Trump Blames Everything But Guns, and Himself.


Only in America can there be a mass shooting once a month, in a good month, and yet the guns themselves did not get mentioned by that country’s “leader” in his speech afterward. Only in America can a president have a rally in which someone yelled “shoot them” with respect to problems on the border and yet that president cannot acknowledge that he is part of the problem.

Only here, and only here, do we elect someone like Trump.

Trump blamed white supremacy, true. But he also blamed video games and mental illness. False.

No doubt, these people were mentally ill. No doubt that video games never really helped anyone. But every country has mentally ill people, and every country has video games. Only in this country do people regularly go off into mass shooting psychosis as a symptom. What could possibly make us different? Besides Trump, that is.

Lest you think that it is only Trump, and you surely don’t, on the radio here this morning in the deep south, they blamed abortion, too. Yes, they did, because abortion meant that we no longer value life. These people can yell “shoot them” during a rally, but it is pro-choice people who are to blame for part of the problem with mass shootings. Trump is merely part of the problem, he feeds off those who support him. It is also broken homes, kids without fathers, that are to blame. At least that is what I was hearing on the radio.

When Jesus gave his Sermon on the Mount, he mentioned that “peacemakers” are blessed and he did not mean that guns are blessed. Nor did he bless those who rally in support of the  assault rifles designed to kill people.

Of course, Jesus didn’t say shit about weapons in the sermon, he damn well did bless the peacemakers. But, you would never know it, speaking to any Republican nowadays.

I have relatives in the Canadian north. They live in real grizzly country, not Devos bear country. They also live a long way from law enforcement. Yet, somehow they manage to defend themselves quite well with their hunting riffles and hunting shotguns. They also go into a trance when someone mentions this nation’s gun fetish.

So Trump didn’t mention guns because Trump supporters, the ammo-sexuals, really don’t want guns mentioned.

Trump did not mention himself because what point would be made in that? Trump supporters see him as the second coming, and maybe don’t mind “shooting” the people responsible for what they call “the invasion.” So why would he be expected to mention his role in all this?

Just because Trump finally renounced white nationalism (but not nationalism) doesn’t somehow redeem him. As I have noted already this morning, he will always do what is best for himself.

He needs some soccer mom votes, and soccer moms want to go shopping without their kids getting shot. Soccer moms don’t want their Hispanic soccer mom friend hated, either. So he gives a half-assed condemnation of racism.

He also knows he will lose near every Republican vote should he even mention guns in his “speech.” Trump will never blame himself because he never does anything wrong.

No, Trump didn’t squeeze himself out of anything by mentioning race this morning. He keep screwing himself deeper by leaving out the things that allow mass shootings, himself and those never to be damned enough assault weapons.

And that Jesus guy? By blessing the peacemakers, he left an important inference hanging on the mounted air. Damn those who won’t do what’s possible to make peace. He never saw an assault rifle in his life, but he saw the type of people that would definitely have loved them.

That said, peace, y’all.



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  1. I’m not about to give him one bit of credit for sticking to the text that had been prepared for him to read. I don’t believe for a second he wanted to go in there and read it in the first place. So he tossed out some platitudes and a couple of things that could and should be done but there was also (as you noted) dissembling in his remarks as well. As for the “right” things he said? I’m guessing you agree that before the week is out he’ll do what he did after that WH meeting with folks from Parkland – walk it all back.

    • Nor should you give him that credit, Denis. The heartfelt statement of the actual last president of these United States is a handy reminder on how Trump has once again failed at his job. More and more, he reminds me of Prince Prospero, partying hardy in his castle until a certain crimson visitor crashes the gala to put out everybody’s lights.


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