As anybody who has ever tried it can tell you, juggling isn’t an easy skill to master. Maybe Bruno at the circus can do it in his sleep, but I can’t even keep 2 rubber balls in the air at one time, much less 5 or 6. And right now, Trump and the GOP are miserably failing in their own juggling attempts.

On Saturday night in Phoenix, Trump held what was billed as his first rally of 2022, which came off more like a Klan meeting run by a guy with a dead muskrat on his head. He dipped full body into racism, misogyny, and white grievance. In other words, the same old shit. But as in all things Trump, the devil is in the details. And while I was spared the projectile vomiting experience of actually watching it, I saw several clips, including most importantly, several of His Lowness’ warm up acts.

And I found not one but two trends that showed me clearly that both Trump, as long as his chained howler monkeys, have not only lost control of the messaging, but they’ve lost recognition of what the base message even is! Ever since his loss, Traitor Tot has royally decreed that The Big Steal, as well as massive voter fraud will be the dominant drumbeat of the 2022 midterms. So be it. But Trump seems to have forgotten some very strong statements he made in the past, which could kill him and the GOP, and nobody else seems to have picked up on it either.

Every low to mid level Arizona political flunky who took the stage Saturday night opened with a riff on the same theme, Trump won the election in 2020! Every last man-jackin’ one of ’em. They highlighted The Big Steal, and massive voter fraud. And every one of them called for the state legislature to go back into session, and decertify the 2020 election. Plus, they all bragged about their badass new voting restriction laws to keep it from happening again, gleefully threatening to jail election workers for doing their jobs.

Every one of these ballot mice is on the ballot for one office or another in November. But you know what not a single one of them did in their fawning speeches? They never begged the audience for their votes! They all begged for donations to their campaign websites, but nobody begged for votes.

Which is a real problem for the GOP. Because The Mango Messiah was the mainline speaker that night, and he has has a history of making very damaging comments for his candidates. Following his lopsided loss in November, Trump hammered The Big Steal. But he took it a step further. In another one of his trademark Trumper tantrums, he repeatedly told his voters that there was No reason to bother going to the polls, since their votes won’t be counted anyway. Georgia GOP officials quietly complain That Trump’s impertinent comments turned off just enough Trump voters to stay home in January that the Democrats took the Senate.

And Trump hasn’t let up on the drumbeat. As his parliamentary parlor tricks have failed, one after another, and Trump hasn’t slunk back into the White House, on at least 3 occasions I can recall, Trump has literally ordered his Trombie army to sit out both 2022 as well as 2024 if he isn’t back behind the Resolute desk.

This is potentially fatal for the GOP in November. Midterms are traditionally lower turnout affairs, and motivating the base to show up is critical. And while Trump and his Satan’s Choir continue to sing the Big Steal aria, I have yet to hear Trump say a single word aimed at motivating his base to get out to the polls!

We all know that Trump is obsessive/compulsive. But did Trump, with the memory span of a gamboling puppy, forget that he told the people who pay closer attention to him than they pay to their own mothers, to sit these elections out? This presents a real, existential threat for Trump and the GOP.

Look, Trombies will always come out to see Trump at a rally, he’s their fix. But Trump told them to stay home, that their votes wouldn’t count anyway. And he has never said a word to contradict that once he uttered it. Trump desperately needs his base to show up in full force in 2022 to have any chance.

But he’s already ordered them to stay home. And how does he now square that circle, and order them out to vote when nothing has changed since his original edict, he’s still not sleeping at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue again? I know, Trump voters are not the best and the brightest, or the tightest packed. But nonetheless, what reason does he give them to show up and vote in 2022, when absolutely nothing has changed since he told them to stay home in the first place? Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. Now there is a possible scenario – come 2024 election, tell the idiot “Sure, you won the 2020 election, BUT, you have now had your two terms, so p**s off – you can’t have a third”

  2. From your keyboard to God’s ears. I hope they stay home. Enough of them stayed home in GA in 2021 to elect Warnock and Ossoff. Fingers crossed they continue to obey their Mango Messiah and not participate.

  3. Right now it appears our species is making a valiant effort to prove Darwin’s theory to be a bunch of short sighted assumptions based on finches. My observations don’t match up with “survival of the fittest” scenario. We are on the brink of irreversible climate disaster that will eliminate us, & the ‘free’ people of the largest & oldest government “of the people” are doing our best to commit suicide. So if Darwin is correct then how do you explain us choosing suicide over survival? Maybe we’ve mistaken our apparent domination over the other species. After all, when we’re gone, there will be plenty of tube worms at the bottom of the ocean & plenty of cockroaches having a field day. So maybe the theory holds after all. Nevermind. As Gilda said in a SNL skit, as a hard of hearing old woman, “what’s this fuss about endangered feces?” She could have a cabinet post in the GOP.

    • For the same reason smokers, knowing all the risks, continue to smoke until it affects them personally. If it doesn’t directly affect them now, it doesn’t exist.

  4. So if he’s spitting out racist crap ?. What’s with all the black people with the Snow White t-shirts emblazoned with blacks for trump. They will be lucky to clean toilets if he gets back in. I keep forgetting that those jobs are covered by the Mexican people that trump doesn’t let in. Stay in Mexico my ass.


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