If you grasp this one truth about Donald Trump, you grasp the whole thing: He has no real identity, as you or I might define that term. He’s an empty vessel and he needs attention to fill the void. He jumps from scheme to scheme, as soon as one fails, he’s got another one, usually an even more grandiose one, lined up to take its place.

Trump Airlines failed, no problem. Trump Steaks was going to kill them. Trump Steaks failed. Not to worry. Trump University was going to knock their socks off. Trump University crashed and burned, don’t give it a thought. MAGA and the presidency was waiting in the wings.

The presidency had its hiccups, stolen election all that, but Trump is a forward looking kinda guy. And so in the past week, while the rest of the world has been respectfully observing the passing of a world leader who faithfully discharged her duties for seven decades, when Trump couldn’t discharge his for seven minutes, he sees himself doing old Liz one better. Of course he does.

And this will blow you away. Remember the photoshopped “truth” that had Trump announcing that he had been knighted in private by Queen Elizabeth? This was attached to it, as you may recall. Then it became QAnon dogma, if you can believe it.

While the yous and mes were howling at the caption — and I did, I had tears in my eyes — QAnon and MAGA were taking it to heart.

You can take the boy out of the tabloids but you can’t take the tabloids out of the boy.


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  1. I think Charlie was signing a letter “Mr Trump, you are NOT invited to my late mother’s funeral and, if you show up, you will be publicly refused entrance to any part of it. “

  2. And so in the past week, while the rest of the world has been respectfully observing the passing of a world leader who faithfully discharged her duties for seven decades, when Trump couldn’t discharge his for seven minutes…


  3. Dear Diaper Don,

    We fought wars to get away from institutions like monarchies. We’re not becoming one just because you’re a moron who wants to wear a pretty crown. Go play some golf and STFU.

    As for the q kooks: you’ve come to a point where you truly do look ridiculous. Mind you this is after things like space lasers. I’m betting whoever in your little organization is tweeting out these precious gems also has bets going on to determine which idiotic tweet will finally make your followers say “that’s too cray”.

  4. Let’s be kind for a change. Even evil, racist, selfish, narcisstic morons need a king. At least on this side of the grave. On the other side…well…he’ll be just another tortured soul in the devil’s kingdom of darkness. He doesnt share power in Hell. Eternal darkness. Hey fake followers of Jesus…that’s why he kept warning folks to turn away from evil. Can’t say you haven’t been warned.
    ” I don’t believe in the devil Mr. Constantine.”
    ” you should. He believes in you.”

  5. Those QAnon folks are truly dumber than bricks if they really believe that a foreign leader can issue a “proclamation” declaring who the leader of another country is. Maybe–MAYBE–if the US recognized the monarch of the United Kingdom as its head of state (as a Commonwealth member–even then, the monarch’s ability to intervene/interfere with a member state’s internal political scene is very limited), then the new King’s proclamation would have some weight.

    But, at the same time, these morons will deny, to their very last breaths, that Russia did anything to get Trump elected in 2016.

    QAnon folks: You can’t have it both ways.

    • These QAnon folks are truly making you look like an idiot. They’ve been laughing at you for years for believing that there even is a QAnon. There’s no such thing, it’s a made up person. When news channels lie, I don’t believe them. Apparently you do like so many gullible people do. Prove it. Show me, please. I’ll check back here.

      • How’s the weather in the land of Oz? Or Moscow? Or Mars? Or the psychiatric ward? Come clean for once in your life. Where DO YOU GO for information? Then we’ll all know where you get your ‘alternative facts’. No straight VERIFIABLE source…well…there you have it. Got the guts for a little honesty?

      • Try looking at the next red gathering and see how many ‘Q’ flags/banners/posters you see – then compare that with the number you will see at a blue rally

        But then, your alphabet may be missing a letter or two

  6. The Queen had a very naughty sense of humor. When she first walked with Trumpista
    , she wore a broach given to her by the OBAMAS. When she next appeared with the rude, crude Orange porridge, she wore a brooch given to her by Justin Trudeau. I think she had the last laugh at him as the English knew exactly what she was silently saying.

  7. Russia owns a lot of land with very few people on it. Maybe Trump** could broker a deal for a larrge chucnk of it that he would be “king” of (it would, of course be a saellite state to Russia) and all his supporters could move there and set up their fascist state exactly to their liking. I would absolutely bless the use of my tax dollars in helping those wth limited funds to get there.

    (It might be a real sweetener that so many of them have so many guns, including weapons of war.)

    • Dam we been saying same thing he can buy a island .Take all his followers. He can b kind president whatever he wants ..We hope after he go to jail he leaves earth for real. By any means necessary.


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