This simply cannot continue.

He’s trying to kill people.





You will all be culpable.

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  1. Yet the networks and news agencies are doing the exact thing they did before and during the 2016 campaign… him free publicity…..

    His ignorant bobble head is everywhere, and where he is not, he interjects himself into the situation, and the the media piles on the coverage.

    By checking the headlines, you can tell exactly what Trump is doing, said, and even where he’s spending his weekend…..

    Can anyone say from the headlines where Cory Booker is today, what did Mayor Pete say, where will Kamala Harris spend her weekend…..for that matter, what did Joe Biden do today, what does Elizabeth Warren think of this, what’s Bernie Sanders up to this weekend?


    *shakes head in disgust*

    • Yep. The media are doing their best to repeat all their mistakes of 2016.

      But just you wait, some one from the Dems Suk wing of the left will come along in 3,2,1 and tell us that Dems to “learn” to do better at messaging…. at which point, the scream you hear from space will be mine 😉


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