Total Defeat! Trump Administration Backs Down On Anti Immigrant College Order.


On July 6th, the Trump administration announced a new order. Foreign college students would be required to take at least one college course in person on campus if they wanted to remain in this country. This was looking like a total win-win for Trump. It put instant pressure on major universities and colleges to reopen their doors for class in the fall, or lose the revenue from students who would switch to another university in order to study here. And it had the benefit of likely sending a fair number of immigrants in this country legally packing.

Retaliation was swift. Harvard, MIT, a slew of other universities, as well as 17 states filed a suit in federal court to block the order from going into effect. They argued that the order would cause an economic hardship for the schools, and ill serve students who would now have to attend school on the back side of the clock from their peers, or face challenges such as using Google in countries like China.

It didn’t take long. A district federal judge in Boston was scheduled to hear arguments less than an court ago on issuing a temporary restraining order prohibiting the Trump order from going into effect. Instead, she led off the session by announcing from the bench that the two sides had reached a resolution.It didn’t turn out to be a very complicated resolution. Basically, the Trump administration folded like a poker player holding a kangaroo straight. They just backed off and dropped the order.

This just keeps getting better and better. Historically, the Trump administration shows up in court, argues their case, and when they lose, appeal the decision and force the litigants to spend more time and money fighting the next round. But apparently the Trump DOJ is so sick of getting its ass handed to it in court that this time they just said fuck it, and went home.

This is what a whipped dog looks like. First, they use a tropical storm that had already moved into Canada as an excuse to cancel a scheduled rally with a projected dog shit attendance. And now the Tubby the Ewok DOJ doesn’t even bother to put in a pro forma appearance in court to defend another one of Trump’s racist policies. I swear, some days it’s a joy to get up in the morning.

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    • If your reasoning is bad, it doesn’t matter how well presented, or represented, you are. Court decisions at this level are decided on the facts.

    • “Better legal work” generally requires good, competent lawyers who will expect to be paid, and paid fairly and well for their hard work.

      I can’t imagine there’s such a creature left in this country. (I’m not saying the DOJ’s lawyers are less than good or competent, but they’re essentially civil servants who don’t pull in the same money their “private sector” counterparts do.)

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