I don’t know why this didn’t occur to me this morning when I wrote about Ronny Jackson’s successor giving Donald Trump a glowing bill of health. I guess I was too busy spitting nails because once again Trump insists on insulting our intelligence. We can see that the man is red faced and obese. It’s obvious he is not the picture of health. So why have some doctor lie? Simple: he’s avoiding releasing his medical records. It’s so much easier to just have some hired gun lie than to do what Joe Biden has done, which is release volumes of medical data. If Joe gets a hangnail, we know about it. Trump on the other hand, could have skyrocketing blood pressure (I’d be surprised if he didn’t) and let’s face it friends, morbid obesity is not good for the heart. PoliticusUSA:

Donald Trump got away with not releasing his medical records during the 2016 election and refused medical information while he was president. Trump and his administration lied about how sick he was with COVID, and there remain suspicious trips to Walter Reed that have never been adequately explained.

In contrast, President Biden released a 5-page health summary of his most recent physical in 2023. Trump’s note from his doctor was not even five paragraphs long.

President Biden released decades of his medical history and records in 2019. The records included specifics about what Biden has been treated for and when.

Trump’s vague note from his doctor notably contained many generalities but no specifics.

The question that the American people need to ask is, what is Donald Trump trying to hide from the voters? If Trump is as healthy as he claims, he should be racing to release as much detailed information as possible.

The bottom line, friends, is that Trump’s medical records are like Trump’s tax returns. He would not be hiding them unless he had to. And we find out every day in every way why Trump hid his tax returns. That’s, in large part, what the Trump Organization fraud trial is about, is what Trump told the insurance companies, and the banks, and the IRS. These were not the same stories. If they were, then why did Trump’s Chief Financial Officer, Allen Weisselberg, go to prison recently?

The medical records are no different. You think for one nanosecond that if Trump had something to crow about, say a blood pressure that was decent, say 134/80 — not perfect, but absolutely within the realm of the good, especially for an obese man of 77 — he wouldn’t be crowing about it? He went on TV to talk about “person, woman, man, camera, TV,” as if that was the most remarkable intellectual feat of all time. It escaped the man that the purpose of that simple test is simply to determine is somebody is lucid enough to remember what was just said ten seconds previously. But not to hear Trump tell it. No, Sir, to hear Trump tell it, he had just figured out the theory of relativity.

If Trump is resorting to this subterfuge, then he’s hiding plenty. He can’t hide the weight. That’s obvious. That’s out there for one and all to see. As for the actual numbers, the weight, the blood pressure, whether he did in fact have a mini stroke (or what occasioned the mysterious midnight ride to Walter Reed) we will never know.

The media is busy roasting Joe Biden in the coals, like a chestnut, because he turned 81 today. Happy Birthday, Mr. President. We love you here, if that matters. But I doubt if Trump dodging the release of his medical records (and he’ll be 78 when running again for the Oval Office) will be reported so vociferously.

But let’s look on the positive side: it should seriously be required that candidates for president provide both their income tax returns and their medical records. And if they can’t do that, or won’t, then they are simply disqualified from running. Let’s make it simple. Because Trump may in fact choke on a cheeseburger and keel over. That’s not out of the realm of possibility.

He tops 300 lbs. That’s obvious from looking at him. And driving across a golf course is not exercise. I’m impressed that he emerges from the golf cart and swings at a ball. That is something. But let’s be realistic, shall we? The man is as much of a physical mess as he is an emotional one, and he underscores that fact every single day of his life.

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  1. Ursula…review the interview/podcast one of the people who worked for years on the pageants, the Apprentice and other live shows. He spills a lot of disgusting dirt about Trump being a coke head, and later taking up Adderall for his dyslexia. He can’t read. Uses racial slurs all the time. Shits his pants due to the Adderall/Valium addiction. Wears diapers, and a girdle. He also wears 3″ lifts cuz he’s 6′ tall. He puts on his own makeup and spends an hour doing his own comeover. He is basically not only a horrible person but a physical wreck. He hates walking due to the girdle and lifts pitching him forward. The list goes on but it was fear of lawsuits and careers being ruined that kept so many people silent for so long. Check it out.

