Call me anything you want, just don’t call me late for dinner   Old joke

Lawrence O’Donnell mentioned this on his show tonight, and I just wanted to highlight and write about it, because in the crush of news, and so many things going on, it’s possible for things that are really important to slip under the cracks.

I think we all know by now that Donald Trump is the single most egotistical, narcissistic man ever to befoul the planet. He has one name, and one name only, Mr. Trump. Just look at poor Michael Cohen, he worked for Trump for more than 10 years, Trump fucked him sideways, and even while betraying him in testimony before a House committee, he only referred to him as Mr. Trump. I wouldn’t be surprised if Melania didn’t have to call him Mr. Baby, and if his kids didn’t grow up calling him Sir. 

Of course the proudest and most satisfying moments of his life were the four years that he was constantly referred to by all and sundry as Mr. President. But thankfully those dark days are over, and while Trump may dream of a return to previous days of glory in 2024, for the moment he has a new official title to live with. And he can’t like it much.

Defendant Trump. That is what His Lowness is referred to in almost any official documents these days. And at age 75, that is the title he is most likely to carry for the rest of his misbegotten life. Because from here on out, the vast majority of documents with Trump’s name on them are likely to be court filings.

  • Trump is a subject in a civil investigation by the New York Attorney General’s office into his organization
  • He is a subject in a criminal investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, again into his organization
  • He is the defendant in 3 different civil suits in DC federal court for inciting the January 6th Capitol Riot
  • He is a subject of a criminal probe by the Fulton County District Attorney for alleged election fraud
  • Trump is the defendant in the Summer Zervos defamation suit, which is in discovery and deposition phase after getting the go ahead by a federal judge
  • Trump is the defendant in a civil secual assault case brought by Vanity Fair writer E Jean Carroll, who claims he groped her in an elevator alcove in Trump tower
  • Trump is a subject in the J6 committee hearings for possibly inciting the Capitol riot, and may already be under DOJ investigation for same
  • Trump may well soon be the subject of a DOJ investigation into his unauthorized removal of 15 boxes of presidential papers to Mar-A-Lago in violation of the Federal Paperwork Act, including some that were clearly marked Confidential, National Security, and some of which reportedly dealt with the Capitol ruit

Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Even the Ma Barker Gang pulled off a string of jobs like this! And the funny thing is that all of these are either in the loate investigative phase, awaiting approval to move to discovery and deposition, or already in the discovery and deposition phase. The actual suits have all already cleared the standing hearing to go on. The NY AG, Manhattan Da, and Fulton County Da’s cases would likely go before grand juries for indictments. The point  being, none of these suits are frivolous, like the ones Traitor Tot brings.

As all of these cases are in different stages, it will literally take years to convict The Cheeto Prophet of any or all of them. And then even more years for Trump to fight the verdict(s) in the appeals process. And as Trump is grossly obese, with high cholesterol, and now under more stress than is healthy for any man, he is edging over the line to a coronary.

But the funny thing is the timing. While some suits, like the Zervos and Carroll suits are in discovery and deposition, they could come to trial in the next year or so. But there is no schedule for the NY AG’s case, although deposing the Trump trio would likely send that to final mode, the Manhattan DA’s criminal probe, or the Fulton County DA’s probe. It could be months yet before any of those cases even come before the grand juries, and more than a year after the return of true bills of indictment before they go to trial. How does Trump run for President again in 2024 when he’s spending every day in some court listening to prosecutors tell the world what a miserable shit he is?

Defendant Trump. You know, I kind of like the sound of that title. In fact, there’s only one title I can think of that I’d like more. Convict Trump. And as arrogant of a criminal as Trump has been, I can easily see that being somewhere in the future. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. Joe Biden head of the Biden crime family should be indicted and charged with treason, and or High Crimes and Misdemeanors . Trump is not the problem but our corrupt media, covering for the Biden administration, Hillary Clinton and others is the reason why the people don’t know the facts

    • ———Trump (known as “Don the Con” for decades in NYC) by the numbers:
      1.3B, is Trump’s DEBT, as of Oct 2021 according to Forbes.
      25M paid by Trump in 2016 to Trump University students—found guilty of FRAUD
      2M paid by Trump in 2019 to 8 charities after NY’s AG sued & proved FRAUD
      30,573 FALSE or misleading claims were made by Trump in the 4 years of his presidency
      11,780 votes ILLEGALLY asked for by Trump in a recorded phone call with Georgia election official
      780 retired generals and former national security leaders spoke out against TRUMP during his tenure
      725+ have been charged for the Jan 6th insurrection, which was led by ringleader Trump, via his tweet to “fight like hell”
      60+ BIG LIE legal challenges were lost by Trump (100% of ALL challenges) which included Trump appointed judges
      15 covid cases TRUMP said would go down to 0 soon…has now reached over 78 million (and still counting)
      13 business failures and 6 bankruptcies is Trump’s “business” resume
      11 Trump associates have now been charged with crimes
      10 new GOP state laws shift power of elections from votes to partisan entities (based on Trump’s big lie)
      7 states submitted FRAUDulent Electoral College documents (to support Trump’s big lie)

      no one could have predicted that the party of Nazis, racists, misogynists, compromised Russian assets, pedophile wrestling coaches, sex-trafficking party boys, blackout-drunk rapist judges, and bone saw murder apologists would also be the party of sore loser insurrectionists

    • Obviously, you are a very stupid Trump supporter. Too bad. One of these days you might learn the truth. If you listen. Or are you deaf? Can’t you read? I guess not.

