Be careful what you laugh at because today’s joke can be next week’s reality. If you caught our piece here on February 6 about Ronna McDaniel stepping down after the South Carolina primary, you read that election denier Michael Whatley was Donald Trump’s hand picked successor to the RNC throne. And a little further down you read that Charlie Kirk had suggested that maybe Lara Trump would be a good pick for RNC co-chair. It was bwahahahahaha last week. This week, it’s really happening.

Former President Donald J. Trump is privately discussing endorsing his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, to be the co-chair of the Republican National Committee, according to three people familiar with the discussions.

Mr. Trump has already told those close to him that his preferred choice to replace the current R.N.C. chair, Ronna McDaniel, is Michael Whatley, the committee’s general counsel. But he is now also discussing Ms. Trump, who is married to his son Eric, as his pick for co-chair, the people familiar with the matter said. The party rules designate one male and one female co-chair.

Ms. Trump has worked closely with the committee for several years, and she is seen as a prolific fund-raiser. She also would be trusted by the Trump family, which has put an imprimatur on almost every aspect of the former president’s political life and which closely watches how resources are allocated.

However, two people described the situation as fluid, given the various moving parts. […]

Mr. Trump’s team plans to meld the R.N.C. with his campaign as much as possible, a change from 2016, when he was the insurgent nominee whose team was often at odds with the party’s stalwarts, and from 2020, when he was the incumbent president with a team that allocated core functions to the party committee. This time, his team is aiming for as little daylight between the two entities as possible, according to several people briefed on the matter.

But here’s the deal: The two new positions, chair and co-chair, must be elected by the Party Committee, which consists of 168 members. Trump endorsed Whatley in 2023 as the co-chair and it didn’t happen. Now he wants to endorse Whatley as chair and his daughter-in-law as co-chair.

If he does in fact endorse that ticket and both parties win, then the MAGAfornication of the Republican party will be complete. That’s all folks, like Bugs Bunny used to say at the end of Looney Tunes. The RNC and the Republican party generally, will be MAGA. It will be Trump.

I have said for some time that the GOP is collapsing and if this happens, with the RNC, look for the collapse to be official. I guess we’ll find out at the ballot box if the country wants to vote for MAGA or democracy.

Bottom line, either MAGA takes the GOP down, or MAGA takes the country down. So I vote for taking the GOP down. Let their monster destroy them as Lindsey Graham predicted that he would.

Right now you see competent Republican congress members and senators resigning, and you see MAGAts stepping up in their place. This isn’t democracy, this is kakistocracy.

It does make this election black and white however. And there is a lot to be said for clarity.


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  1. The situation is ‘fluid’ alright…it’s called diarrhea! The platform? Free Depends. Free Adderall! Free Cds of her singing the line…you can stand me up at the gates of hell.

    • Now that’s comical. Lara is going to stand the GOP up at the Gaetz Of Hell. And Satan will welcome them in — he’s got most of them anyhow.

      • I really doubt that Ould Nick would welcome Don John.

        The reason is simple – he’d be afraid that the seabhac cach would go after HIS job

        (to save anyone trying to google the Irish – it’s a nickname for a seagull – a s**te-hawk)

  2. Prolific fundraiser? Really? Maybe she’s been out there “soliciting donors” (let your imaginations run free folks) and generating big donations and none of that’s been reported. If it has I haven’t see it. That means they must be talking about her Trump ability to generated MASSIVE sales of her (alleged) singing – country music’s biggest star. And massive concert revenues. Poor Taylor Swift is constantly in tears over how much bigger Lara’s concert revenues are than hers. Huge venues. Filled with big strong men in tears saying “fifty thousand a ticket isn’t nearly enough to pay for the incredible performance you put on. Here’s my bank info and signed & notarized power of attorney for you to take however much more you want to help Trump.” And women, “already beautiful women” can right there have “only the best” plastic surgeons shove in a set of beach ball implants and inject their lips full of silicone for the low, low price of $500k per boob job and 200k for lip puff up job with the proceeds going to Trump. And they fight to get their place in line because why be beautiful when they can look like Lara?

  3. Quite frankly I hope the idiotic, thieving little twit gets the job-we will be rid of the g.o.p. that much sooner. What ronna did not quite finish, this idiot tw*t will do in no time.

  4. Just buy the bingo a karaoke machine, tell her it is a recording studio, and the lyrics are there just to help. And the world is said with bated breath to hear her new CD.

    • Just buy the bimbo a karaoke machine, tell her it is a recording studio, and the lyrics are there just to help. And the world is said with bated breath to hear her new CD.


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