This Is The Damnedest Prediction About The Coming Of Donald Trump 60 Years Ago That You’re Ever Going To See


If we were to have a contest to pick the winner of the “You Can’t Make This Shit Up” award, the item I’m going to share here now would definitely be in top contention, if not the all out winner. Back in 1958, a young Robert Culp starred in a television show called “Trackdown” where he played a Texas Ranger. In an episode called, “End Of The World,” a conman, whose name is Trump, comes to the city of Talpa, predicting apocalypse, unless the residents of the town pay for a “wall” that “only he” can build. Seriously. I don’t want to spoil the plot, but this is uncanny.

This 22 minute episode, black and white, appeared on Twitter in 2016. Get a glass of wine and kick back because this is strange. I mean, Twilight Zone strange. Too bad Rod Serling isn’t around to give us his take on it. And maybe we should start looking at characters in 50’s television shows to see if any other writers of the day were able to cobble together characters we might meet in the future.

Take the time and watch this, this is one for the books. Just consider, what are the odds that all these elements of Trump would be sketched out 60 years ago in a half hour show in television’s Golden Age? This isn’t the first “Back To The Future” moment we’ve seen in this age of Trump, but so far it is the strangest.

Ding ding ding ding, ding ding ding ding.


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  1. Either Trumpelthinskin got the Wall idea from viewing this episode, or a time jumper traveled back to the late 1950’s and seeded the mind of the scriptwriter. No other logical explanation makes any sense!

    • Isn’t this a trip? I swear to God, this blew my mind. But maybe it only goes to show what a mundane cliche Trump is. Maybe it’s as simple as that, that he’s the Conman 101 version, nothing interesting or original.


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