There is a stain on Donald Trump’s soul that he can never cleanse off, if he ever gave a shit about things like stains on his soul. But there are Trump supporters who got caught up in the moment, without ever intending harm, and their lives will never be the same again. Thanks to Trump.

I’m not talking about the Oath Kreepers, or the Loud Toys, or any other of the far right new white nationalists who engineered the takeover of the Capitol that day. May they all rot in hell, as far as I’m concerned.

Have you been paying any attention to the FBI’s official arrest and indictment count? It’s stratospheric. And the vast majority of those arrested and indicted have been arrested and indicted for non violent crimes. Trespassing on government property and obstruction of a government proceeding are among the most popular charges to date.

Now, most of these denuded souls, who attacked no one, and in many cases never even entered the Capitol, will get off with plea deals, with minimal prison sentences, time served, or suspended sentences.

But guess what?  For all time, they will be branded as convicted. Federal. Felons. Good luck trying to get a job, pretty much every employer runs a criminal background check. Good luck getting an apartment, or a house, or credit for a car. They will carry that scar for life.

Remember, these people assaulted nobody, they attacked nobody, they got caught up in the passion of a moment, on behalf of a man they truly believed in, and now they will carry that shame for the rest of their lives. While Trump walks away whistling a merry tune, with no thought for them whatsoever. Sometimes life just ain’t fair.


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  1. Another little-mentioned tragedy is that the GOP, which once (at least officially) stood for integrity and respect for the rule of law, has become the win-at-any-cost party. Nothing is off limits if it furthers the party’s goal of gaining power. And tens of millions of GOP voters now accept this, even those who piously say they respect the Constitution.

  2. I feel for his children, just a little bit because they grew up thinking this was normal, milking people for money, lying, and have no excuse except their father he is an egotistical narcissist he can’t understand that more than 81 million people voted him out of office!


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