Trumpty Dumpty is off and running today. He apparently has decided, in the wake of the conviction of Stewart Rhodes, no less, that he can make a cause célèbre out of how ill treated the January 6 defendants are.

The man is stupendously out of touch. Simply beyond belief. Nobody gives a rats a$$ about the purported injustice done to the people who broke the law on January 6 and stormed the Capitol. What happened to Rhodes is going to happen to others. On that you may depend.

This is Donald Trump reaching back into his old bag of tricks. He’s got to have something to rail against, to be outraged over. And this is the best he can do. Sigh. His campaign is going exactly nowhere. This is pathetic.

It was a great victory for the Justice Department, and it was the first time, in 19 trials related to the attack on the Capitol, that a jury decided that the insurrection was the product of an organized conspiracy. That is landmark. It has been hailed as such.

And Trump, lamely limping along with his rhetoric of outrage, is not going to change that.

I don’t know what he’s doing here. Does he really think that the base is going to rally behind the J6 defendants?

The man is desperate. Plus, when he does his accordion hands number, he’s lying. Remember this?

All we need now are big strong men in tears saying, “Please, Sir, save us from communism.”

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  1. Ursula the only thing I disagree with is the idea no one cares what he says. There were 75 MILLION who voted for this nazi lover after watching him for 4 years in office. Wonder how many still are on board & wonder how many of the 300 million guns on the street are in their hands? Never underestimate evil.

  2. Don’t count Fat Donnie out. While some of his base have weakened from their 7year nightmare gaslighting, most haven’t, especially not the evangelical Christians.
    Anger is Donnie Donuts’ natural state. He has had a seething cauldron of rage where his heart should be because he has been rejected by the highest realms of NY and international society. They regard him as exactly what he is: a nouveau riche parvenu with no charm, education, talent or taste. As close is he could get was charity balls, and even then his stinginess was obvious. He is a troll.


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