove Trump aside and rebuild your Party. When it comes to folks like you I can’t help but think again how if he’d been born to modest or poor circumstances Trump would be working at some off the main drag used car lot. A classic huckster complete with a loud & tacky plaid jacket hawking highly polished, spiffed up to only LOOK good pieces of junk. And folks like you would go around to your buddies bragging about the “great deal” you got on your shiny lemon of a used car that the huckster in his ugly plaid jacket duped you into buying and rather than admit to your buddies you’d bought a lemon quietly shell out a shitload of money keep that hunk of junk running. Rather than admit you got suckered by a fraudster.

    • I do love a well-constructed piece of prose – that has proper capitalisation, grammar, epelling and punctuation.

      The above diatribe manages to miss ALL of the above (and manages to be totally inaccurate in content)

    • What exactly did Trump do for America??? He lined his cronies and crime family’s pockets, spewed hatred, divided Americans further, handed out corporate welfare and make the 1% richer. He supported murderous dictators, lied constantly, was a traitor to America and cheated every chance he got. The poor got poorer, he botched the Covid-19 response, thus killing over 500,000 citizens. What planet are you on?

    • Semi-literate talking point rant. I don’t need stupidity with my morning coffee. When are you and other Trump suckers going to let go? I mean, do you know how utterly stupid you appear (and no doubt, actually ARE) to other citizens of this planet?

      I live in Italy, having moved here because it was plain to me that American culture and the issues that troubled myself and my wife (racism–she is Japanese-American–and gun control among them) would not be resolved in our lifetimes. We wanted a quiet life.

      My point–we have traveled in much of Europe and South America. We are constantly being asked our opinions if Trump. The consensus from outside the USA is that the country lost its collective mind in the 2016 election. Now it seems that the madness hasn’t abated (look it up, Deplorable).

      Glad to be gone and away from racism, guns, and the likes of madmen like you.

    • We made America great again when we voted the former guy out of office in a fair election It was fair – ask the republicans who signed off on the recounts and the judges in the 60+ court cases contesting the election The word snowflake seems to fit right now Lets please forget that awful 4 years in our history and live in the present

  9. I guess that these trump cult members really are Trumpazee Stupid! Either that or parler is down at the moment. I can’t wait to see Traitor Trump in a orange jumpsuit, being perp-walked out of court to a super-max prison cell, and the same with all his criminal cohorts!

    AND ALSO on #TAUProtein .. the mutation that causes Picks Disease.
    By #TAU bodies like Alzheimer’s has from another mutation.
    THE cause of PICKS IS TAU.. read the article. It has a four year life span at diagnosis .. and he had it obviously on #InaugurationDay.. that’s why he yelled at Melania on the stand.

    (Yes each of his kids have 50% chance of it too.. as does #MaryTrump)


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