At the rising of the moon, at the rising of the moon. All the pikes must be together at the rising of the moon    The rising of the moon   Irish folk song

You all know I’m a proud Irish American, and right now I’m walking on the ceiling. A fleet of 60 County Cork fishing trawlers faced down the mighty Russian navy, and made them run like a clutter of kittens. I swear, If I ever have the honor of actually meeting my long lost cousin, Patrick Murphy, I’ll stand that boyo two pints!

But in my glee and celebration, I suddenly turned reflective, which is not necessarily comfortable or familiar place. But I realized that all of us, no matter where we originally hail from, take a great deal of pride in our ethnicity. And that realization led me to the recognition that the GOP is playing a very. dangerous. fucking. game.

The GOP is cynically using a toxic witches brew of white privilege, white grievance, and overt racism in a blatant attempt to literally rewrite American history, and in doing so, restrict what American children will and won’t be taught in school. Which I guess shouldn’t be too surprising, coming from a breed that has emotionally and historically embedded itself into a history of The Antebellum South that never actually existed in the first place! It is a naked construct.

But I honestly don’t think that the GOP has stopped to consider the ultimate end game of this little charade they’re playing with our children’s education. But whether they actually realize it or not, the end game of this power play is that they want to wipe out the ethnic histories of all of the people who make them uncomfortable.

This is a fatal error. Because our ethnic heritage is what binds us together. It binds our families together, it binds us to our ethnic community, and it binds us to our ethnic communities in the old country. It is our heritage, and each one is rich with its own experience, both here and at home.

The American Polish community still almost religiously celebrates Kazimir Pulaski DayCinco de Mayo may just as well be a national holiday in this country, because it sure as hell is celebrated like it is.
And while we’re at it, you just go right ahead and try to cancel St. Patrick’s Day, and see what that gets you. Each ethnicity in this country celebrates our national holidays, and we party hard.

But the GOP isn’t trying to take away everybody’s ethnic pride and celebrations. Oh, no. They are specifically going after the ethnicities that directly threaten their shrinking power base. They want to prohibit any learning that offends their oh so delicate little special snowflake fee-fees. Mainly, anything that makes white people look like the flaming assholes they were, and in some cases, still are. But their ultimate goal is to literally erase those ethnic histories from American history.

And that won’t fly. Because their ethnic history, especially in the United States is what gives them their greatest sense of ethnic pride. They came to this country fleeing suffering and injustice at home, or in some cases forcibly, only to find more suffering and indignity. And yet they have not only survived, they have thrived. They’ve made a life better than what they left behind.

Native Americans have the Trail of Tears, along with Wounded Knee, and too many more tragedies to list to mark their experience with white men in the country they were in first. African Americans still have the anchor of slavery and racism around their necks. Along with the Civil War, Reconstruction, and a century long fight for their basic civil rights. And Hispanics have the historic stacking of the deck to them entering the country legally, forcing them to come in under the cover of darkness, and risking capture and immediate deportation every day.

Those stories are told around the kitchen table, in front of the fireplace, and at family gatherings. Family heroes are celebrated. This shared experience binds the family together, as well as their shared ethnic experience in this country. And now a bunch of pampered, arrogant white assholes literally want to wipe that history from American history. They basically want to make their ethnicity disappear in american schools.

I. Don’t. Think. So. The greatest power these people have is the right to vote. But the GOP already knows that, and is doing everything in its power to restrict that. Spoiler Alert It won’t work. These people had to shed blood, sweat, and tears to get that right, and once they got it, they had to fight constant attempts to restrict it. Hispanic Americans are used to having to show proof of citizenship in order to cast a ballot. African Americans are used to having to stand in line for more hours than most white people work in a day in order to cast their ballots. And Native Americans had to figure out a way to come up with physical addresses for their homes on the reservation, since PO Boxes were standard, and suddenly they were no good for voter registration under state law. And yet they all persevered, and continue to persevere.

How hard do you think they’ll persevere when they believe that the ethnic cleansing of their entire history is at stake? With this boneheaded political stunt the GOP is literally swinging a stick at a hornet’s nest the size of Brooklyn. And if they actually knock over that nest, may god have mercy on their souls. Because none of the denizens of that nest will have any.


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  1. It looks very like some people want to drag the US to the state that the other end of Ireland was in for 50 years – one party rule, a ‘Special Powers Act’ that allowed the Minister of Home Affairs to basically do whatever he wanted (ban political parties, toss people in jail without trial or even a hearing, etc) or whoever he appointed could do it for him in his absence.

    Trust me – I sympathise with you

    • Sunday,Bloody Sunday. The Hi get Strike in the H Blocks. I spent 6 months of my life picketing the British Consulate in NYC over the Hunger Strike. I had to stop when Mt.St.Helens erupted and I ended up.with severe bromchial.asthma. Third gen born in America. I know Irish history. Most Americans have never cheat of NINA (No Irish Need Apply) or the famine.In the 60d Dad applied for a job. The HR people told the exec search firm he was the best qualified,but they had already reached their Irish Catholic quota for the year. In 1982 I got hate mail.for writing a story in which an Irish woman Harper calls up the ghosts of the old heroes to avenge her husband’s death at the hands of a British officer.
      Every immigrant group that wasn’t WASP. has suffered this fate.

      • They did it here for years – if it wasn’t ‘what games did you play at school?’ (Protestant schools played mainly soccer and Catholic schools played Gaelic football or hurling) then a bit more direct of “what school did you go to” (back then schools were mainly segregated)

        Voting in local elections? If you weren’t a rate payer (local property tax) you just didn’t have a vote. BUT, if you owned several properties, you got a vote for each of them.

        A friend of mine who worked for British Telecom told me that, every weekend, the switch room was ‘off limits’ while the RUC Special Branch installed random wire taps (no reason – they just picked random numbers to see if anyone was ‘talking treason’ as Barry Fitzgerald once put it)

        I could go on – but suffice it to say all of the above lasted until the 1970s

  2. One basic flaw is the difference between coloring within the lines & going with ur own creation. These folks seem to believe the racial lines & loyalties are clear. Let’s see…I am as much a white native son as anyone. I was born in a famous small town in NC, in the shadow of the oldest mountains to poor white folks. As I write, my family history is as follows: I have a sister who is Cherokee, adopted as an infant. I have a biracial daughter, grown, I adopted as an infant. I have had four significant relationships with black women, having married one, & living with a dark skin lady from Tuskegee Alabama for the past 15 years. I have a black step daughter. I am now the surrogate daddy to a 5 year old black girl who lost her biological father 3 years ago. Clearly, pretending these lines are clear is a dumbass idea to start with. I know there are millions of people with situations that are similar to mine. So the very idea that all white people do this or that, or all black people…etc., is CLEARLY STUPID. Hey u gop fuckheads, if u start a race war, expect me to stand with my family, & not u evil asshats. Won’t that be a surprise to pinheads like u!!!

  3. Speaking of holidays, ask a native American and an Italian-American how they plan to celebrate Columbus Day and I’m sure you’ll get wildly different responses.

    • I work at a university and columbus day is no longer a holiday (ie. no classes). It was exchanged for the day after tx-giving (not sure that is much better but baby steps?). Now, granted we have seven reservations in this state but I see it as progress no matter how small and trivial.

  4. Yep – why not celebrate the guy who didn’t know where he was going, didn’t know where he was when he got there and did it all on someone else’s money (He thought Hispaniola was Japan).

    Oh and he never once set foot on America.


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