This is what happens when my brain is bombarded with too much of the same information all day long. My mind starts to wander, I extrapolate, and come up with something I’ve never thought of before, and it seems to me that nobody else has either.

The overload I’m talking about here is of course the endless parsing and nit-picking over the voluminous amount of documentary evidence that came in today, along with detailed analysis as to how it does or doesn’t help to build the evidentiary wall showing Traitor Tot had criminal consent. And we also learned that His Lowness is such a micro manager where his money is concerned that he has to personally sign off on expenditure over $10,000. The major question that has to bge answered is whether or not Trump knew he was committing a criminal activity. The no-brainer answer is of course YES!, and I can prove it empirically right now without s single scrap of paper.

I have a News Flash! Those receipts don’t mean d*ck. Oh, they’re nice to have, and to dazzle the jury with, and confuse them, but totally unnecessary, because only one document matters. I’m going to give y’all three simple examples of common, everyday occurrences, and then I have a question for you;

  • Your car breaks down and gets towed into the shop. Five days later you get a call that the car is ready. You cab over to the shop, and the dude behind the counter hands you a bill that says, car repair services. Total due $1477.21
  • You check into the hospital for a knee replacement, as I did. Three weeks after you get out, you receive a bill from the hospital titled In patient hospital services. Total Due $107.211.39
  • You go to your accountant to do your corporate small business taxes for you. He files the forms and hands you a bill saying, Accounting services. Total due $375.00

Here’s the simple question for you. Would any of you simply open your wallet and whip out your plastic without first shouting What the F*CK! at the top of your lungs? I know I wouldn’t. Sweet Jesus, even your cell phone provider gives you a 27 page statement desperately trying to hide all of their bullsh(t add on charges and hikes.

But once he opens up a bogus dummy corporation and a home equity line of credit to pay Stormy Daniels $130,000, what does he do next? He sends Trump a bill that reads Legal Services. Payment due $370,000. And what does the world class miser and micromanager El Pendejo Presidente do? He lets his CFO Allan Weisselberg chop it into 12 monthly payments to make it easier to cook the books, and then pays off every month like a candy store owner paying off his mob loan shark.

All you really need to know about Trump and money was testified to today in court by Trump’s former Company Comptroller, Jeff McConney. McConney testified that when he first started working for His Lowness, Trump almost fired him because he heard that when McConney got a bill, he paid it! trump stormed into his office and screamed at him that you never pay a bill! You negotiate it down! trump is world renowned for self deciding on discounts when paying small merchants, vendors, or craftsmen who work for him, and threaten to tie them up in court until they go bankrupt if they don’t take his bupkis.

But when he gets a bill from his legal fixer, hitting him up for $370,000 for legal services, all he does is have his CFO break it down into 12 monthly payments, and then treats it like his cable bill. This is a dude whose secretary once testified, We don’t order Post-Its or paper clips without Mr. Trump’s approval.

  • We’ve all had our cars in the shop, and we all know that when you show up to collect it, you get a detailed bill that the desk clerk goes through with you, line by line, including the per hour labor charges
  • When I had my knee replacement, a month later I got like a 9 page itemized bill from the hospital, right down to the number of prescription strength Tylenol with Codeine I took

And after my mother-in-law’s passing, it became my responsibility to get a lawyer to settle the estate, mainly because I was the only one who had two nickels to rub together. The lawyer turned out to be a local POS in cahoots with other locals, but here’s how it worked.

It cost Teri and I a $500 retainer for the lawyer to take the case. Every month we received a detailed invoice from the lawyer. It listed every minute he spent working on the case, in 15 minute increments, at his office rate. If a law clerk or aide did paperwork or made calls, that was also listed in 15 minute increments at the lower rate. If he appeared in court, that was listed as well at the higher court rate. In the end, we blew $500.

Let me ask you this. Every month, when his lead criminal defense attorney, Todd Blanche sends Trump his monthly bill, waddaya wanna bet Trump hands that over to a company accountant to total every minute to the second, and every charge to the penny to make sure he’s not getting ripped off? My personal guess? 100%!

But when Il Douche gets a bill for some $370,000 for legal services from Michael Cohen, he rolls right over and pays off? Bullsh*t! UNfortunately for Traitor Tot, his former CFO Allan Weisselberg put the breakdown down on paper, with Trump letterhead. There was a $130,000 reimbursement for the Stormy Daniels payoff, another $130,000 to cover the taxes so that Cohen could claim it as income, and not a reimbursement, some $50,000 for incidental expenses incurred during the transaction, maybe scumbag lawyer Keith Davidson’s cut, and a $60,000 bonus for a job well done. Cohen may know how to be oblique, but Weisselberg was going to account for every penny. And he told Trump.

Trump is as guilty as original sin. While he may question every other invoice that comes across his desk, he didn’t want to know jack sh*t about the Cohen bill, simply because he already knew what it was, and what it was for. And if that isn’t a tacit admission of guilt, then I don’t know what is. There had to be a more creative way to disguise it, but Trump has no mental capacity for details. Imbecile.

I thank you for the privilege of your time.

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