  2. Funny, but I’m a legitimate 6’4″. I’m also obese, medically speaking after becoming disabled I became considered morbidly obese. I have a variety of health issues including chronic high blood pressure going back 20 years to when I was pretty fit but working myself into an early grave in the municipal cemetery I managed at the time. I maintain an acceptable BP (not great but not really worrisome) with medication although the dosage went up after I became disabled. A foot injury not long ago led to twice a week home nursing care and of course at the start of each visit the nurse took my vitals. And did so with the old school blood pressure cuff and stethescope instead of those automatic machines so the readings were I know accurate. One day, despite it having been a stressful morning my BP was 118/66 which was incredible! Usually it was more in the 130 or so over 80 or so range. Not great but given my condition not all that bad either. My point is that even with all my medical problems including being obese I have an okay (but at a keep an eye on it level) blood pressure and since except for the six weeks of being more immobile than usual I get out and walk some a few times a week meaning I get more exercise than Trump. But it takes significant medication to keep my blood pressure under control. So hell yes we should know more about Trump’s health.

    Oh, once the doctor said the wound was healed up (in addition to the broken toes there was a laceration that was awkward to stitch up and they tore and got infected at one point) and to start walking again but be careful about those toes which will be a long while truly “healing” I had a visit from the head nurse to discharge me from home care. As with her initial intake visit my exam was more intensive (a different nurse did most of the home care stuff) but my discharge visit included something additional. She said she’d give me some words and come back to them in a bit to see if I remembered them! Yep, I wound up getting a basic cognitive test. Guess what? I’m a freaking GENIUS! At least by Trump standards. No problem remembering them. My GOD! What a horrifically difficult test. No wonder he’s boasted about how awesomely smart and sharp he is!

    Okay, I’m being snarky of course. It’s just a very basic cognitive test I got and the word thing is but one part. But it’s pretty simple shit. I’m a fairly smart guy but even if not I don’t think I’d have had any trouble “acing” it.

    Pssst. Maybe someone should tell Trump some liberal that KNOWS Trump and his minions are all stupid pieces of shit should tell him I too aced such a “hugely difficult test.”

  3. What an amazing coincidence that tramp claims to have been examined by his doctor on today of all days…Joe Biden’s birthday!
    Tramp couldn’t stand that Joe Biden was going to get attention today, so he made a quick call to his quack doctor for some quick dictation on the kind of note he wanted written, and it probably only cost him a thousand bucks.
    Just tell ‘em I’m incredibly healthy and leave the rest to me brings back vivid memories of when he demanded the DOJ write a note saying that the election was fraudulent and leave the rest to me and the republicans in congress.
    Fact is, tramp was in court all day, so he couldn’t have seen his quack at all. He made the call to the quack on the phone in his plane than ate 4 Big Macs, 2 filet of Fish, 4 large fries and 3 chocolate milkshakes before taking a nap.
    Tramp lies about everything.

  4. Trumps hiding his medical records for the same reason he pretends he’s illiterate rather than wear his reading glasses. HE’S THE MOST INSECURE PERSON ON THE PLANET. His tissue paper ego would collapse if anyone knew he had High blood pressure (there’s no way he doesn’t considering his diet), took cholesterol medication, is prediabetic and most of all OVER 300lbs (In fact, I’d bet he’s NEVER let ANYONE weigh him) AND takes ED meds. (There’s no way a man that morbidly obese at his age is able to maintain an erection firm enough for penetration without them.) And THOSE 2 are the bottom line. He would rather kill himself than let those humiliations out in the open.

  5. Granted that stamina (and mental competence for sure) are or ought to be requirements for a President, the thought of requiring medical record unnerves me. Here are just two reasons why:

    FDR was a polio survivor, unable to walk without leg braces, and then not very far. That he only fell once in public was because his staff was constantly alert for any signs of a potential fall (until one wasn’t.) We will neveer know how WWII would have ended without him (and I for one don’t want to find out.

    JFK had Addison’s Disease. It’s true he was not in office very long. but he managed to make his mark (including on Johnson, who was impressed enough to be committed to JFK’s goal of passing the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts, thereby ending his own political career.) Also, it wasn’t his health or lack thereof which killed him. Children in perfect health (far too many) have been known to die from what did.

    If we do start geiing accurate health records, shat are we going to do with them? Start electing former coaches? (like Gym Jordan and Tommy Tuberviille?)

    I guess what I am really asking is, can the American electorate really be trusted with knowledgs of Presidential candidates’ medical conditions?


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