This is getting out of control by any rational standard. I don’t claim to know staffing functions at Mar-a-Lago but somebody must be in charge of babysitting Trump or at the very least keeping an eye on his phone. It doesn’t seem like that’s the case this Easter morning. Alina Habba is still celebrating her birthday with Lara and Kimberly, we assume that Chris LaCivita, Trump’s campaign manager, might be a normal guy and spending the day with his family. Maybe this is what happens when he’s not there to supervise the GOP candidate. Or, maybe LaCivita has just given up and figures let the chips fall where they may, as long as the checks keep clearing the bank. Any political strategist who’s ever worked on a losing campaign will tell you that at some point that’s where it gets to. Here’s a sampling because no way am I going to post 71 pieces of derangement today.

You get the picture. Here’s another.

And yes, he went there. He is the one who got crucified, not Jesus.

This was in the same thread so I simply had to share it. Melania squeaks through a recitation of the Lord’s Prayer. She has the advantage of being able to read it, he doesn’t even try to fake it.

Trump is referring to a conspiracy theory that has been debunked. The “dream” image that Loren Merchan supposedly posted was of Trump behind bars. She did not post it. But like all things conspiracy theory, now it’s out there in the social media MAGAverse and so it is a Trump truth forever. Now here he goes on about his appeal.

Alright, now it’s becoming plain as day. Trump is freaking out over his appeal — yes, he’s upset over a lot of things and they’re all mashed together here, but a recurring theme is the appeal. And that makes sense. He does not have a lawyer. And without an appellate lawyer, there is no appeal.

So what is sinking into what’s left of his mind is the fact that he’s going to lose all that money, the $454M. He’s on the hook for it all. He might have gotten a court to rule that his bond could be substantially reduced, but that doesn’t take him off the hook. A court ruled against him, a fine was assessed and he needs to pay that fine — or appeal it. And if he can’t appeal it, then he needs to pay and that’s that.

Ergo, on a fine Easter Sunday, when the rest of the world takes pause to celebrate the miracle of Easter, to enjoy friends and family, to do what normal people do on this major holiday, Donald Trump is doing what he does on all holidays and normal days: feel sorry for himself and kvetch about it.

Poor Donald. Life is so so unfair. And guess what? Things are going to get much much worse. Just wait until after Trump has lost the election and is facing multiple prison sentences.

Maybe Joe Biden will give him a break. Maybe he’ll pardon him if he just wears an ankle bracelet and stays at Mar-a-Lago. And make no mistake, a lot of Republicans are gaming out the scenarios that could take place. One scenario that has been thought of a lot is that Trump simply croaks, because once he’s out of the scene, then and only then can a post-Trump GOP begin to regroup. Seems crazy, considering all the damage that Trump has done, but it’s true nevertheless. The MAGA cult will worship their messiah as long as he’s on this side of the grass. It may not be possible to move beyond him until he’s gone.

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  1. Execute his ass? If only we could. There have not been too many humans in our history in as much need of being executed, who hadn’t been, than this shit gibbon.

    When something serves no useful purpose other than to degrade or destroy the things around it, you throw it in the trash before it does this-think a moldy piece of fruit for instance. When a “human” exists who seeks only to degrade and destroy everything around him, you get rid of it. Execution seems the most humane way to do this even though he is as undeserving of humane treatment as he is undeserving of any praise whatsoever.

  2. They put down rabid dogs and I love dogs. We’ve executed killers with much less blood on their hands than this vile child killer. Hey fatass…if you’re like Jesus then let’s crucify you and see if you come out the other side. Back up your bullshit for once in your sorry phucking evil existence. If you don’t have the balls for that, and we all know what a true coward you really are…at least pass out Jim Jone’s recipe for communion wine to all your nazi friends. Judgement awaits those that mock the Almighty is what I hear.

  3. After watching The Life of Brian for the 12th time, anyone to do a GoFundMe to create an hologram of Donald Trump’s mother?

    I would love to play it at all Trump rallies and have it pop up and say:
    “He’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!”

    • At least Brian tried to convince the rabble he wasn’t the messiah! This evil entitled arrogant malignant serial lying narcissist rapist thinks he is or at least makes his moronic rabble think he is.

  4. NO Ursula… the message is that .. you should believe everything in SALON article on his mental state…
    HERE gt conway shared the perfect tweet from the shallow state.

    BUT TODAY, THERE’S MORE. He has a NEW fear now. He’s losing his mind – his acuity.
    He knows it now. He hates himself for it. He hates being pulled back, not being able to absorb adulation at rallies. He hates hearing people tell him he needs to be careful.
    Neither you nor I can EVER feel the kind of desperation and rage Trump feels now. This is a man terrified that all that he is, and all that he ever said he was – his entire lifetime of secrets and lies and false constructs – is crumbling into ash.
    This is a malignant narcissist in decline.


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