This is curious and in a vintage Trumpian kind of a way. Donald Trump wants your vote. Specifically, today, he wants your vote on Elon Musk’s poll about whether he should return to Twitter.

He goes out of his way to assure people on Truth Social that he’s not going anywhere, but he still wants their vote on Elon Musk’s poll?

Whut? It makes sense if you know Trump. He wants to be universally loved. He wants Twitter to beg him to come back over there, so like a world weary monarch, he can pick up his scepter and tuck his cloak around himself and saunter back over to Twitter, to reign. To reign as his subjects have begged him to reign. That’s what’s going on.

Truth Social is special, no argument there. It’s not just any social media platform that was put together by shell companies buying other shell companies and now it’s under investigation by the SEC.

It’s been speculated that Elon Musk did this poll because, like Trump, when he needs to drive attention to himself he does something attention getting.

Or, it could be that Musk really wants Trump back on the platform because he believes that it will revitalize Twitter. I don’t know about “revitalize” but it would get a lot of press for a news cycle or two. That it would do.

In all truth, Musk needs to concern himself with the technical aspects of keeping his platform viable. Everyone has told him this. If the platform crashes — and even Facebook had its moments, these things do happen — then it won’t matter what the publicity stunt du jour is.


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  1. I actually hope he does get back on. Two more years of Trump on Twitter will pretty much guarantee Democratic control of the White House, Congress, and the Senate in 2024. He will be a 2-year advertisement and fundraising machine for the left, just like in 2020. Fingers crossed. 🤞🙂

  2. Of course, he is dying to get back on Twitter! Truth “Pravda” Social is in trouble and very expensive — paying Nunes $750,000 this year, $1 million next year is just one part of the expense. Now that he has declared candidacy, losing the NRC covering his legal expenses, and his past donations he can’t use for campaigning hits him hard. And the love is gone.


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