The Trump Foundation Suit Is YUGE! As An Omen Of The Future For Clan Trump.


Earlier tonight, when I listened to a detailed description of the New York State civil case against Donald Trump and his offspring over the Trump foundation, it struck me immediately. This is one of those pointy ended signs on a trail post, one that points the way to your destination, And for the Trump Clan, it’s lettered “This way to durance vile.”

There are two things that we all know only too well about Glorious Bleater by this time. One, for all of his bluff and bluster, he’s one of the dumbest sumbitches ever to walk the earth. And two, he’s as arrogant as any tinpot dictator. And it isn’t restricted to him, other than Tiffany and Barron, his kids are the same way. Trump grew up wealthy, privileged, and feels invincible. And his three eldest kids are the same, you can see it in every snotty smile and imperious glance. But what did you expect? If the father is a velociraptor, it’s highly unlikely that his offspring will grow up to be vegans.

The important thing to remember about the Trump foundation civil suit is that it’s not a one off. This is not just some new scam that he figured out a couple of years ago. It fits a long pattern of financial skulduggery. There was Trump U. There was the Trump Ponzi marketing scheme involving nutrition supplements. They all have one thing in common, and that thing is Donald J Trump.

This is important. This isn’t Trump’s first venture, and he didn’t just invent this from scratch. Trump used techniques and practices he has used in his businesses since day one. Why wouldn’t he, he’s never been caught before. But that’s flawed logic. Trump used to run a privately held company, with little regulation. He tried to keep his flim-flams under the radar, and nobody came looking. But Eric Schneiderman came looking at the Trump foundation. And as easily as he unraveled that scam, how hard do you think it is going to be for state prosecutors to start unraveling scams in his other businesses, now that they’re looking, conceivably with a helpful nudge from Robert Mueller. And now that they have a feel for his techniques and bookkeeping.

Bank fraud. Wire fraud. Money Laundering. Falsifying information on state forms and applications. Double billing or payments. God knows what all, and all just sitting there, waiting to be discovered by investigators. And since these would be state charges, pardoning himself in advance wouldn’t do him a bit of good.

And the beauty is that they don’t even have to try him immediately. An indictment or criminal charges stops the statute of limitations, the case is now in the court system. And his right to a speedy trial is no issue, since most states have an “availability waiver,” if the defendant is currently unavailable.The charges will just sit there until he leaves office. And if he scoots to Mar-A-Lago instead of New York, the state can file extradition paperwork with Florida to have him returned. If the state can legitimately charge him, it is hard to see how he doesn’t face trial sooner or later.

But, but, but, what about Donnie redux, Ivanka and Eric? They’re in the same boat, only worse. The minute they’re charged or indicted, they can be arrested and tried. And again, a Presidential won’t save their bacon from the skillet. Look at it this way. Whether you grow up to join the family business, or start a business of your own, who has been your constant mentor almost from the cradle. And does anybody really believe that Daddums trained them to stay on the straight and narrow in business when he himself is as bent as a right angle? Especially if he’s never been caught in all of these years?

Now that Robert Mueller tipped over the rock in his investigation, and Eric Schneiderman basically kicked the rock into the river, I find it highly likely that at least some fairly serious criminal charges are going to come out of what I’m sure are some, at least for now, very low key investigations into the Trump family businesses. And I have little doubt that Jared Kushner is likely directly in the line of fire too, either in New York, New Jersey, or both. And now that acting NY AG Barbara Underwood has shown that she is willing to go toe to toe with Der Donald, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Robert Mueller throws her the occasional treat. After all, who has more motivation to ensure that Trump pays one way or another than Robert Mueller? What goes around, comes around.

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