After nearly eighteen months of legal maneuvering contesting the results of the 2022 Arizona Governor’s race which have seen her lie her way through every legal venue excepting perhaps Judge Judy’s TV courtroom, Maricopa County has at long last grown tired of Kari Lake’s Trumpian string of bogus law suits and is turning the tables:

Raw Story

“Failed Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake lost in court yet again this week, and now Maricopa County wants to make her and her attorneys pay for it. reports that the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office has made a filing arguing that Lake and her lawyers should face sanctions for having “repeatedly made demonstrably false statements to this Court” in their failed attempts to overturn the results of the 2022 gubernatorial election.”

The county’s attorneys in particular cited her lawsuit challenging the signature verification procedures for containing “several demonstrably false statements intended to confuse the Court and expand the remand proceedings,” while adding that “the claim that ‘no signature verification was conducted’ was entirely frivolous, and Lake and her counsel knew it.”

No mention in the article, however, of potential monetary judgements being sought, though raking back some of the cash her gullible supporters have been sending her, which is undoubtedly why the grift has lasted to long, would likely be the one thing that would give her pause and perhaps close her huge mouth.

Between Lake and her role model drumpf there is simply no telling how much money they have raked in from their idiot followers by defaming courts and law enforcement.

Here’s hoping that at the very least this effort by Maricopa County will make it more difficult for Lake to find lawyers willing to spin her lies into court filings in the future… because Lake seems determined to continue her losing ways:



Don’t give her ideas.




Afraid so, either that or a large fine levied by the courts.

I certainly hope that the county puts some teeth in this thing, as long as she and the Orangeutan can rake in the bucks with their lies, without real consequence, they will continue to do just that.

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  1. “After nearly eighteen months of legal maneuvering contesting the results of the 2022 Arizona Governor’s race which have seen her lie her way through every legal venue excepting perhaps Judge Judy’s TV courtroom, . . . .”

    Judge Judy wouldn’t put up with Lake’s stupidity.





      • One can ONLY hope his VP choice is as solidly as asinine as choosing Lake or MTG. That will nix the 10% of Republican voters that are comfortable voting for him leaving him with ONLY 30% of Republicans….THE MAGAts. The absolute true believers who, despite actually hearing the whining, bellyaching, bleach injecting, ineptitude of bankrupting 50% of family farmers b/c he doesn’t know how tariffs work yet they insist he’s a ‘smart, good negotiator, wants to help the workers of the US’ and is definitely NOT a self dealing, corrupt, inept willfully ignorant moron. Whatever makes it harder for him to get in the White House, I’m all for it and tapping Lake is one thing he can do that will make it harder.

  2. Attacks on our elections by these Republicansare all part of the ‘ Green Bay Sweep ‘. Every Republican that even gave a hint of supporting ‘The Big Lie’ should be arrested for being a part of the sedition conspiracy. She should be behind bars just like the Proud Boys. I know. Dream on.

  3. If as we hope Lake’s lawyers get sanctioned, and SHE has to pay a significant judgement (I wonder if it could include garnishment of her fundraising grift?) someone will write a book about her being hit with this lawsuit. I’ve even got a working title: Lake Wars – Maricopa County Strikes Back!

    On another note I clicked on that tweet of Trump on the sh*tter. Now, I’m old enough to have enjoyed Blood, Sweat & Tears’ music as it came out. Except there was ONE song I passionately hated. It was, to use an expression I learned back then not enough buttons on the radio to hit (seeking another, ANY other channel!) when Spinning Wheel started up. For the very first time in my life, I got a kick out of that song!

  4. Looks like being a 3rd TV celebrity who got her butt kicked in an election doesn’t have a free pass to file frivolous lawsuits. Sad.

  5. I live in Arizona. If Kari Lake had won, she would have destroyed my state. The only thing that she really wants is the power that the office would give her and she would do anything for herself and nothing for my state. We don’t want her. We are tired of seeing her face and reading about her. We would like to see her crawling back under the slimy rock from whence she came.

  6. There actually is a deep state – and it is 100% benign and even non-partisan. It’s the entire body of Federal employees hired through the civil service system who just go on doing their jobs regardless of who is elected to what office.

    And yes, Donald Trump** wanted to destroy it – but he didn’t have the nerve to call it the deep state, because even he couldn’t make the reality scary enough for Republicans to panic.



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