God works in mysterious ways, or so we are told, but Donald Trump does not. Although he believes that he is on a par with the deity just mentioned, as you will see below. You’ve probably heard about Trump’s latest conspiracy theory, that the United States blew up the Nord Stream Pipeline. That is scarcely conducive to international peace, when a former president accuses his own country of having committed sabotage during a time of war, but he has no problem pushing conspiracy theory, never has.

So that’s where he’s going with it. Trump seems to be intent on proving that he’s the only one who really knows what’s going on and by gosh and by golly, if you want to save this spinning ball we’re on, well, you just better let the man who knows what’s what take the reins.

Trump has offered to head up peace negotiations between Ukraine and Russia and this is what that looks like.

That’s the set up. Here is the pitch.

Trump is going to save the world. He’s apparently planning to start a religious war, from what i can gather by looking on Truth Social. If you have an account there, surf on over. It is unbelievable.

This is pure QAnon. That’s how he is leaning these days. The whackiest fringe of MAGA and he’s put it front and center. Gone are the days when he would say, “I don’t know much about them.” Here are the days when he’s riding all four horses of their deranged apocalypse.

Here is Trump the religious leader. QAnon coupled with the evangelicals, that seems to be the game plan here, at least at first blush.

The wisdom and religious insight of Donald Trump.

And here you see the evangelicals and QAnon joined together as one. This “truth” speaks of “the plan” and Christ gets dragged into this madness, naturally.

“If we trust the plan, Trump will rightfully reassume the presidency.” There you have it in black and white, friends. This is where we are six weeks out from the midterms election.

And believe me, I am sincere when I say, may God help us. Because we’re going to need all the help we can get with this one. This is getting seriously nuts, even for Donald Trump.

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  1. Oh, dear. Drumpf is getting delusional. As if President Biden needs any input from him. Not to mention Drumpf has suddenly got religion; in my opinion, if Drumpf entered a church, it would burst into flames immediately. Can he finally be retired??

    • He’s fully embraced QAnon and he loves his evangelical wingnut followers. The real Christians in this country (and I would count myself among them) are appalled.

        • You know, I specifically called you out on the subject of research. I outlined what, at a minimum, one needs to do in order for their actions to be called “research”. Anyone and everyone who has, whether for their profession or for their education leading to a profession, performed research knows what steps are necessary for their research to be considered as such and therefore worthy to be read/studied. Much to my surprise (not) you completely ignored it preferring to bray like an ass for everyone to see.

          When we are subjected to numerous rallies and the like and people are professing their allegiance to a group called Qanon, when pols profess allegiance to the same group (i.e. Margie, Bobo, Rojo, Trump, etc.), when we continually are subjected to twitters and such nonsense (how in the fuck can you people stand being a part of THAT particular social media outlet?) by and from members of that group, it exists whether we believe it does or not. Believing it exists however is NOT belief in Qanon and quite frankly I AM surprised you need basic lessons in vocabulary.

          Once again you prove you are indeed the “idiot”. I should think you’d be quite ashamed by now but perhaps you’re so developmentally disabled you just don’t understand. If that is the case then we need to excuse your ignorance. Hope you have the ability to clarify…

        • No. Sane people do.not believe in QAnon,but a lot of gophers do.
          If Fat Donnie Donuts were president, he would be bombing Ukraine and praising Putin’s genius. Oh,wait, he actually already called Putin’s invasion of a,sovereign state “brilliant” and “genius.”

          We stand with Ukraine here.

        • Do YOU have a web page? Certainly you have a website right? If not, by your own logic, you do not exist.

          Do you see how stupid that is?

          Just so you obtain a smidgen of education: did groups, associations, and people exist before we had the internet, web pages, and email addresses? Yes, of course they did. F.F.S. what the fuck is wrong with you? There’s stupid, then there’s the stupidity of the cons like Bobo, Rojo, Trump, etc. and THEN there is you. I find it fascinating there is yet something/someone stupider than the magats and their ilk.

          • red4751
            Only GOPers believe in QAnon.
            And the highly mythical.Q supposedly spreads his lies via several.sites, I have read. Likely postson reddit, that cesspool.of Intel’s and racists. I wouldn’t know because I want nothing to do with insane, hate filled, racist, misogynist fantasies for people with low IQs, poor education, and devoid of research and critical.thinking skills.

            Oh. Wait. That is Trump’s base. And you.

        • Red why don’t you get an education?! I find your remarks too boring for words most of the time, the rest of the time I just find that you are a fool.

  2. Aha! I know what happened. Putin sent some of his spy folks out to sabotage the pipeline so that Trump could then “offer” his services as a “peace broker” so he could legally leave the country and then “arrange” to fly to Moscow first, at which point, he would defect (or whatever the appropriate post-Cold War terminology might be). I think if the Biden Administration should take Trump up on his offer (ha! I made a funny!), they should keep an eye on how much luggage he takes with him.

    Apropos of nothing, but Russia just bestowed citizenship on Edward Snowden.

  3. OMG!! How could his tongue not burst into flame, making those “pious” statements. He was right in one case — the Russia-Ukraine situation would not exist if he were POTUS — he would have provided no warning, no support and demanded that NATO countries NOT support Ukraine. He would have provided Putin with intelligence & by now, Ukraine would be gone, Russia & others could start preps for WWIII by now – little question which side Trump would align with. Trump is an Atheist — like Satan would, he uses his “serpent tongue” to coax others into his fold. The lies from his evil brain hurt everyone.

  4. No worries, the catsup tosser had a previous plan when he was putin’s installed puppet…drop a nuke on the hurricane! Right nazipig? Didn’t ya see that one? Better go down in your bunker…Florida will only be radioactive for 30,000 years. That plate thrower sure is a thinker!!!! What a messianic moron.


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