    • Friend, I think you are a little misguided. There is no Biden crime family. First thing is the Biden’s would actually have to commit a crime. As for Hillary, everyone that has investigated her has not found anything. Now the trump crime family quite possibly could go down on a RICO case. As the story says. There is so many cases that his lawyers are giving him a volume discount. That’s when the judge isn’t throwing the losers out of their courtroom for gross incompetence and total stupidity. As they say, you just can’t fix stupid.

  2. Why awaiting moderation your censoring? Sure will be nice when Trump‘s website is up and we can all say what we want.

    (Moderatr’s Note) My apologies for your comments taking a while to be cleared. Sometimes the reasons for the software placing a comment or even all comments from some posters into moderation is both unclear and something of a mystery. This site started very small, as a specialized offshoot of a larger venture. It’s original owner decided to have its focus expand some, and eventually sold the whole enterprise – in parts. This has always been a small site and unlike a certain person who has made grand claims in the past about some venture coming (including a social media venture) that will be the biggest, bestest most awesomely unbelievable great thing, greater and more bigly awesome than everything that’s ever been done put together this site and its owner has always been straight with readers – PZ is a small site that has had its struggles since the original owner divested. She has kept folks in the loop about technical difficulties, and that growth would take time, and that “cool” features (for instance the recent adding up like/dislike buttons) would be added incrementally. Personally I like to think of this site as a food truck that people liked so much that its owner decided to open a small (emphasis on small) restaurant when a space become available near its most popular location. Folks slowly learned it was there, and while some were willing to walk a couple of blocks not everyone was pleased it was no longer right outside the entrance of their office building. Others liked getting out a bit, and gladly made the walk & enjoyed being able to sit down outside the office to eat no matter the weather but hoped for a fancier place with a wider menu. Levels of patience vary when some food truck owner decides to open up shop at a fixed location. The conversion comes with unexpected and unforeseen issues sometimes. But the customers don’t see all that. So it is with this site, or at least that’s how I see it.

    The owner and those of us who try to support this site either by writing for it, providing a little help with day-to-day admin stuff etc. feel those who don’t agree with the prevailing political views of this site should be able to post here and offer their views. Being a privately owned site there are some rules which most (not all, but most) people find reasonable. Things like making direct threats to harm another person or thing and/or inciting violence (admittedly it’s sometimes a judgement call on whether the line has been crossed), disinformation/misinformation that can be harmful to others (again, sometimes judgement calls have to be made), questionable links (especially from either brand new people here or to recognizable sites known to peddle untruths) and of course spam are subject to editing, deletion or even banning. That’s actually part of any site’s rules.

    I disagree with you but nothing you’ve said in either of your comments warrants being edited or deletion. Some here might well respond albeit in a manner you don’t like but I have a feeling you can take any insults that come your way. I even have some faith that if you choose to insult back that given what you’ve said so far your comments are likely to be published as written, especially if you’ve read all this since you seem quite capable of understanding boundaries. Most people who come here to offer comments like yours get their comments published. There aren’t a lot, but some folks like you do show up sometimes. Of those few stick around, since there tends to be pushback. But the bottom line is that sometimes new people have their comments go up without getting diverted into moderation, and a handful of longtime site participant’s (who are progressive btw) comments go to moderation. I try to keep an eye out, but I do try and sleep at night so during what would be sleep hours in my time zone instead of an hour or two it might be six or seven hours. So my apologies for your comments sitting so long in moderation. As I said, the current owner often notes we are a small site with limited resources. Like most small businesses growth, and with it the ability to provide more and faster service growth comes slowly.

    • Thank you, Ursula. Very polite and informative. Now if you could just keep my contact info In it’s place. I usually have to fill it out everyday that I comment. And although disturbing and irritating opposing views have a place. I just really can’t understand the mentality of some of these people. They act like they are aching for controversy. Anyway, I think you do a good job considering the circumstances. Thank you for your service. It is appreciated.

  3. Actually E Jean Carroll ex Vanity Fair with some credibility states that Trump actually raped her in the changing room of a New York fashion store and she still has the stained dress as proof. Perhaps Mary Trump could provide her DNA as a partial match to the stain.



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