Maybe there’s actually a fourth ring in the three-ring circus that is Trump world. In an earlier piece today I described Donald Trump in the center ring of the stolen documents fiasco, along with a second ring of right-wing media pundits dropping him like flies and the third ring of the Republican party wringing their hands as the days count down to a crucial midterm election, which does not seem to be going in their favor.

Now I’m thinking there may be a fourth ring act taking place simultaneously and that is Trump desperately seeking to amuse himself as his world crashes and burns around him. Hear me out on this: in any sane world, a person facing indictment for the federal crimes that he is, would not be publicly playing on social media and obscure podcasts. Yet that is precisely what Trump is doing.

And it makes perfect sense. The man is useless to his own defense. His lawyers, those who are actual lawyers, want him as far out of the picture as possible so that they can work. Ergo, Trump is on the air wherever he can get an invitation, cosplaying presidential candidate if not president.

The problem with this logic is that by the time Trump would get back in office, if at all, most of the defendants will have already served their sentences. What then, reparations?

And I’m hoping and praying that some enterprising reporter can get one or more J6 defendants on the phone and find out how much money Trump is giving them and/or their lawyers. My bet is that this will come as new information to them just as it is to us.

And Trump has nothing of substance on Truth Social now because there is nothing of substance to put there by way of defending his indefensible position. So he’s fallen to posting clips of Diamond & Silk guffawing at Joe Biden and links to Breitbart articles.

But at least he’s amusing himself while the adults in his circle try to figure out how to save his skin and their own jobs.

I wonder where Trump will show up tomorrow, on some school kid’s project for video class? I honestly believe that a go getter eighth grader could get Trump on the phone for an interview. Seriously. Trump is going into the Norma Desmond phase of his life, prior to total oblivion, and nobody else is calling him.

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  1. I agree that that it’s news to the defendants and their lawyers that Trump is coughing up money for THEIR legal expenses/fees. I see us on countdown to “The checks are in the mail” in 3, 2, 1… Actually, given the mentality of many of the defendants I imagine they are as clueless as Trey Parker’s character in that hilarious movie Orgazmo, talking on the phone to the porn producer swearing his check (so the character can pay to get married in the big Mormon Cathedral/Tabernacle) was mailed and promising to write out and send a new one…soon.

  2. ummm, does the dupa yosh know that “if I run” means nothing and, in case he’s still clueless, he cannot pardon shit.

    Don’t where these “apologies” will come from. Him? Right. He does that so much doesn’t he?

  3. Pardons for Flynn, manafort, and stone to cover his many crimes didn’t teach us how corrupt this system truly is? We get one and only one more shot to turn this around. If the democrats aren’t voted into full congressional power in November & then have the balls to pass federal legislation to stop this creep toward fascism…well…better go buy a Maga hat for camouflage. Hyperbole? Yeah the fascist never drag people into the steet and shoot them in the head in front of family. Nah. That never happens. We are a ship of fools until PROVEN otherwise. Save your rationalizations & how garland is going to lock up Trump etc. Believe it when I see it. Don’t get your hopes up. His judge is busy derailing this last incident. Fact.

  4. Clearly this statement was made to dupe his low intelligence cockroaches into believing he’ll bail them out. As if, He will probably rake in a butt load of cash from the idiots who want to help him save their fellow seditionists. Don’t they know by now the guy never pays up? Does anyone really believe he’ll part with any of his hard-grifted cash to help anyone but himself?


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