Donald Trump is distracted today. He has to go to Ivana’s funeral, which he says “will not be easy!!!” How we feel for him. We know him to be a man of deep love, who only strays from the woman he’s committed to if somebody else with a pulse happens to be within range. Otherwise, devotion, thy name is Donald. He’s a simple man with simple drives. Anything or anyone he sees, he asks himself, “do I eat it, kill it, fuck it, or make money off it?”

And look at it this way, maybe the MAGAs will send him money to ease his pain. Money, drugs, anything negotiable will be welcome. If it’s drugs, Junior will make sure they get put someplace safe.

But besides the laying to rest of Ivana, the missing Secret Service tapes weigh heavy on his mind.

Interesting that Trump would chime in on this. But it gets stranger still, following his “train of thought.” He’s still obsessed about Georgia.

He keeps cycling back to this and repeating himself. I’m not a psychologist but I think it’s pretty obvious that Georgia and the investigation by the Fulton County D.A. is something he thinks about a lot. The Secret Service “truth” makes sense, because that story broke ths morning. But to repeat, once again, ad nauseum, how innocent the phone calls with Georgia were after the election, is just that much more evidence that Georgia is the smoking gun.

Well, Donald, pull yourself together and go to Ivana’s funeral. You know and I know and we all know that you wouldn’t be going at all if you never became president and the eyes of the world weren’t on you. But pretend. Mug for the cameras. Don’t throw yourself on the coffin, thought, that might piss off Melania. And you’ve got enough problems.

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  1. Melania doesn’t care what TFG does. They are already living separate lives. No one has seen them together in months. As to the USSS texts, he probably thinks claiming they would help him, now that he knows they can’t be retrieved, is just more of his disinformation.

  2. They won’t help him. They’ll likely show that some SS people were working for him, not for the government. And every agent who deleted their text messages for those days should be fired.

  3. Sure Don, sure.

    Trump appointed the head of secret service in 2019 because he promised to bury anything that could hurt Trump’s 24/7 crime spree since 2016.

  4. Hey everyone. If his lips are moving or his fingers are typing, it’s a lie. He knows nothing else. Neither do his sycophants. I don’t give a rat’s ass whether they are talking heads, congressional members, his family, the secret service, or his fucking doctor. It’s as dependable as gravity.

  5. A) those texts CAN be found and it is asinine to think or say otherwise (what the fuck is the g-damned NSA for anyway F.F.S.). B) even tho’ the texts can be found, the fact the SS did not provide them as ordered means they belong behind bars. So put the shits in jail and go after the texts.

  6. OK – where did anyone state that he ‘tried to choke a SS agent’? If I recall the testimony, the witness said she was TOLD that he grabbed a SS agent by the collar bone. That’s the SHOULDER – not the neck

    ‘The Beast’ is simply the code name for the vehicle the president is in – not necessarily the armoured limo. It’s the same with ‘Air Force One’ – that’s ANY aircraft he’s traveling in.

    Finally – why would there be any text messages from that particular incident? Did the SS have enough time on their hands that they could text anything – instead of using their radios or even to TALK on their phone? It takes TWO hands to text


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