Oh yeah, I know. Just the title is enough to invite a WWE mass elimination cage match in my comments. And please, body slam away. This is just my opinion, not scientific data. Just keep it classy.

Where do you even start with a topic like this? The GOP was so uniformly horrible in 2022 that the list would be far shorter for the number of non shitty things that they pulled throughout the year. But let’s just hit a few favorites to get warmed up, shall we?

  • The GOP let Traitor Tot pretty much run the nomination slate process in 2022, allowing the Democrats to not just hold the Senate, but to gain a seat for a workable majority for the next 2 years, and to screw up the competitive swing districts so totally that the GOP couldn’t even cobble up a majority large enough to elect a Speaker
  • Following the maniac Supreme Court overturning Roe v Wade, state GOP legislatures went into an Amazon river piranha feeding frenzy to outdo each other in the extremity of their abortion restrictions and bans. Pouring gasoline on an already blazing bonfire
  • Following their 2020 ass kicking, the GOP dominated state legislatures went even further in trying to restrict voting among minorities. This brain dead knee jerk reaction totally ignored the fact that traditional GOP House and Senate candidates manages to win when they were left alone to do so. Which only inflamed minority groups already with fire in their eyes to jump whatever hoops the GOP erected in 1022
  • The imbeciles in the GOP made it clear that their goal was to install election denying candidates to the election processing offices in GOP controlled states, so that if they didn’t like the outcome of 2024, they could just overturn it. Spoiler alert. They. All. Fucking. Lost.

We could go on and on and on. The state GOP’s vicious assault on tans children, the national assault on LGBTQ rights, wanting the SCOTUS to revoke gay marriage equality, even though gay marriage is more popular than the goddamned GOP. I’m sure you have your favorites, and you’re welcome to share them in the comments. But from where I’m sitting, here’s the worst thing that the GOP did in 2022,at least for them*:05 drum roll*

They WON the 2022 midterm election in the House of Representatives.

Don’t groan and boo. Here’s why. Ever since inauguration day of 2009, when Moscow Mitch McConnell swore a mighty oath to make then President Barack Obama a 1 term President, the GOP has long ceased to be a functional political party, with ideas, programs, and a platform. In fact, what did the GOP platform committee do in the ir national convention in 2020? They basically scrubbed and platform, and decided that the platform was Trump.

Just look back over the last few months leading up the midterms. When the GOP could stop mauling each other over petty, interparty struggles, what did they run on in 2022? Other than the alternate strengths of vampires and werewolves of course. They ran on High crime, defund the police, spiking gas prices, and the highest inflation in more than 40 years. And they blamed it all on Biden and the Democrats, and they could do that because the Democrats held all 3 levers of power. And it still turned out to be a pisspoor strategy.

But as of next Tuesday, or whatever day after that these slobbering Trombies can finally come together and confirm a new Speaker of the House, that gravy train comes to an end for the GOP, especially in the House. Because the GOP will now control the House of Representatives. Which means that they have a chance to actually try to govern. Which brings us back to the analogy of the dog who catches the car. Can he drive it?

I think not. Hell, the GOP left governance behind 13 years ago when Obama was inaugurated, and have never evolved from pure obstructionism. But as of next week, the House GOP loses that open air pissing post, because they actually have the chance to govern. And the House House GOP has already laid out their 2023 legislating agenda. Hunter Biden’s laptop, impeaching DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, and investigating the investigators on the J6 committee.

One of the major lower class, ignorant GOP dog whistles that they used in 2022 was bitching about everybody who wasn’t GOP being woke. And you know what? For once they were right, but not in the way they intended. Who got woke? African Americans got woke over systemic racism, including police brutality and oppressive voting rules. Hispanic Americans got woke over systemic brutalization of their people at the border, as well as efforts to suppress their own votes. LGBTQ members got woke at the frustration of their community, and especially at their younger members just coming out, being treated like punching bags by a bunch of rich, arrogant, homophobic assholes trying to use them to gain votes. And Asian Americans, Jews, and Muslims got woke over the GOP using them as bait to rile up their racist base. You want to talk about woke, morons? Right now, the only people left asleep are in medically induced comas.

And the Democrats are, or damn well should be loaded for bear. After all, even though they’re in the minority in the House, that doesn’t stop the Democrats for bringing publicly popular bills to the floor, and then letting the GOP quash them in committee. And a well tutored Democratic Senate, with a now clear majority can not only introduce new investigations at the Senate level, but more forward with due diligence to pass popular legislation, even with carving out exceptions to the filibuster when necessary. Manchin and Sinema are both in reelection dogfights, and can’t afford to piss off their voters.

It’s so simple. Just. Do. The. Peoples. Work. Pass the legislation in the Senate, and let the GOP bury it in committee in the House. Keep proposing progressive bills in the House, make sure it’s televised, and then let the GOP bury it in the committees. because this is the road to disaster for the GOP in 2024.

I wrote a couple of days ago that Trump and the GOP literally saved democracy in this country. They did so for 2 simple reasons. First, Trump’s shock and awe victory in 2016 reminded everybody in the country about the dangers of complacency when it comes to our fragile democracy. And second, once the voted for Democrats, and Democrats actually got shit done, the voters learned that they can make a difference if they just show up and make their opinions known.

And this is the sunlight to the GOP’s vampire. Look, we all know that the GOP isn’t going to accomplish a goddamned thing over the next 2 years, especially in the House. But the Democrats will keep fighting the good fight. And going into 2024, who is the leading light of the Republican party? His Lowness. The man that the majority of voters have soundly spanked for 3 straight elections. Even if Trump isn’t the nominee, he’s going to be the power player in the GOP going into 2024. And that way lies madness.

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  1. It is hard to see why anyone would vote for a party that has as a policy, ‘Don’t trust the government to actually DO anything, elect us and find out why’.

  2. Oh, Murf, that may not even be the best part. If there’s enough criminal indictments of GOP House members, they may not even KEEP that joke of a majority for long.

    “My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings!/Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair! Nothing beside remains./Round that colossal decay, bound and bare/The lone and level sands stretch away.” –Percy Byshhe Shelley, “Ozymandias”

  3. If the Democrats help elect a moderate speaker in place of kevin, the moderate republicans may work with the Democrats across the aisle to actually pass some popular bills. I have great hope that kevin gets defeated soundly as speaker elect and that the moderates put forth someone the Democrats can get behind and the gqp gets the surprise of their lives when the Democrats elect a republican speaker. I truly hope they do this. I’ve been reading about the possibility and hope it bears out.

    • Yes the Democrats will help eventually on the speaker and they will pass some middle of the road legislation. Because like you say there’s three different kinds of republicans in the house. The first two are kill there young factions that will flame out and will also be dodging subpoenas and arrest warrants. Which will leave a group of republicans that have been there a long time and intend to stay there. And you just don’t do that standing around with there thumb up their bung hole. Look for some highly entertaining squabbling over Hunters dick pics and other idiotic nonsense brought on by old Jim Jordan who probably will be under investigation on how he had a office next door to a serial rapist and was even told about it and laughed it off as part of the curriculum. And we mustn’t forget he was one of the pivotal people behind the story on J6. Yeah this will probably be the dumbest congress we have ever seen. Good luck all you maga clowns. You going to need it.


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